Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Piece of Knitted Heaven

This is what I consider a piece of heaven on earth! Its my finished Brown Alpaca "Hannah Wrap". The pattern came from my LYS - it was so much fun to make. At first I was scared because in between each cable, I had to actually DROP the stitch and then pull it all the way down to create the gap in between the cables. It took me an hour and a half to pull it all the way down in each column! That was alot of work. It is beautiful and sooooo soft. I was sad I came to the end of this project.


  1. I cannot see the picture

    I want to see this, is sounds wonderful


  2. Where can I get the pattern for your Hannah Wrap? I am so curious! It reminds me of the Clapotis idea.

    Love your website!

    Denise of Tulsa, OK

  3. Denise - if you go to my profile sheet & email me your address, I would mail you a copy of that pattern. Its very easy - the scariest part being dropped stitches - but its a FUN knit! I got it at my local yarn store & someone from the store created the pattern - I think you'll love it!


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