Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My dad has planted sunflower seeds in my front yard the past two years. If you've never seen a real sunflower grow - its amazing. First of all, they grow extremely fast! Even in this heat, they sprout & every day when I come home, I can see the growth in them! I do not have a green thumb in any sense so they are great because they are maintenance free! The leaves on them get HUGE!! Both of my hands can fit inside of one leaf with plenty of room. I would love to get my nieces to stand by the sunflowers that are growing this year - they would look like Jack & the beanstalk! It has to be almost 7-8 feet tall right now - and no flower has yet to bud - so it could get even taller! Then, once they open up, its just cool to watch the flowers pull back & to see that gigantic center - the bees love to get in there too. THEN, the coolest part, I cut it down, dried it out, then had roasted sunflower seeds for the fall! I left another center out for the birds who demolished the seeds themselves. Isn't nature great?

The thing I noticed over the past few days though - the top of the stem where the flower will bud, it moves daily. When I leave in the morning, it faces away from the house - where the sun will come up. When I come home, its pointing straight up like its reaching higher to get the sun light. Last night, I got home after a meeting & it was around 8:00 - the stem looked like it was curved, facing towards the house, like it was trying to stretch over the roof, where the sun was setting behind the house........Got me thinking! Shouldnt we all be like that? Stretching & moving to follow God's "Son" - taking in the energy & the life He offers? Brining beauty to everyone who sees? Giving something to offer while you're here (the bees eating from it) - and leaving something behind that is lasting (the seeds that are roasted or left behind for birds).

Funny how just a simple flower growing in my front yard can teach me a lesson about my Lord!

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