Monday, July 16, 2007

What a weekend!

I have to say - this has been one of the busiest weekends I've had in a long time - & I enjoyed every minute of it.

Friday - it was a Jr. High Cookout night at out church "ranch". There is just nothing like getting to know these awesome kids in a sweaty, kick-ball, "in your face" game! Its great to see their personalities, laugh with them & just spending time with them. Ricky even made it & was involved in the Ultimate Frisbee game (which about wore me OUT!). Add Tug of War to the mix, & smores around the campfire - it couldnt have been a better night!

Saturday - another cookout at a great friend's home! Lynn invited us & Jack, along with other friends, Vicki & Steve. Its great to go to someone's home & just feel like you are so welcome & to comfortable talking & relaxing with each other. Mickey did an awesome job on the grill - & I for one am proud to say I cooked a dish & brought it! For those who know me - that is definately a feat in itself! Jack even took a picture of me for proof that I did actually cook once in my life! Games of corn-hole were brewing up challenges, being with Carly & Michael was wonderful & conversations that were thought-provoking were great mind stretchers. Once again - laughter is the best thing that filled that house! Just another time full of friendship, laughter, & a common bond of Christian fellowship - another AWESOME night! (Thanks Lynn for having us all over!)

Sunday - the last day of the weekend - another BUSY day! We had a wonderful sermon & then it was time to get ready for VBS!!! I've never seen so many people walking around with things in their hands on a mission. People decorating, moving things, putting up barb wire on the walls - you could see it all! After a few hours, our church is ready for a full on revival for kids! Can't wait for tonight to start. But off from the church, I got to visit with my parents for a little bit (had to pick up a cowboy hat from my cowboy father for the VBS week) & then we went to celebrate Ricky's mom's birthday. We've got to spend alot of time with Ricky's family lately. Its been a nice change. And on the way home, I couldnt let the weekend go without hugs from my twin nieces - no better way to close the weekend up!

I couldnt have been blessed more with the company that I have shared over this past weekend. God is so good!


  1. Rebecca, you guys are welcome to come over any time!!! And you are right...laughter and conversation is a great way to spend an evening... especially if you are just plain worn out from ultimate frisbee!!!!


  2. Awww, I'm so jealous. I miss everybody!

  3. that night was fun!! Ricky kept making me laugh with all the Ulitmate Frisbee questions!! and when he was being so competitive with steve! WE should so get together again and take dad and ricky and go see Hairspray i am so sure that they would enjoy it!!


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