Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween... always have for some reason. 

I always said Halloween & Easter were my 2 favorite holidays... is that a little odd combo?

But when we lived in "the big city" I used to have the best time with Halloween.

I'd dress up & have the house all "spooky" with strobe lights & music & I'd be dressed up as the creepiest witch ever!  People would actually take pictures of me with their children - as the children were starting at me with a look of ultimate horror...

its so fun to freak kids out

But we've since moved to the country.

Where we may get... um... let me think... Zero, zip, none, nada, not one trick or treater.

The first year we moved out there, I literally cried on Halloween.  Its like Christmas with no presents - Valentines with no chocolates - Labor Day with no labor... wait... you get the idea

I would go to my parents house for Halloween with my twin nieces so I could "experience" Halloween... but now, with this bridge chaos that's happening around here - it would be forever to get home & goodness knows I've reminded you that I have to be in bed by 9:00 pm...

alas... no Halloween fun for me this year.

I'm going for a run though tonight

So maybe I'll just carry a pillow case & someone may think I'm just out trick or treating, dressed like a runner... goodness knows to go from one house to the next on my street, you need to be a runner.

Not to be all Ms. Sally-Sad-Pants, let's think!  There is a bonus side of not having trick or treaters - we save a mortgage payment in not buying candy!

And for the file of "Cutest Grandbabies Ever" - Julie posted this picture this morning... Arent they the cutest?  She said that Isaac will probably wear 5 different costumes by the end of the night - so keep an eye out for more grand babes pics!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. oh hunny i'm sorry to hear about no trick o'treaters!! that is terrible. your grandbabies are freaking adorable. love their costumes. happy halloween love! xoxo

  2. Aw, sorry about the lack of Halloween, but it's great that you're looking on the bright side! Another bonus - by doing a run and not buying any candy, you won't have to be worried about any scary Halloween weight gain :-)

    I grew up out in the country and we NEVER had trick-or-treaters... not once. The first time I had a trick-or-treater was at my apartment in college, if you can believe it. And they really don't celebrate it here in NZ. Kind of a bummer :-(

    And love those cute kiddos in their costumes. You must be one proud grandmomma!

  3. Those kids are adorable! Hopefully, you can get across that bridge next year and experience an old fashioned Halloween.

  4. We don't get a lot of trick or treaters, and I always buy too much candy, but I love having them. We haven't always lived where we'd have trick or treaters, so I know what you mean. But oh how fun they are!!!

    Those g-babes of yours are just precious!!

    I love you friend ~~ Dawn

  5. We get a lot of trick or treaters.. But I am out with my little one for her to have fun.. Your Grand babies are so cute..


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