Thursday, August 23, 2012

Only took 8 years...

So its not going to surprise anyone when I say that Ricky & I are opposites in a lot of ways...

I'm loud.. he's not
I'm a talker... he doesnt have a lot to say (unless its about UK basketball)
I dont meet a stranger... he likes to stay the stranger

I've worked in youth ministry at my current church now for 8 years...
Ricky never even heard me teach a class until this year...

It just wasnt his thing to sit in a room full of kids that scream & run around & talk ALOT
... but I understood...
if its not your thing, its not your thing

But lately, with Ricky coming to hear me teach, he's found out just how awesome youth ministry is...

& now... look what he's filling out...

Yep... The Hubs is venturing into Student Ministry!!!

I'm so excited to have him there ... see all the amazing things that happen with these kiddos.

& while he wont be up front teaching, he's still going to make a difference... helping out where he's needed, working behind the scenes... & I've already seen the competitive side of him when it comes to youth games...

these kids bring out the competitive side in you... believe me...

& while I know Ricky doesnt feel like he'll make that big of a difference in a kids life, I know that when these kids see someone who is just willing to give up some of their time to hang out with them & help out - well, THAT makes the biggest difference of all...

Ricky's getting a great first hand experience tomorrow as our church is doing a big event for the Student Ministry... a night full of hyped up kids, that will be downing pizza & playing games & running around the church for 4 hours...

Nothing like diving into youth ministry with the chance there will be puked up pizza...

So I just wanted to brag on my husband... he's making big steps... for God...

I'm kinda proud of him....


  1. And you have every right to be proud. Good for him!
    p.s. The British play basketball? That must be hysterical! Please tell me it involves Benny Hill or Mr. Bean.

  2. That is fantastic news, my friend! I think Ricky will LOVE it...and so will the kiddos! I used to work in the youth ministry at our former church and had an absolute blast!

  3. when we step out of our comfort zones for God, He does amazing things in and through us!!! so exciting!

  4. RJ,
    I'm so happy for you both!!! I can imagine that it is a big step for him, but what a Blessing. There is nothing like serving alongside your husband in ministry.

    I love you sweet girl ~~ dawn

  5. I loved our Youth Ministry volunteers growing up. Now that I'm "grown up" (sort of!) I have even more respect for what they did. That's so great that he's found a way to be involved that works to his strengths :-)

  6. That's amazing. God will bless you even more for that! Way to go Ricky!

  7. What a blessing! So excited for both of you!

  8. Ohhh sweet!! :) I hope he gets to see the fruit of it soon!

  9. What I see, Rebecca, is Ricky drawing closer to you as well...both in this endeavor as well as the running. It's an interesting process to watch evolve. You are drawing him out of his shell, my friend.


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