Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hodgepodge Time

1. Share one way you think the world has changed for the better since you were a kid?

Technology... they have everything at their finger tips.  No more huge encyclopedia's that you have to go to the library for to look up the meaning of words that are 15 letters long... Google it & you're done...

2. How 'bout one way it's changed for the worse?

Technology ... (like how I did that).... It's made kids today so unsocial.  Oh believe me - they're SOCIAL - posting everything online... but how to be social with other people?  Yeah - not so much

3. Starlight, starfish, starling, Starbucks...your favorite 'star'?

Just look at my Instagram for the answer to this... Starbucks is a weekend habit for me now...

but come on... the real "favorite star"?

 Animated Gif on Giphy
See - everyone thinks so... maybe except for Kate Capshaw back in the corner...

4. Name a song that's overplayed, but you love it anyway?

I don't care!!!!

No.. I'm not say I don't care about the question... I'm saying that song, "I love it (I don't care" by Icono Pop

It on every time I turn on the radio ... & its stupid... & it makes no sense... but I will bounce & dance & sing & pump my arm in the air New Jersey style every time its on...


Have to use this version since its the 'clean version' ... why do all the songs have to have words I still can't say in front of my parents at 41 years old? ... & take note the dancers even do the New Jersey fist pump

5.  When did you last have home made ice cream? Your latest favorite flavor?

I haven't had home made ice cream in FOR-EV-ER!!!!

I remember we used to make it with my grandmother all the time... she's left this earthly world in 1997... so its at least been that long, plus a few years...

Now I'm trying to even remember the taste of it....

6. What do you think is the best way to inspire or motivate people?

Scream in their face & make them cry... ala Jillian Michaels style...

 Animated Gif on Giphy

NO!!!! ... though I know that works for some people...

But I think support, complimenting, encouraging... all much better routes of motivation

More of the Chris Powell style...(Anyone else just love him on Extreme Weight Loss?)

Chris Powell Introduces William Cash
See - he takes times to kiss babies... Jillian would yell at this baby for being chubby

7. When was the last time you were without power?

2 days ago... for 30 seconds... it was terrifying...

Seriously - our power blinks off & on all the time during summer

Guess when you live down a country road, if everyone cranks the AC up at the same time, chaos ensues

 Animated Gif on Giphy

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So I'm just thinking the top news story lately is not ObamaCare or Anthony Weiner (his name get me laughing like a 8 yr old kid every time) or anything else government that I don't even know what's going on anyways....

No - I'm sitting by the TV waiting to see the latest on Teresa & Joe!

 Animated Gif on Giphy
Let's hope she's not talking about ORANGE

What?  He's not even a US Citizen?  He could be shipped back to Italy?  Teresa could go to prison?  .. come on... this is the best reality TV series YET!

You know somewhere, her sister in law, Melissa, is sitting back laughing....


  1. Ha-the NJ fistpump! We're going to a wedding later this summer, and my daughter and I giggle about how much fistpumping will occur on the dance floor. I haven't seen NJHW this season, but Teresa came to our tiny little bookstore last year to sign cookbooks. Actually some of her recipes are quite good. I also got one for my sister and she was surprised too : )

  2. I feel bad for people what that last name.. (chuckles) It's hard not to laugh!

  3. You make me laugh! Oh - poor Teresa and her hubby! NOT! Maybe their poor daughters... to have such screwed up parents.

  4. Hey Rebecca, saw your photography page, its really amazing!

  5. Yes technology is amazing, I love it but it has really changed the lives of young people today. Pretty sad. I could not believe it when I heard he was not even a citizen. He gets what he deserves. I don't think they will send her to jail because of the kids but Joe better go! What a mess they got themselves into. What were they thinking....they would never get caught! It is the only housewives show that I watch.

  6. I'm so glad you love RHONJ as much as I do.

  7. Chris Powell is so much better than Jillian. We are watching his show on DVR right now :)

  8. What do they think the cussing adds?

  9. We usually lose our power for a couple of hours on the first really hot day of the summer. The power companies just can't handle all electricity at once!


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