Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami
Friday... whoohooo!!!!
Anyone else melting?
Geez... its miserable...
I went out to walk up & down the driveway to get my FitBit count up to 10,000 - I only needed 500 more steps.  So I was out there maybe less then 5 minutes....
my skin was slick from sweat
& I was just doing a slow walk
I didn't even know skin could get so slick in that fast of a time
My mom called me saying, "You have to change your blog"
Me:  About what?
Mom:  You have down that we had your brother in our first year of marriage... we didn't.  He came 16 months after we were married.
Me:  What difference does it make?
Mom: I don't want anyone to think I 'got around'
Me:  Mom - you were married
Mom:  I just don't want anyone thinking anything bad
So in fairness not to offend anyone or anyone get the wrong idea of my mother
She had my brother 16 MONTHS into the marriage.
Married July 1964... Brother born November 1965
Whew...everyone can sleep soundly tonight
I felt like someone on Top Chef last night
There's a one pot pasta dish that has been going around on Facebook. 
Literally throw everything into a pot & let it boil together.
& then I took it one step further
I saw a recipe to take bananas that are going bad.
Mash them with 1-minute oats & then add things if you want
Walnuts, or raisins - I added the healthy Chocolate chips
(But just ordered the actually healthy cacoa powder & will use that next time)
Mix together & bake on 350 for 15-20 minutes
Ricky even said, "How much sugar is in these - they're so sweet"
Nope - no sugar - just bananas
I'm all about a healthy, easy dessert!
But is it healthy when you eat 8 of them?
Did you know the Hallmark ornaments have started to come out?
I get giddy every year at the Disney ones.
They have a Belle ornament... though I'm not a fan of it... bummer
Ricky goes to the Super Hero ones
& we always keep an eye out for the Wizard of Oz ones for my mom
The worker saw me staring at them & then told me, "Did you know you can put those on layaway?"
I had no idea...
& then couldn't believe that was an option at a Card Store
But have you seen the prices of these ornaments lately?
The Royal Baby waited to NOT be born on Camilla's birthday
Now... its time for this crown wearing babe to come on
I'm betting a girl!
I don't know what's wrong with me...
I've obsessed with Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift & Keith Urban's song
"Highway Don't Care"

... why does that bother me?
Its country!!!... I don't do country
What's HAPPENING to me!!!?!?!?!?


Back to Rock N Roll :)

There's a huge convention coming to the area - Fantom Fest
Like every geeky thing possible will be there
Including the cast from "The Walking Dead' & all sort of Sci-Fi stars

The top billing?
Stan Lee & Gene Simmons!

Ricky's little heaven right there!

But Gene Simmons?  You have to pay extra to go to all his speaking events & pay $100 for his autograph!  $100!!!!
Even Stan Lee - the creation of all things Marvel only charges $55

The funny thing?
I bet Gene STILL has a line of people paying that $100 & all the extra costs to see him

If it was Steven Curtis Chapman, I know I would :)


TV Time

The Bachlorette:  I knew my Zak wasn't going past this point.  Des has a better connection with the others... but still sad to see him go.
Drew & his sister & family? ... so touching!  I'm anxious to see why he leaves Des.
Advice for Chris - don't ever let anyone stick anything up your nose on National TV

AGT:  I just love Howie Mandell ... period

Big Brother:  I was shocked to see Jeremy leave with such class.  I'm like Helen - if he came in with that attitude, he probably would have won the thing.

Real Housewives of Orange County:  I think Lydia is the first person to make the first year transition look so smoothly.  She gets along with everyone, doesn't she?  She just reminds me of a beautiful little fairy nymph... with a fairy tale life.

 Animated Gif on Giphy
Well... maybe not a fairy tale life... 

Drop Dead Diva:  OK... so we waited how many years for Grayson to fall in love with Jane... & when she does, she rejects him?  I am getting a tad frustrated.

Still counting down to Sunday & the "Joe's" on Real Housewives of New Jersey... Bravo, if you only show 0.7 seconds of it, I'm gonna burn Andy Cohen's book


OK everyone - hope your Friday FLIES by & its full of Fantastic Fabulousnesss


  1. I will try both those recipes!

    Lydia, I like her, but she's not so sure about Gretchen due to Slade's cheeseburger comment. However, she does stick up for herself face-to-face, and that is to be admired.

    I like her. I like the work Tamra is doing to be kinder.

  2. I so want to try that pasta dish. It looks soooo good.

  3. I'm betting on a Royal Boy and I wish he/she would hurry up. Poor Katherine has to be READY with all the press camping out and waiting.

    Your dinner looks amazing! I missed that recipe on Pinterest but I'm doing a mental inventory of everything in my fridge that I can throw in for dinner tonight. Thanks for the tip.

    Happy Friday, jj

  4. I am also slightly obsessed with that song. It's a great song! Thanks for clarifying the anniversary confusion-so cute!! : )

  5. I had to laugh at your disclaimer fragment. Moms will be moms :) Yours sounds like a good one.

  6. LOL about your mom and 16 months!!!!@

    And let me tell ya, I was thinkin' all kinds of stuff!!!

  7. So much to comment on!
    We're camping this weekend, so I'm going to miss RHONJ. Bummer. I'll have to catch it on rerun, I guess. I agree with you about Chris...that was a tad bit nasty.
    I fixed the pasta dish tonight and threw in some already cooked chicken and time some zucchini is going in there. CH said that sausage & shrimp would be good, too. Haven't heard about the banana thing, but will have to try that; sounds good!
    Lydia is just like a little wood nymph. She is just so sweet, and such a "flower child" wanting everything to be peaceful!

  8. Your Mom sounds cute. I didn't even know mine read my blog until she made a comment (in person) It was a bit creepy for me. I called her a blog stalker.
    I am thinking girl baby too. If so I really hope they name her Diana. I think all of England would love that (and the world)
    I'm not sure about Lydia yet. She is rather nymph like:)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. That banana dessert looks pretty awesome!


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