Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded with... 3 things from the medicine cabinet

OK - when I hear the word "Stranded on a Deserted Island" I first think, that will never happen because mainly, I hate to travel... Plus, I hate sand. It's rare that if I do travel, you'll find me on an island.

BUT - I do love me a good link up

& of course, my first thing to say is food & water.. .but we're getting specific on this link up

3 things out of the medicine cabinet

So let me take a little peek inside of my bathroom cabinet & see what I for sure would take with me.

Rosehip Seed Oil

I talked about this stuff before & I keep hearing others talk about it as well. 
It really is amazing. I've been putting it on the area around my eyes & it really seems to be helping with the darkness & some of the wrinkles. 
& its also supposed to be great for the hair & nails
Baking in the sun on an island? I think this would be perfect for some dried out stuff!


This is my go to for everything.
Headache?  Knee Pain?  Cramps?  Toothache?
I'm all about Aleve.
& goodness knows what aches & pains I'd have trying to survive being stranded.

Colgate Wisp

This will help with the flossing addiction I have lately AND cleaning my teeth.
The idea of having yucky feeling teeth for a long period of time? 
No... just no...

Just because y'all know I'm a germaphobe.
I dont want to be out touching things & picking up things & then have to put my dirty hands up to my face & mouth?  I cringe thinking of it.  Hand Sanitizer basically lives with me anyways so its a given this is with me on the island.

What 3 things from your medicine cabinet would you 
have with you on a Deserted Island?

Link up & check out everyone's answers 


  1. Haha what a fun link up idea!!!! I haven't tried rose hip oil yet, though I have tried a few products with rose in it and loved them. I will have to pick it up. I have argan oil for under my eyes right now. Its so moisturizing!!! I am a advil addict for all the pain things so totally get needing a bottle of something!!! And you are so right about not wanting gross teeth! And I have anti-bac stuff everywhere, my car, my husbands car, my purse, my desk, around the house so yes, yes, yes and yes!

  2. Haha this is hilarious! I definitely second having Aleve or something for pain and yeah having non-brushed teeth on an island would be a no-go for me, so I'd have to have that as well. Love this idea!

  3. This is a fun idea! Gosh only three? I feel like I need like 10 hahah

  4. I hadn't heard of that oil before. I have horrible dark circles under my eyes... I may need to find some of that to try out.

  5. I may have to try the rose oil and I was kind of annoyed I didn't have pain killer in my cabinet because lord knows I'd need it! This was a fun link-up!

  6. Yes to the headache medicine and antibacterial - i'd bring both of those as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I'm generally a self healer and rarely take anything from my medicine cabinet even if I'm at gosh, I don't even know what other things I would even take. How about duct tape? I've never used in in real life but isn't that suppose to be something that will save your life?

  8. Oh man, I think it's crazy that you hate to travel! (My husband isn't a huge fan either.) I would definitely bring a toothbrush to my island. I'm not sure whatelse I'd bring. Definitely sunscreen... I turn into a little tomato after 2 minutes!

  9. Hmmm...this is interesting.

    Tweezers, Lavender essential oil, lip balm!

  10. 100% hand sanitiser. I don't know what Aleve is because your drugs aren't the same as my drugs, but I'd take Ibuprofen definitely. As much as I could carry. I can't survive without that stuff! Does lip balm count as a medicine cabinet item? That would be my third. Again, can't leave the house without it.

  11. Definitely Vitamin C, toothbrush and probably a facial scrub. I can't even imagine having a gross face and teeth at the same time!

    liz @ j for joiner

  12. I didn't think of pain! Alive is perfect! I haven't seen the to-go brushing kit. I'm going to have to check that out!

  13. Good choices! I think I'd pick sunscreen (so pasty white over here!), painkillers (which I totally only thought of because of you) and some sort of teeth-cleaning product too (also stole from you...ha!).

  14. I want to stay close to you on this island! If I run out of my Ibuprofen, I will be begging you for an Aleve, haha. I'm also with ya on the hand sanitizer. Great idea!

  15. That was fun! I'm using Rosehip see oil ever since you mentioned it awhile back. I also like Aleve for certain pains I get from time to time.

  16. Now I'm questioning if I store things wrong. Like should more things be in my medicine cabinet? Literally the only things in mine are toothbrush // paste, extra bars of soap & a razor. Everything else is assorted other places. Mostly because with the exception of q-tips they're not things I use regularly.

    I would bring Bag Balm. It's a cross between vasolene and neosporin. It's wonderful. I use it on my lips, as a coat over lip color, for cuts and scrapes, as a moisturizer in a pinch. It's the best.

  17. Ha I love your list! We pretty much don't have a medicine cabinet besides band-aids, so can I take essential oils? :)

  18. I've been meaning to order rosehip oil for a couple weeks now and you've officially convinced me ;)

  19. I love that you gave yourself a bonus!! I will totally need a bit of that, LOL!

  20. Thanks for the tip on the Roseship Seed Oil- will have to try!

  21. I'm sure I could never narrow it down to three things. First of all, I have seven prescriptions I take every day! How long will I be stranded? ;)

  22. Great list! I've never heard of Rosehip Seed Oil, but I will have to check it out since I have dark circles (genetics, sigh). Have a great day!


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