Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday

I honestly can't believe its already the last Wednesday of the month
... but its the perfect time to catch up on life in What's Up Wednesday!!!

What we're eating this week

y'all... I totally can't stop making these banana cookies.
& I'm so excited I have a big batch of bananas that the heat in the house has made them ripen faster than usual.  We know what that means.

What I'm reminiscing about
Remembering what it was like to be able to do life without glasses.

Mercy - how my eyes changed. 
They say that when you hit 40, they change - they ain't lying.
I had perfect vision until I hit 40 & BAM! Who needs to see anymore?
I now have to live life with reading glasses in every room, in my car, on my desk, & usually on my head or I panic.

What I'm loving

I want to stop every day for one... multiple times a day

What we've been up to
Cleaning... getting rid of ALL THE STUFF!

Ricky even went out & bought 2 new garbage cans & for the past 3 weeks, 
we've sat out 5 garbage cans ever week.
Do the math right there.  Or just sum it up by knowing LOADS have been taken out of our house.
So much to get rid of!

What I'm dreading
Being sore from this race on Saturday.

No matter how well trained I am, my muscles will get so tight after 13.1 miles
Especially my hips & inner thighs.
I've already got yoga videos all ready for the days following.

What I'm working on

Getting this dang Etsy store up & running.
I've got pictures taken.. its just uploading them.
I think what's putting me on hold is to get a plan on pricing. 
I dont want to be crazy high, but want to definitely earn back what I've put into a project with the cost of yarn & the time invested in working on something. 
I'm trying to look around at other knitted things & getting ideas.
My goal is to have it up & running by the end of May.

What I'm excited about

We're back in Middle School Ministry & loving it.
Loving meeting a new group of kids... 
Excited meeting other adults who have a heart for middle school kids
I'm just excited about being involved in church again.

What I'm watching/reading

After a wait, I finally got the library loan of After You.
I wasn't sure I wanted to read it because I didn't want to ruin Me After You & I heard a lot of not great reviews about the follow up.  But I've learned that I'm totally an easy-reader & some people think too hard about reviews so I'm jumping into Louisa's life again
... & about 30% in, so far, I'm not minding the story.  

What I'm listening to

I love me some podcasts & just finished listening to Heather interview RuPaul.
You never know what I'm going to listen to next on my podcast roll.
I have the strangest mix of podcasts that are on my list every day.

What I'm wearing

I bought a few pairs of jeggings at Sam's Club... 
because everyone buys their clothes at Sam's club, right?
... & I honestly put them in my drawer & never wore them. For years.
& pulled them out & tried them on since I've lost some weight.
& mercy... is there anything more comfortable?
I think I wear them every day & want like 15 more pairs. 
Or at least 7  more pair.
One for every day of the week.

What I'm doing this weekend

oh, just going for a little stroll

What I'm looking forward to next month

Starting a new workout program.  

I'm hoping by the end of 60 days, I'm going to be ready for summer clothing.
Get rid of everything that jiggles.

What else is new

So yeah - I'm the one that has been traveling through the road to hell that leads to dentists month after month... & then guess what happened Monday night?
Ricky is chewing his finger nails & then CRACK... his tooth breaks.

Seriously? What is happening to our teeth right now?
I'm going all conspiracy theory & feeling like something is in our water at home now.
2016 - the year we worked just to pay dental bills.

Don't forget tomorrow is THANKFUL THURSDAY 
... if you want to join in with me, I'd love you to link up with me 
& tell me what you're Thankful for this week.  See ya tomorrow!


  1. i think 40 is the switch when your body says "thank god!" and then falls apart after holding it together for 40 yrs LOL. as soon as i turned 40, my eyes went, my knees went and menopause started knocking on my door. wtf.

  2. I so need to make those cookies!! I keep meaning to. P.S. your hair looks amazing!- I saw it on Insta yesterday :)

  3. I would wear leggings (or jeggings if I had any) and tunics every day if I could. They are SO comfy!

  4. Those cookies look delicious and healthy! Who knew??

    I love wearing my glasses! But I've had bad vision since I was 8, at this point it's just something I've become used too. Kyle's worn glasses for several years too. I think it's hereditary, almost everyone in his family has needed glasses/contacts since they were kids. I feel bad for Sophie she could have a weak perscription (like Kyle) or just be nearly blind like me.

    That tea sounds lovely! I haven't had any starbucks teas before, probably should jump on that train.

    Can't wait to see your etsy shop!!!! SO EXCITING!

    And you are going to rock this race!

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. I got a few gift cards to Starbucks so I'll be going much more frequently now - bring on the refreshers!! I've always wanted to wear glasses so sounds like it'll happen eventually lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I tried those cookies of yours and they were so good! And so easy to make. I would totally wear leggings every day if I could.

  7. Oh man I already have bad vision, I can't imagine it worse! I would also love to see a recipe for those cookies!

    xo, Kristina

  8. Oh no! A cracking tooth just makes me CRINGE!!
    I love how they refer to your route on Saturday as "mini"... Ain't nothing mini about it, lady! That's impressive!
    I can't wait to peruse your etsy shop!! And I love that mango black tea lemonade!

  9. I am SO glad to see a review of the mango tea lemonade! I'm a bit of Sbux junkie - especially to get sweet tea here in Colorado because its super rare, and I've been tempted to order that one but was skeptical.

    I've never done the Derby half but a lot of running friends from home did it in 2014 and loved that course. So excited for you!

  10. Oh how I wish I could wear jeggings to work. I think I would like my job a lot more. And I have some surprising things from Sams club. Almost bought a few awesome pairs of jeans there last year, but they were the wrong size. So sad.

  11. I loved After You! I wish people would stop comparing it to the first book. Its not the first book! If you can see past that, it is a great read. I am reading One Plus One right now, also by Moyes. Loving it! I am going to need to try some of those cookies. And ummm my eyes have been bad since I hit my 20's. I dont want to think about them getting worse!

  12. Those cookies!!!! Oh man...

    Going for a little stroll - snort :)

  13. I'm waiting for After You and I'm also worried about if I'll like it or not! Jeggings are the best. I don't have any right now, but I used to and I think I need to get some more!

  14. I so have to try those cookies!!

    I can't wait to hear about the new program!

  15. I enjoyed your post and your animated sayings always make me giggle! Those jeggings look so comfortable! I'm wishing you such good luck for the race this weekend!! You are AMAZING!!

  16. shoot! you might have a comment in your spam folder. Please say yes

  17. My eyesight problems are the opposite. I can't see distance. To see the tv guide on our big tv, I still need glasses. The letters just blur together.
    I'm pretty sure that I need some jeggings in my life.
    I've got 4 more people in front of me before my turn at After You, and I'm looking forward to it!

  18. My eyes have gone wacky too ... not sure if it was at age 40 or when but if I wear my regular glasses, I have to take them off to read. If I wear my contacts, I better have a pair of reading glasses handy. I do NOT want to get bifocals though ... but it's heading that direction.

    I'll be doing that stroll too, you know :) with about 20,000 of our closest friends. :) You've got this!

  19. Sam's Club jeggings? I'm going to have to take a gander at the clothes there next time I go.


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