Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Questions on all things Etsy, Instagram, promotion, blah blah blah... Girl Boss I am not

I'm needing some opinions & thoughts...

So this big old world of the interwebs has the neatest & coolest ways to connect to people, share your creativity & enables you to just tap into areas you never knew you had inside of you.

I'm not even sure where to start here.

OK, about a year & a half ago, I opened up my Etsy store...

Image result for rebecca jo knits etsy

I was really happy with the the sales I did. I mean, I am the person who is going to knit regardless anyways.  I have a ton of stuff sitting in totes for my own sake of wearing... at least this lessens the chances of me making my husband wear knitted things that he'd rather not wear.

But I've also recently tapped into another skill that I've been really trying to perfect & work hard at... plus, its just relaxing to me.

Hand lettering.

I know I've mentioned it on here before, showing some of my things I've made, some of the things I've doodled with.  

It's become something that I just love to do as another outlet.

Here's my issue/question.

I've been making all my latest designs on some nice quality paper, in difference sizes & really wanted to put them in my Etsy store... for a decent price... Like $3.50 for 5x7 ...& $5.00 for 8x10 sizes. 

Unique pieces of art that can be framed & put in your home...

Fun, right?

But Rebecca Jo Knits.... that name was created with the idea that I'm a knitter.

So do you think its OK to put my hand lettering things in this same store... or do I need to change my name?

& if so, to what?

It's funny because when I created all my social media pages, I created Rebecca Jo Knits as everything because of this blog - a little tie into "Knit by God's Hand"... My main thinking, God created me (hence the name of the blog - & hello, Biblical reference) & then I figured I knit & created things so I just always stuck with that name for my twitter & Instagram.

Would the name Rebecca Jo Creations or something like Belle Crafts work for an Etsy store?
It would be fun to make something with Belle in it - even though nothing I have is Beauty & the Beast created... 
ugh... see.. this is hard.

& then would I need to change all my social media handles?

& that's a whole OTHER issue...

I see these beautiful Instagram accounts that are created solely for their one nitch.

A knitting Instagram account

A hand lettering instagram account

I almost created a Etsy store account so I could highlight all the things I'm creating... but then I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with 2 account - or 3 ... or 4?

Do I keep the knitting stuff separate... the hand lettering separate?  ... dont even get me started on wondering if I should keep my photography stuff separate.... mercy - ALL THE THINGS.

& then its like, do I keep running & vegetarian & fitness & church stuff separate.

I didn't know where the line was to draw so I've just left everything on my same account. 
No wonder I'm nearing 6,000 pictures on there.

But I know when people go to look for things on Etsy, they look at the account's main page & if its not all pleasing to the eye, does it turn people away from visiting my Etsy page.

Geez.... Girl Boss I am not.

Image result for no girl boss
 I just dont get all the promotion of social media & how to use it.

I just feel like I'm me.
.. I do knit... I do hand letter... I do create things .....I do run... I do eat vegetarian... I do love my dogs... I do love church..  it's all my life.  

So tell me - seriously - give me honest thoughts & opinions....

when you see someone's IG account, do you see or care if things are all booked together on one page - or are you drawn to the pretty staged artsy ones for products?

& what do you think I should do about my Etsy name?

Or do you even think my hand lettering art work is worth even trying to sale?

Help a girl out... 

I'll just be in the corner knitting until someone gives me some answers.

Image result for knitting gif


  1. These are all good questions and I've thought about this long and hard with my own social media accounts with my blog vs my own "real" writing for my newspaper and magazine. For what it's worth, here's my opinion.

    I would stick with Rebecca Jo Knits for all your accounts like you currently have it. On the accounts main page, I would put a title bar that says "Rebecca Jo Knits and Crafts" or Rebecca Jo Knits and Writes" Rebecca Jo Knits and Runs" or whatever it is that you are doing. For instance, Now that I already have a blog following, I wanted my social media accounts to me more about me and my life, So I am still Meranda S @fairytalesandfit but my title page ( like on twitter) says " author of Fairytales and Fitness and Fashionable Fit"
    I think it's okay to keep all aspects of your life on the same social media account.

    On the other hand, Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to create an IG account just for your Etsy shop. It may hel you connect with more people in that niche. Looking at it from a customer's point of you, I wouldn't want to scroll through race pictures and pet pictures ( if that's not what I'm into), just to get to your pictures of your Knits. But of course you know I love me some pet pictures and race pictures, but I'm just using that as an example. You have a gift as an amazing photographer so I thing your Etsy products will really shine on IG ( or Maybe FB too).

    But with that said, I certainly wouldn't be changing all social media accounts, I would just maybe make an additional one with the name extension " Rebecca Jo Knits and crafts" ( or whatever).

    Social media is hard enough to begin with so I couldn't imagine handling more than 2 accounts. But two accounts seems reasonable for people who have a business yet want to share personal stuff.

    Wow, that was long. I don't know if I was able to clearly get my points across in written format but I do hope this helps.

  2. Ps, if you do the two accounts, I wouldn't stop sharing your creations on your original account cuz you never know when one of your friends may see one of your creations and want to buy it.

  3. Ok, so I would love it if you combined both on your one account; it's always fun when an artist offers more than one kind of 'creation' on their store. You may have to change the name though. I like the idea of what Fairy Tales and Fitness said, 'Rebecca Jo Knits and Crafts.' Or you could do, 'Rebecca Jo Crafty Creations.'

  4. I'm not "into" Etsy shopping so much but will be venturing into it when I retire and get some inventory built up again. My official business name is TLD Crafts & Jewelry and I filed a fictitious name for that in the State of Florida. little business cards are "Just Tickled" as the in "I'm just tickled with this merchandise.." I think having everything in one store works for me, but your creations are so different that maybe two stores would work better. Your lettering is amazing, by the way!

  5. Oh this is a tough one. My immediate thought was you need two stores since your items are pretty diverse from each other. At the same time, it's probably not a huge deal to sell them from one store either, but I would change your name if you decide to go that route to better represent your merchandise now that you offer more than knitted goods. Now I have no idea that amount of work it takes to run one etsy store, so if you think running two and doing it well is going to be too much, then run 1 store and do it very well.

    Changing social media accounts names are not hard. You just change your name. And as long as you keep your avatar the same (for at least a month or two afterwards) people will know it's you because I tend to notice avatars more so than names. Now merging social media accounts is difficult because there is no easy way to do that. As to having a separate media accounts for your blog and business, I lean towards it being unnecessary at this time.

    And finally, your hand lettering is gorgeous!

  6. So, I have a hard enough time handling ONE set of social media accounts, I really don't think I could do two.

    Could you change the description of your Etsy store without changing the NAME of it? So you would still pop up in searches and things? While I don't think Belle Crafts or something similar is a BAD name, I think it might just make your life harder if you tried to change it.

    But I DEFINITELY think you should sell your hand lettering creations!

  7. I love that you created an IG account for your stuff. And I also love that your blog and your normal IG is a mix of all that is you: vegetarian/vegan, knitting, running, lettering, Belle, books, etc. Keep this the same!
    Honestly, I'd keep it simple with one story and then call it "Rebecca Jo Creates" or "The Belle Collection" or something that feels homemade but fresh and modern. (I'd avoid phrases like homemade or crafts, though. That gives it an amateur feel (strictly in my opinion) and your creations are NOT amateur!)

  8. Whew, I struggle with this ALL. THE. TIME. I personally didn't like keeping up with multiple accounts. Plus, I'm not doing that much to advertise my invitations and stationery, so I'm loving just using my one account. From my own stand point, I'd put it all together.... even in Etsy, but I have legitimately wondered the same thing. Sorry, not a lot of help here! I think something as simple as Rebecca Jo Creates would totally work. Then you can just divide it up by category? Good luck lady, it's tough! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I was reading Fairytales and Fitness comment and I so agree with it, I was going to tell you very similarly the same thing.
    Branding is everything, and chances are those who buy your knits will buy your other things even if they are different. Too many names gets confusing, people like familiarity and are more likely to buy from a name they know.
    With that said, I also agree it wouldn't be bad to do as already said and maybe add "crafts" or something to it, that way if you expand it all will fit and you won't have to change your name entirely!
    I think your word images are beautiful! Truthfully, seeing them on IG daily you got me into coloring, my friend got me The Selection book series coloring book and I love the letter pages the best LOL

  10. I like what Fairytails and Fitness said, I think that is great, as far as branding goes. I would use that same sheep and stuff, and instead of knits put whatever you are doing, so you keep the brand look, but change out the name on the logo? Or maybe change the color of the same logo for each thing you do? That would be cute, so people would recognize the brand...if that made sense.

  11. I think it's so hard to keep up with multiple accounts! I like Rebecca Jo Creations or Belle Creations, but I do understand worrying your old customers might not find your shop/be confused. I like what some of the other suggested with Rebecca Jo Knits and Crafts. :)

  12. I would keep your name and put your lettering on your 1 etsy account!! I don't think it would confuse people.

  13. I definitely agree with people above - looks like you created an IG for your etsy account - which is a great idea. I think you should lump your lettering in there as well. I will surely be a customer!

  14. I wish I had something to contribute as far as the whole branding question goes, but I'm still working on getting up the nerve to even pursue my photography as a job at all, so I'm not a good one to go to for advice! As for the Insta accounts I follow...some are very specific to one thing/product, but most have a lot of different things in them, which I personally like. But I could see if people were really interested in one thing (say, knitting designs or hand lettering) how following just one IG account dedicated to just that would be very appealing. Basically, you do you! If it's too hard to keep up with multiple accounts, just do it all in one place until you're ready to branch out. For me, I always have to step back and look at the big picture. For example, if I wanted my photography stuff to actually become a "real" part-time job for me, I know I would have to devote a lot more time into advertising, doing an IG account, doing a separate blog or website, etc. As it is, I'm happy with the occasional offer (6-8 times a year or so) to do a photo shoot, and so I don't care if it grows. If you want your business to get so big that you could quit your day job though, obviously you would need to do a lot more than if you're happy with it being just a little side gig.

  15. Sounds to me like you've been given some good advice in these comments. I don't think I have anything to add. Except do sell your lettering projects. They are gorgeous!

  16. If I like something someone creates, I am very likely to like something else they create, so I'd like to see it all in once place. And I don't care what the name is!

  17. Coming from someone who manages several social media accounts (I run a few for other mine always suffers) I say the simpler the better. I would keep the name you have, since you have already sort of branded yourself everywhere and that is how we all know you. I think your hand written art is lovely and I see no reason why you cant sell it in your knits store. I would just mention in the description or subtitle that you are more than just knitting. You are so creatively talented with your knitting, lettering and photography! Can you send some of that magic my way please??


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