Wednesday, May 09, 2018

One Sentence a Day - April 2018

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Not that we're getting way into May now or anything... geez.
April totally didnt end like I expected... but anyways - here's my month, One Sentence a Day...

1.  Love celebrating Easter & our Risen King at church & then some family time. #HeIsRisen

2.  I got to take my first full day off work to stay home & watch Ernie who is having a hard time with recovering of his neutering. #poorbaby

3.  Taking another day off to take my daddy to the hospital for his knee replacement surgery!!!

4.  Poor dad thought he was going to come home but is now in so much pain & looking into going to a rehab facility. #worsepainever #hiswordsnotmine

5.  Being off for 2 days has me all confused what day is it at work. #FastWeek

6. Dad made it to his rehab facility.  #LetTheHealingBegin

7.  How is it still snowing? #IThoughtItWasSpring

8.  Went with my MSM girls to see I Can Only Imagine & loved spending the afternoon with them. #tearjerker

9.  It was probably the quietest Monday I've ever had at work that it made me walk around to check everyone was OK. #orAtLeastAwake

10.  How is it still freezing but yet my allergies are also kicking me in the face? #WhatSeasonIsIt?

11.  We found outselves at the vet with Ms. Zoe when we got home & saw her bed covered in blood & her back side just dripping blood.  #ShesGoingToBeFine #Wepray #PrayWithUs

12.  Hallelujah, we just had a day that actually felt like Spring! #FINALLLLLY

13.  This was NOT a bad luck day for us when it was a beautiful & warm 80 degrees & my daddy got to come home from rehab with his knee! #heswalking

14. Finally finally FINALLY got to watch The Greatest Showman. #WhyDidIWaitSoLong

15. Finished our study we were in with our Joysters & headed to have dinner with our baby girl who is home from a week. #babygirlasin29yearsold

16.  How is it snowing & freezing cold again? #IsSpringAvoidingUs?

17. My husband is the best when he picked me up some coffee creamer on the way home from work #heknowsitsbestIhavemycoffee

18. Took a long route to have Lunch with my Love since it was a gorgeous day. #Warmedupforaday

19.  Dad is back in the ER & then admitted to the ICU after a blood clot is discovered in his leg #alwayssomething

20.  Found a cute new little coffee shop that I can walk to at lunch #PleaseandThankyouLouisville

21.  Thunder Over Louisville which means its DERBY TIME around these parts #best2weeksinLouisville

22. Time to already start doing tick checks when we pulled 3 of them off Ricky from one day of working in the woods. #HesATickMagnet

23. One of my youth kiddos got me totally hooked on the show Reign & I got hooked by watching the first 4 episodes. #ImTotallyGonnaLoveThis

24.  One more dinner with our girl before she heads back home. #ByeLindsay

25.  First time every celebrated with Administration & Professional Day  #lovemyjob

26.  Hair day #Coverthatgray

27.  Headed to the ER in so much pain. #SentHomeStillinPain

28.  Did nothing but lay in bed all day #FeelHorrible

29.  Back to the ER & after more tests, sent into surgery #scaredtodeath

30.  ...& another night in the hospital #PleaseHeal

What a month.....

& bonus - here's 1 second a day video for the month


  1. The month certainly didn't end on a high note, but I hope May is much better for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Poor lady, forget April and here is to feeling GREAT MAY for you and all those you love!

  3. Oh no! I feel so out of the loop! I'm sorry you're not feeling way and I assume (hopefully!) that you're on the mend now? Here's to a good, HEALTHY May!

  4. Yikes, April was not a great month for ya. Here's hoping that May is much better for you. Sending you much love.

  5. April came in like a lamb, out like a lion for you! Hopefully May is much MUCH better. :)

  6. I am impressed that you thought to take a bit of a video every day! I watched that when Baylee was sitting beside me and when your dog barked she got up and barked too!

    If that one picture is a view fro. Your daddy's back yard, it's absolutely gorgeous! #wishihadaviewlikethat

  7. Hope you are feeling better and on the road to recovery! What a month!

  8. I know it didn't end as you expected. Hope you are healing well. You have been in my daily prayers!!

  9. Wait! So what happened? Cliff hanger much?! Hope you are had a lot of stuff happen in April. And what did you think of the Greatest Showman, I would think you would have loved it. I LOVED it, bought the the first day it was out on video. Hope you feeling better.

  10. Man... April was the month you LIVED in the hospital :( I am praying SO HARD that y'all stay healthy and healed and out of that place! Sheesh!
    How was it still snowing mid-April?? And now it feels like the dead of summer!! Lol
    Reign is a guilty pleasure of mine although I haven't watched it in a looooong time!

  11. Great looking legs peeking out from under that hospital gown. So sorry you and your father had to endure some scary days this past month. Hoping you have both turned a corner now.

    Ticks - YUCK!! I have had Lyme Disease, once, maybe twice. Ticks scare me to death. Lyme Disease changed me forever. Spray yourselves down good and do tick checks regularly. XO


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