Monday, October 07, 2019

I'll take more weekends like this please!!!!

It finally happened....

No, my she-shed didnt get burned down... anyone else know that commercial? I dont know why but it makes me laugh "No one burned down your she-shed Cheryl"....

Image result for she shed sheila
So what finally happened?

It's finally here.  We broke out of the 90's!!! Break out the confetti canons!!  I thought we were going to melt by the end of the week.  We had broken like 8 records just last week with the temps & the length of the 90's & just the misery of summer grasping onto us with one last final death grip.

We needed a break.  & I needed a good fun weekend. Check & check.

Friday, leaving work, I thought I was about to loose my mind. Seriously.  I must have said at least a dozen times before I left work, "I'm pretty sure my ears are bleeding" - that's something you never really think you're going to say at work.

Friday morning though, we had a water leak in our office - right at the desks behind me... so all day long, I had to listen to fans & more fans running on full blast ALLLLL.DAYYYYY.LONGGGGGG.
I turned on my Spotify & tried to crank up some music to blank it out - which only made my headache stronger because I had it up so loud to even hear over the drumming noise.

here's 4 fans - there's another 2 down on the other side of the desk & then double that for the other side of that wall
I dont think I've ever looked more forward to an end of a day than Friday.

I really was excited to get off work because we were heading right back out Friday night.

WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always said that Chris Tomlin is my 2nd favorite artist - right behind Steven Curtis Chapman.  & he's been inching up more & more. After seeing SCC in concert in May & being really disappointed in it, & now seeing this amazing & incredible concert of 2+ hours of nothing but worship.... man, Chris Tomlin may be equal, if not nudged ahead a little.  A little?  Oh gosh - I do love my SCC though.  But this concert - it was awesome!

It was a general admission seating & I get a little overwhelmed in big crowds so I wanted to sit up on the last row & of course, I'm an end of a row person.  This worked out even better because I had the whole aisle & area to be able to dance, move, sing, pump my fists & lift both my arms in praise.  I took full advantage of all the space I had.

This was the best seat in the house... all that room to move around!!

Leaving the concert, my heart was just overflowing with JOY!!!!  It's like they said, there's just something about being in a room full of people who truly believe what they are singing.  Aint that the truth?

I also found another song I want at my funeral. Is that weird?  ... ever since dad passed away, we've all talked a little bit about what we want for our funeral - let it be known. You never know when you're leaving this world.  I know of 2 songs Ricky wants... he knows mine too.

One of them is "Only Jesus" by Casting Crowns.... & it was always assumed & agreed on that I would want Steven Curtis Chapman's "We are not home yet" ... but after this concert I found another one I want.... "Home" by Chris Tomlin. This may be a little "Peppy" for a funeral -maybe I can get oe of my talented singing friends to do a slow version... but man, isn't it the truth?  A glorious homecoming awaits Christ followers at the end of this world....HOME!

I'm goin' home

Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong

So leaving the concert - Ricky & I were like our old dating days... out till nearly midnight & eating Taco Bell on the drive home.  Which reminded us that we've been together for quite a long time & years are behind us because eating Taco Bell that late - all the heart burn & stomach upset.  I'd do it all over again for such a fun night!

Saturday, you'd think I'd sleep in - but nope, I was up early enough to do another sun rise.  With the sun rising later, it's making it easier to catch .... & this was the first COOL morning - like REALLY cool.  Like, I needed a blanket & hot coffee cool.  Let's just say it was perfection.

No shame - just out of bed look....
& look at my Ernie who once again loves the sunrise watching with me.
After the sun came up, I was on a mission to do some cleaning.

I actually had a goal of cleaning the house - but it was so nice out & I didnt want to let a cool day pass us by, so I tackled our enclosed room that had gotten out of control over the summer with tools & dog toys & leaves & grass.

By the end of a few hours & a lot of sweat, & inhaling a TON of room is back!

Ready for some winter reading. The heater in this room is incredible (so is the A/C) but y'all know how I love sitting in this room with the heater on  &watching snow fall (GAG) & snuggling in to watch the cold world pass by out the window but have a book in my hands & a cup of coffee beside me.

After a hard days work for both Ricky & I, he suggested we go out to dinner & we ended up going out to Chili's & then made a pit stop on the way home at the Homemade Pie Kitchen.

I'll clean more often if it means sweet treats at the end of it.

Time for horse duty & then I took my momma to the store to pick up a few things & we just had fun looking at Christmas stuff  (gag) & Halloween stuff (YIPEE) - I was really tempted to get this mask just for the fun of it because it creeped me out so badly.

Mom just wanted me to send a pic of it to my nieces because she knew they'd get a kick out of it.
How WEIRD is that mask??? ... I have so many questions. What parent gave up rights to their child's face for this?????

Anyhoooooo... got home & I think all the 4 cups of coffee I had for the day wouldnt let me sleep - so I turned on Tall Girl on Netflix. Anyone else seen it yet? It's so cute!  It really gave me all the John Hughes 80's movie feels. Really sweet.

Image result for tall girl netflix

Sunday, we didnt have small group at HSM for fall break so I decided to stay home with Ricky - but he decided that we were going to have a date day - which most of you all know, that means an early start & breakfast is involved.

We were out of the house by 8am & headed to Panera... it was so empty too - we had just the most relaxed morning & yummy breakfast.

We then went shopping a little bit & stopped in at Sam's Club for some things we needed...
Stopped in at Pet Smart to get some treats because guess what today is!!!!

My big boy!!!!

There's that red beard again
my gosh - my daddy would have LOVED that & gotten the biggest kick out of it!

& of course, no date day is complete without a stop at Starbucks.

We saw the horses again & then I just tried to get caught up on some blog posts & editing some pictures & we just finally relaxed .... before its time to gear up for another week.

Weekend are far too short.

But I'll keep taking these amazing ones - feeling accomplished with projects around the house, enjoyed some time with my love, spent some time with my momma, of course had lots of doggie love, & more than anything, had my soul just refreshed with the love of Jesus.

That's what you call a good weekend.

Just for fun if anyone wants to listen... one more Chris Tomlin song that had me in chills...


  1. I love that Chris Tomlin Home song, it's beautiful! His music is often on my spotify! :) I always sing along when they play that on the radio too! :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend, and happy birthday to your cute pup! We had a picnic today, taking advantage of the public holiday and great weather :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now too!

    Away From Blue

  2. happy bday to ernie! he's so gorgeous. it's been Fall AF over here that people are wearing parkas and shit. everyone, calm down - it's not THAT cold to bust out the parkas!

  3. Happy birthday Ernie! We have gotten the fall weather here too and it's so nice. I just don't want it to turn to winter too quickly!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Isn't wonderful that fall is finally here?! Glad you liked Chris Tomlin. I've not seen him in concert, but have heard from several people that his concerts are really one big worship service. :) Nope, not weird that you pick out funeral songs. I do that, too, though I've been thinking more and more lately of going with a growing trend up here of no viewing or service. Tim's already made it known he wants nothing...he's okay with the kids, grands and I saying goodbye privately, but he doesn't want his sisters or anyone else there. So many are doing this these days.

  5. Yea for fall weather and that incredible CT concert! I am listening to Home right now and just love it. Thanks for sharing the video!

  6. Happy Birthday Ernie!! Yes, doing the FALL Dance. I just heard it. Have a great week sweets!

  7. I was looking for something to watch, but randomly started New Girl on Netflix LOL! I'm sorry that work was such a disaster on friday, but glad you had a fun weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I planned to take Friday off work anyway and I was so excited to wake up early and be able to sit outside with my coffee. This weather has rejuvenated me!! I need to listen to more Chris Tomlin songs - never disappointed and always uplifted.

  9. I have very much enjoyed your blog. I've only recently found you.
    I am in agreement about our Fall weather. This Monday morning I have lots to do but no "must" dos. The rain has been a much needed blessing. This morning I rejoice at putting on my sweatpants. (I love sweatpants and sweat shirt weather)and walked barefoot in the cool damp grass with the pup. I thank God for each tiny blessing.The coolness of the morning, my favorite sweats, the dampness of the grass, our mums and fall foliage and this little sassy creature beside me.It was wonderful♡

    1. I just thought this morning I need to dig out my sweat pants... they give me a little bit of joy too :)

  10. So much to comment on here!
    First all, I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. You deserve it!
    I hope, for your sake, your fall weather sticks around. This weekend was also the first weekend we had fall like weather too. It was 90 on Wednesday and then the next day it was 60. What a drastic change! I am happy though that I have been able to wear a dress or skirt every day since school started. I haven't broken out the pants yet!

    That concert sounds amazing! Whether I'm at a play, sporting event, or concert, I always think the higher seats are the best ( says the short girl). I too love "Only Jesus" by CC, but I absolutely love "Nobody" and play it once a day on my Google

    I am jealous of your covered porch! Are those chairs part of the new patio furniture you were going to show us? The arrival of this fall weather has me wanting to clean and decorate my house more! I don't have a lot of fall decorations for indoors.
    And one last comment....I have to ask, the last time you and Ricky had a day date, was that a cake pop you dropped on the seat of his truck????🤔😉

    Happy Birthday to sweet Earnie! Here is hoping for a Gazillion more!

  11. I enjoyed your post and it sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend and yes, the weather was perfect here too!

    As for the song, I'm not sure I've heard it before, but I really like it. Also, I do not think it is too fast for a funeral or memorial service. Sometimes, I think we try to make them too sad. For Christians, I think we need to have more of a celebration. I mean, they've made it home to where they have worked their whole life to be. Yes, it's sad for us here that we are without them for a time, but just the fact they made it home is so wonderful and we know we'll be with them again soon. So my friend, I hope it's not anytime in the near future, but I say, you go girl and you have that song if that is what you love. The words are wonderful!

    Okay, I'm done preaching and I'll get down off my soapbox. lol

    Happy Birthday to Ernie - I know I said it on Instagram, but he is such a beautiful boy!

  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend! That concert sounds amazing. And that mask is super creepy. I don't think I could wear it. I hadn't heard of Tall Girl, I'll have to look for it on Netflix. I just finished The Politician on there and it was really good.

  13. YAY for great weekends! I'm so happy that you finally got some Fall weather. 90+ degree weather in October is not cool. Not cool at all! And I laughed so hard at the Taco Bell at midnight these days means heartburn and indigestion - so true. And sad. But true. And I wouldn't have done a dang thing differently either! All those sweets look delectable. How do you choose? I'd want them all. And that mask. Holy crap! That would scare the bejesus out of me if I saw that on Halloween (or any day for that matter) and I seriously hope that family (and boy) got some serious coin for it. Have a great week!

  14. It does indeed sound like a perfect weekend!! You needed one, too!! Perfect.

  15. I can't remember, so why were you disappointed in the SCC concert? We had a thunderstorm early this morning and now our temps are in the mid-60's. I'm ready to breakout the sweatshirts!

  16. Hi Rebecca Jo, I know, it's been so long you've probably forgotten who I am. I have seen Tall Girl and enjoyed it too. Looks like you had a great time!

  17. Happy birthday to Ernie!

    So glad fall arrived for you!

  18. I just love your posts. So real. So genuine and heartfelt. Can I say it again...I love your posts!

    Happy birthday, Ernie. Red beard and all. Oh, those white horses. Stamped them again. And that mask. Craziness. We like to take photos and then our faces on each other's heads. So my face on my daughter's head and body. Fun.

    I like to sit on the aisle, too. And at a concert, I don't have to sit up close to see the performers. I already know what they look like, I just want to hear them. Sounds like you had such a great date night. Most well deserved.

  19. P.S. That She-Shed commercial is so cute. I stop and watch it every time it comes on. The look on that husband's face. She-she-er she shed. Hilarious.


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