Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The best books of 2020 I read {Show Us Your Books}


Life According to Steph

What a weird year of reading for me.

It was a total roller coaster.  
Between COVID & the political season & all the back & forth stupid & ridiculous arguments between people, my emotions struggled in it all.  
I wanted to hide away in make believe worlds but I also had a hard time just escaping the grip this world had around my mental state.

So its interesting to me to look back & see what did take me away for a little bit

So this one, I really enjoyed the twists & turns in it - especially because it disturbed me so much too.  Luckily, I read this in February so before my "disturbed level" was to its max with 2020.

I still love this series.. & the 2nd book was just as good & I actually have the 3rd book but want to be in the mindset to really enjoy it & keep the excitement of it up.

I really really thought this first book was so interesting.  I'm not into futuristic or sci-fi books - I have a hard time understanding, but this one was really deep thinking.  Now, the rest of them in the series, I wasn't too excited about. The 2nd was ok - the 3rd, ugh.  But this one, totally enjoyable.

My Bachelorette loving heart was into this... add in a plus size woman who had some snazzy attitude - Totally into this one! This was my first kick off into Book of the Month club too & I'm still loving it too!

This one wasn't corny or over the top romantic - it was realistic to me in the sense of romance. Funny too.  I'm currently reading a book by this same author & I'm really enjoying her writing. She may be on my radar for all her future books.

This one I could not put down... I had to see how it ended. I think I read it all in one day.  I'm keeping an eye out to see when the next one in this series comes out.  I honestly laughed at the main character & enjoyed the mystery of it all.  

AND MY FAVORITES!!! I'm going with 2 for 2020

This book really did change my life.  This one made me rethink how I let others treat me & gave me some strength in my soul to be who I am authentically.  & with Jen's trademark humor in situations, it honestly made me laugh out loud & equally cry for the things in this world that are said to represent Christianity, but is so far from the hands & feet of Jesus.  I may need to re-read this after 2020.

So this may have been everyone's pick last year - I'm late to the game... but I just really enjoyed this book. Warm to the heart on friendship & had a turn at the end that I was not expecting but I totally approved of.    This has a lot of hype & usually, I'm horrible at hyped up books - but this one, I'm totally standing behind.

So tell me what your favorite read was this year....I'm always a year behind anyways.
It may very well be my 2021 favorite read!

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