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Keep it Together - Planning for June 2021 ... ALL THE NEW STICKERS !!!!


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Look at me - remembering to do another planner post when I'm supposed to. Pretty proud of myself here. It's like my planner actually WORKED this month!

I figured this month, I would share some of the stickers I've gotten because Memorial Day pushed me into some sales that I couldnt miss out on.

One of my favorites is still Wobot & Friends. I dont know why I love these little robot looking creatures - but I just think he's adorable. & I just really enjoy supporting this young lady who is in college & making a real career for herself with her little sticker store.  

She's come out with washi tape now & I've gotten quite a few rolls now - just adorable.

& she came out with a few new Wobots.

These two are my go-to with my iron deficiency anemia. One shows a run down battery - all zapped out. She has one with a green FULL battery too - I didnt get that because come on - that rarely happens to me.  & I also got a TIRED WOBOT.  This is me for about 98% of my life.  If I have to feel bad, at least my planner can be cute.

Wobot also came out with a few little Woodland creatures... couldnt pass them up either. Also had to get the Washi to go with them as well!

Here's a few more of her newest Wobots - & these are in my sticker book that I also got from Wobot's store - you can put them in there to store & they peel off easily to use.  I really like this way of keeping them together & know when I'm getting low on certain stickers.

Pizza Wobot - I've already used 2 off these... & DANCING WOBOTS - perfect for Friday's!

I am such a sucker for anything succulent - so I love these tiny floral/plant stickers. They look super cute with the matching washi.

& I literally never place an order that I dont get a reading or book Wobot sticker. These are my biggest ones I go through.

Also got a page of Bills Due stickers... because ... adulting.

I got a bunch of the cutest little stickers from another place that I've fallen in love with - Mariatalianplans - here's the link to her store right HERE.  She has a little Guinea Pig named Chloe that has been the head of her line for the longest. Who knew a little Guinea Pig would be so adorable? Here's some of my Chloe stickers I got  on my last order.

Little cute Exercise Chloe in her pink outfit & a not feeling good Chloe

Working Chloe - but I like using these for blogging in my planner

& now she's also added another new sticker - Millie - little floppy ear bunny - I got a few of those stickers too.

Book /reading Millie

Coffee /Tea Drinking Millie

& NOW, she just came out with another one that I'm in love with - Milo! He's a little Corgi!  I dont have any of his stickers yet because he's new - but Maria did send me a little sticker with him in with the bunch with my name on it for my last order.  You gotta check out Milo. HERE'S his page with his stickers

Had to cover the top & bottom - this is on my cover page so it has my personal info 

One of my favorite places I just found is called White Bird Design Co. This sticker store.... just GORGEOUS. They are a Faith based sticker shop.  She also has some Bible tabs which I think I may end up getting.  But here are some of the sticker kits I got for my planner.  You can just buy sheets separately if you want the stickers with the beautiful text to put in a journal or to get some die cuts to put on your computer or water bottle.  I really love to support a faith based sticker shop!!!

Finally, my favorite planner place - Passion Planner - put out some new sticker books for the Spring. Most of them have to do with Travel & summer - they even have a new Pet one... but I had to snag up the Floral sticker book. Always a fan of florals.  Here's one of the latest spreads I did with it.

Simple spread - but gives it personality.  The sticker book has florals grouped together in colors so you can just stick to those few pages of stickers & know you're going to have a beautiful look in your week. I also am a sucker for plants... which this sticker book has.

& how about color  your own? I love this. They have a few pages of florals that you can color yourself to match your planner spread for the week. How cute would it to be have your kids color them too & use in your planner?

So... share with me anything you did this month to organize your schedule?

Do you still love stickers - no matter the age?

Be sure to link up with us if you have anything fun to share in the planner/organizing world.
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