Tuesday, June 01, 2021

The weekend it was way cool celebrating the unofficial beginning of summer


Here we are... the "unofficial" beginning of summer! Can you believe it?

Like, are we talking about we're nearly half way through the year? I know we're at the beginning of the 6th month - but OH MY GOSH... the sixth month!!!  When did time get stuck on a fast forward button?

Of course, it was heavenly to have a 3 day weekend.  Especially because this weekend, it was so chilly that we had our windows open & the cool air let me sleep like a baby. & when I say "cool air" I mean, it was in the low 40's & Hubby was freezing.  Me, with hot flashes, it felt heavenly & let me sleep without waking up in sweat puddles. Ahhhh....

Saturday was really gloomy & very chilly. I dont think the high's got over 60 degrees. How nuts is that?  But one good thing we discovered was the cicadas werent out in the cool temps. We got a break from that constant buzzing noise.  Seriously - its so loud that at the height of it during the day, I cant even sit outside & read because its like someone is putting a buzzer in my head & just setting it on high. You come inside & it takes times to adjust... the lingering buzzing still in your head for a little bit. Its ridiculous crazy.

I even had to pull out my warm joggers & a cardigan... while most people are donning swimsuits for Memorial weekend, I'm putting on all the layers.

I got my grocery shopping done & picked my mom up some lunch & went & saw her for awhile & then just sort of took it easy. Did some cleaning around the house & ended up finishing the book I was reading.  This one was a struggle for me so I'm glad to have it behind me... & just aggravated by it actually. I'll share more in my Show Us Your Books post next week.

I will backtrack & say, I know a lot of people are super excited that masks are in the past... for some. For me? Aint gonna happen for awhile. Yep, I'm vaccinated, but I also know that our Julie had COVID, had the vaccine & also just got COVID ... AGAIN. So I'm not taking any chances.  Plus, as a germaphobe, I'm so glad that masks aren't a crazy idea now.  I tell everyone I'll probably be wearing mine faithfully till next Spring - no shame. You do you - I'll do me.  But I was super happy that when I went into the grocery, I fully expected to be the only person in the grocery with a mask on... I would say about 45% of the store was still masked up.  Good to see it.

Me this weekend ... sporting my mask still
No shame in my game! :) 

Sunday, the sun came back out, but it was still cool - but a GORGEOUS day. I did get to out & enjoy the sunshine & a hot cup of coffee with my new book before the cicada's started warming up & tuning up & breaking out their sound. Actually, I guess it was still too cool for them because Saturday wasn't bad either.

Sunday did take a turn when I had to call 911 on my mom... again.  Yes, we did this last Saturday & actually just a few weeks back from that too.  She had called me talking out of her head & not making any sense.  Off to the hospital she went - she's still in there as of today too.

I did get to see my nieces on Sunday- & man, are they just so beautiful growing up into the young ladies they are?  The last day of school was this past week so they are now official JUNIORS.  & Sophia is actually DRIVING now. Y'all... Y'ALL..... did I say earlier about time on fast forward? This is what I'm talking about.  I can't handle it.

It was so fun being over my brother's house too because his house is set back in the woods -& the deer just feel like this is their home too. Sitting outside with them, I saw 4 different deer at different times just wandering around. Totally look over at us & just like, Hey, what's up.... & continue on their way. Love they have a safe space around there.

Monday, Hubby & I got up early & I went over & let my mom's cats out to enjoy the pretty day & then we went to Panera for our breakfast outside. It was a perfect morning.  I honestly dont really remembering eating the sandwich too much though because the doctors at the hospital were calling me with updates & questions... I hate when I look down & see my plate is empty & I really dont remember eating.

We went over to Sam's Club & picked up some stuff for work - which I'm really thinking our work from home status is going to be changing VERY soon with all the restrictions lifting.  We shall see. I dont want to talk about it.... Ozzie doesnt want to talk about it.

We had to pick up a few other little things & got home & Hubby & I were both like, NAP TIME. I actually was excited to jump into Lucifer. I hadn't realized they released the rest of the season. BRING IT ON! 

The rest of the day was relaxed - nothing special - some reading, got a work out in (GO ME) & taking care of the horses & mom's cats.  Just a typical weekend.... 

& now we're into Tuesday, which I will confuse all day long for Monday.  

SIDE NOTE - I  know today is supposed to be ONE SENTENCE A DAY LINK UP... I'll join in tomorrow- see? Already messing up the days of the week.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything special for Memorial Day?

Did you wear a bathing suit or did you layer up like me?

Are you hearing the insanity noise of the Cicadas?

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