Thursday, August 19, 2021

This is a tough one....Thankful Thursday #322


I dont know about anyone else, but this week is just feeling even heavier than usual.

We have people running down airstrips, hanging onto the sides of planes

... we have women afraid that all the strives they have been given, are all now gone & they have to return to a voiceless life again

... we have numbers in the 3,000 - 4,000 range of new COVID cases a DAY around our area

... we have news that vaxed people may have to get ANOTHER shot because some wont get ONE. Its like people trying to earn extra credit so the failing student can pass the class.

... we have Governors who still want to kiss a past President's loony-tune, narcissist's behind who is no long is in office, but for some reason, want to bow at his altar of division, & instead of trying to protect people's health in their states, they decide to do everything to hurt efforts & cause more division & health crisis.

.... we have hospitals overflowing, even in people want to deny this is happening

... we have people threatening doctors  who speak up at school meetings in favor of face masks with  threats of "We know who you are"

.... we have people still fighting over dumb things - LOUDLY - especially behind a screen- & even scarier, straight to strangers faces.... side story- me & Hubby still are very adamant mask wearers (we've never stopped) & when Hubby went into a restaurant at lunch to pick up his lunch, he was the only one in there wearing a mask.  Two men each walked past him & stopped & coughed right at him - then went outside & laughed & high fived one another.... classy stuff.

... we have earthquakes leaving thousand dead, thousands injured & thousands in dire conditions.  Just devestating.

... we have horrible heat records & people getting together discussing facts & figures proven about Global Warming & STILL people fight against it & say its not true.

.... & we have the end of Love Island  the cancellation of Real Housewives of Dallas. LOL - I had to throw in some humor there. I mean, if I dont, I'm going to scream - because mentally, I'm beat. I know most of us are.  

Exhausted with the world seems more appropriate.

Its days, weeks, (Months & years?) like this that its so hard to find gratitude.  The days feel darker, the world feels heavier, people feel impossible. 

Dig in deep... that's what you have to do... search through mud to find the buried treasure there.  Even if its small... 

That's where I'm at today for Thankfulness.  Digging through mud.... so it may be short this week, but I think we can all agree, any bit of small gratitude is enough in hard days.

This week I am Thankful for:

Doctors & Scientist
Who would have ever thought these people would need police protection for doing their job. I am grateful they have the knowledge that the majority of us DONT have - even the person you get your news from on Facebook.  I'm grateful that they stand up for truth & speak out against false information - even when they know it can cause their lives suffering & threats (this just is mind blowing to me)  Keep discovering science world. Where would we be without you?

My Home
I am thankful for a safe place to live where I can escape from the world & turn off all the outside world & sit with a book, play with my dogs, hang out chatting with my Hubby... all is right in the world.

Fall Decorations
I am seeing more of them & am excited about the change of the season. I am thinking of that larger than just Summer to Fall. 

They can take me away from this world. Even if into mystery books where people are murdered - its still an escape from this crazy world.

Fresh Veggies
To go with my Home thankfulness, I'll add in my neighbors - because they are the best.  Just so friendly & sharing & giving. They have given us so many fresh tomatoes & cucumbers. We've had some amazing fresh salads.  I've even just got the skin off the cucumbers & ate it like a burrito. Give me some salt & I can down it. Hubby says, "It tastes like oxygen" - & it does. That fresh, clean flavor. mmmm... so good! Grateful our neighbors have done all the hard work of gardening & we get to join in the celebration of all that nature does.

Its where all my hope is at.  Especially in all of this.... Only Jesus. 
Come Lord - come!

Tell me something good about your week....please!

Joining with the precious Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  Be sure to stop by their blog & see all their blessings this week.

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