Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Well, hey there!

 Hi all! ... ya miss me? ... anyone still out there?

I really am wanting to dip my toe back in & get back in routine with my blogging... because... just want to.  I miss documenting my life to look back on - I mean, where else can I go to prove Hubby wrong when he says we did something on a certain date & I can go to my blog & say, HA! - nope, we did this on THIS date... blogs are made for such as these.

But I just miss that connection too with the other bloggers & seeing how everyone is.  

What's been the latest....

Yep - my arm is still in pain.  But I do have some days where the pain is minimal.  I am able to lift it up - SOME. I've been trying to lift it more & more since Frozen Shoulder has been a thing too.  I still cant put my arm behind my back - but I can barely get it where I lift my pants up.  That "scarecrow" motion where you can bend your elbow up, its just not something I can do.

We have learned that I cant do any more steroid shots... because of course, I had an allergic reaction to the last one. Geez.  

What's next? They're sending me for an MRI.  The doctor said, 'its time we find out what's going on."....

my reaction....

I mean, how is it 9 months in the year & we're just NOW going to "find out whats going on?"... How frustrating. But I am hopeful that with more information, we will have better answers on what to do to move forward. 

They told me that they dont do surgery if the tear is under 50%... but they said it could also be a combo of tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis- ALL THE ITIS's!!!! on top of the tear - so the tear may not be as severe, but all the other things on top of it, is what is causing my limited mobility & the pain.  

We shall see.... once insurance approves the MRI. (Fingers crossed)

I've been trying to really do things that I can control.  Trying to focus on food/diet that helps with inflammation in the body.  Trying to do my own stretches - Thank you YouTube & all the physical therapist out there that post videos.  Life just doesnt stop for pain & you gotta do what you can.

That's where I'll stop today... since I'm wanting to get back into blogging routine, I'll post later this week with what's been going on in my world besides arm stuff.

I've missed you all!

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