Monday, February 27, 2023

Well hey there!

 Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well... & having a good 2nd month of the year. Can you believe we're heading into March? I know people say that - but SERIOUSLY! I just took my Christmas tree down 2 weeks ago.... which some of you know, that's early for me! (Truth!)

So, let's do a little recap update... what's been going on.

Vertigo... still there - but nothing like it has been. I'll have moments where it hits me & WHOOOOOAAAAA - you spin me round round baby round round. Its such a bothersome feeling. Like, the world shouldnt be moving all around you.  It IS better though. Its not an EVERY DAY thing now... just some times. 

I'm finding the weather effects it... sinus issues... if I lay flat in bed - or on my stomach, which is really odd. 

Shoulder pain... yep, totally still there.  Again, weather really effects it - & if I do a lot of motion. Like, I try to work out, get those joints/muscles moving. My body screams at me when I do! "I'M NOT READY!"... I hear you arm.

I'm still not able to get my arm up to put on a bra - not even close. But I CAN put it in my back pocket of my jeans - that's HUGE. & as high as I can get it behind my back... sigh....

I'm also trying to now get it to where I can put my arm on my hip.  Its still a struggle - but I can almost pick my arm up & place it there... progress, I'll take it where I can get it.

Weather... anyone else in the weirdest February weather spell ever? We've been in the high 70's one day & then in the 30's the next. While most of the country is in a winter blow out & the other half is sweating it out. What in the world?  We get both, in one week. 

Everything is blooming out now, our daffodils, my tulips are coming up... & I know that I know, we're going to get another snow storm.  It doesnt get this "springy" this early here.

Mom... I feel like its been awhile since I blogged - (I swear I'm trying my best to get back in the routine) - but last time, I feel like it was when mom had just gotten out of rehab with her cracked spine & she was having a rough go.  She's still in pain - bless her - she'll always have pain with that spine of hers - but she's doing OK.  She had another procedure where they did an out patient surgery where they did like a nerve block.  Didnt help one bit. ... she may need to do it again. Possibly 3 times. She's willing to do something to ease the pain.  

Hubby ... he's been on a roll of having another acid-reflux attack. He has Barrett's esophagus & he'll get some horrible things that go with this. Burning so bad, it goes to the upper back, even hurts the back of his neck. Can't eat - hurts to drink.  Just misery.  We're trying to pump him with all the antiacids to help.  I think it hurts him the most that he cant drink coffee right now.  I feel that.

This weekend... we had a very nice weekend. Of course, me - a lot of reading. I've even started getting my outside reading in with these warmer temps.  I just finished my 17th book of the year! Can you believe it? ... Honestly, reading is probably the biggest reason I've not blogged lately.  

I'll come home & walk/work out - then make dinner & clean the house & then, when I would normally blog, I just want to read.  With this crazy, insane, scary news that comes on every night, I just want to tuck away from the world & fall into a story of my choosing.  Hence, all the books so far this year.

Am I running away from life & the world? You betcha!

But I do miss the memory keeping my blog holds for me... Maybe March will be my turn around month!

Anyhoo.... we had some auto repairs done this weekend - & being out early on Saturday, we did a Panera breakfast date - our favorite!

Dont get me started on this car repair nightmare.  Poor Ricky spent near $800.00 for the repair - only to get in the car & see it caused ANOTHER issue that they wouldnt fix - unless we wanted to spend $2000.00. My Lord.  Its so frustrating when you have to depend on businesses & people to be honest & helpful... & they're not.

Ricky was talking about reporting it & we've watched way too much criminal documentaries & murder shows because I'm like, this guy has our address.  You report him & he's coming to our house & retaliation. Am I the only one who thinks people are just crazy enough any more to do something like that?

... what else did we do this weekend?....

Snuck in a Target trip, which I was excited to use a gift card & picked up another book.

& Hubby went into Home Depot for his next project.

The dogs have DEMOLISHED our back yard.  Like, its a mud-fest back there.  Ricky is trying to fence off areas to grow grass in places  in rotation.  We'll see if this works.  Project accepted.

I finished watching The Traitors on Peacock... & I have feelings on this. Anyone else watch this? I need to discuss. While I enjoy a good reality competition show... I actually struggled a bit with this when there are sweet, honest, good people who are getting hurt in trusting others.  I dont know...Maybe I just need to stick to my books.

I wont give any spoilers on who wins... but seriously ... I need to discuss!

I also watched the movie this weekend, Can you Keep a Secret? thats on Netflix...only to realize, I have the book & read it yearsss ago. After watching, I pulled the book out & thumbed through & saw that some of the wording in the movie was EXACT to the book. I like that - thank you Netflix.

I just love this actress too - Alexandra Daddario - she's also the person in Mayfair Witches if anyone is watching that too.  

Delivery.... & what were some of the deliveries I got this weekend! ... missing a few weeks of blogging, I need to do a BIG post of some deliveries I've gotten... but this one, I'm super excited about.

I got some 20 oz glasses with glass straws... I've been on a kick watching all the ways to make lattes & different coffee drinks. Putting it in these glasses, its just so visually satisfying to see the drinks mix.  I love the bamboo top too.. & that glass straw! I'll post some pics of the drinks I'm making later....because I'm back to blogging, right? LOL

Click HERE for link

I also got a new phone case in the mail...I love having a wallet sort of cover for my phone so I can just grab it & go & have my license & a credit card in case I'm in need of something to buy.  Well, the same one I've always bought & rebought - it stretches out & it just flips open to easily - & the credit card slots stretch out - so tried this for the first time... LOVING IT.

Click HERE for link

I like it has more slots for cards... & it has a wristlet strap on it. Perfect for what I need.

... so... nothing else comes to mind...

Any questions about anything I've not updated on lately?

Anything in your life I need to know - catch me up!!!!

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