Wednesday, March 01, 2023

And that's the way the wind blows....

 Here I say I'm going to get back to blogging & then miss yesterday.

Well, it wasn't intentional.  We had no power most of the day - & then when it came on, it blew out our Modem. So we had no TV, no internet, no phones, no radio, no Alexa to tell me what is going on in the world... I was lost! Well, maybe not lost. I finished my 18th book of the year... there's that. 

But it was definitely quite around the house ... & I couldnt blog!

That's the least of our worries though around here.  

I got a phone call from mom telling me to come over to her house - she was sitting on the porch.

Mom - why are you sitting on the porch in 55 mph winds?

I get over there & everything looked seemingly ok.... & then we went to the back of her porch.

Look at my mom teetering on the edge of this porch that's ready to bust through! She's a daredevil that gal!

But this HUGE tree... just knocked right on over by the wind.

Look at how far the tree was from the house & that it actually hit is crazy!

Tore down siding, went through the roof over her covered porch

In all honesty - PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Because a few feet over, & that tree would have gone through her kitchen! THAT would have been a nightmare.  But she is safe - the house is OK.  For the most part.  Of course, the porch is going to have to be replaced. & it crushed a trailer.  

I'm glad it didnt swing out & knock other trees too - in a domino effect.

You dont really think wind is that big of a deal....You can bet we'll be watching for wind advisory & warnings & take them more seriously.

On a good note - we got a new modem & it was easy to set up.  We are not a technology couple & I even told a coworker to pray for my marriage as I left work, knowing we were going to be installing this together.  But lo & behold, it wasn't too bad. I got Spectrum on my phone with an online chat & they literally walked us through step by step... me relaying the instructions to Ricky & 15 minutes later - VIOLA! My Precious Alexa was back to tell me the latest temperature & play me a little diddy to get me dancing.  

Today is much better than yesterday.

Did you get any of the big gusts this week?

Have you ever had any wind damage?

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