Monday, January 15, 2024

The weekend I didnt want to leave my house

 I dont know about anyone else but I want a reset on 2024.  

I have not had the best start to a year. I think all new years should come with a guarantee of at least the first week or two being good.  We all deserve that I think.

Just 3 days in & you all know, we lost our old gal Zoe - I felt yuck most of the days with heartburn & nausea every night (stress?) - I've been having dental issues since I got a new crown put in (IN SEPTEMBER!!!!) & I have to go back & get a new crown done!!! - & finally, I backed up my car into a concrete pillar, which honestly, I thought I totally CRUNCHED it by the sound of it so I guess I'm lucky this is all it was....

& then this weekend, we've been hit with a cold snap that's going to last as far as the eye can see with single digit evenings & teen highs for the day. I get that may not bother some people & they consider that a good start for the year.... I do not. I think its horrible & yucky & its just stirring up in me even more longing of Spring. (65 more days)

Friday, before the cold & snow hit, we were hit with monsoon rains all day. Our back yard looked like a streaming river.  Gross.  

When I signed off work, we ran out & took Ozzie with us only because he had been stuck in the house all day & his ball of energy was ready to burst.  He's such a good car rider... I forgot he was in the car most of the time.

We stopped & picked up dinner at Chuy's & remembered that we hadn't eaten there since before the hit of Covid in 2020. That's a long time.  We've just been craving Tex-Mex, American sort of Mexican.  This wasn't it... not at all what either of us were craving. It'll probably be another 3 years before we go back. LOL

We woke up Saturday with snow on the ground & the temps plummeted.  & indoors is where we stayed the entire day.  Glad we had leftovers & some snacks so we were comfy cozy.

It feels so odd to me because when weather like this hits, we're used to carrying Zoe out to go potty - breaking out all the coats & gloves & hats & boots & keeping them by the door. To not have to go outside at all just feels so wrong. I'd gladly stand out in the zero degree night air to have her back.

I did finally get to a project I was wanting to do for 2024.  I pulled out the majority of the books on my shelf that I haven't read - my TBR (to be read) books - & I am determined to knock some of these out.

I ended up wrapping them & putting a number on them.... & then put numbers in a jar.  When I'm ready for a book, I'll shake up the jar, grab a number & there's my next book to read.  This make it exciting & takes the guess work out of "what should I read next".

I did pull out some books not to wrap - books that are a series, or books for holidays (Valentine's- Halloween books I have) & a few books that I know for sure I want to read soon when the mood hits.  But 48 books on my shelf to read.... YAHOO! & WOW!

Sunday we woke up to another blanket of snow & even colder days. Horrible.  At least the sun came out for a few minutes. Seriously, the sun has been MIA since before Christmas.  We have been in the grayest gloom for so long.

We had to go out to take care of the horses & BRRRRRR!!!!!!! They're staying snuggled in the barn & Cochese has a coat on him as his hair isnt getting thick the older he gets.  I hate it for ANY animal that is outside.  Breaks my heart for wildlife that dont have a home - KILLS me when animals DO have a home but aren't allowed in.... literally stresses me out so much. I want to save all the animals & give them a loved life.

After we got done with the horses & visiting with my momma, we headed up to pick up some dinner & I dont know if its the cold but NO ONE was out. We drove back country roads & we honestly didnt pass a dozen cars. I dont blame anyone at all. If it wasnt for the horses, we would have stayed in too.

It gave us a chance to stop at the grocery too to pick up some quick things since we are both home today being off work for MLK day.... & another day of cold that we want to stay snuggled up as much as possible.

What else did I do....

* Finished a 980 page book - OMG... 980 PAGES! It FELT like 980 pages. Whew.... Kingdom of Ash - the last book in the Throne of Glass series.  I'm so glad to have finished the whole story, but that was rough. I just havent been in reading mode since Zoe. Hard for me to concentrate... but enjoyed snuggling & reading on the cold days.

* Got all caught up on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion..... If you know, you know! CRAZZYYYYY!!! & also on Miami.  & Beverly Hills. I never tire of these shows.

* I'm also making my way on Vanderpump Rules.  Nope - never watched it before Scandoval & started back to good o'le Day 1... I'm now up to Season 6 (I think) - & its just so weird knowing what I know, where its headed & seeing how it used to be.  

* Started watching the new season of The Traitors.... Love this show because it really makes no sense.   You breath wrong & people are like "ITS THEM! THEY"RE THE TRAITOR" - but its fun to see people from other shows all join together & interact.

* Still sleeping with a fan on even in tundra weather. I can't sleep with these hot flashes without a fan. Even when I got to bed freezing, if I dont have a fan on, I wake up sweating so badly & sick to my stomach.  If its a fan, I guess it keeps my temp normal so I can sleep better through the night.  To say my room is an ice box in the morning would be a HUGE understatement.   Ricky hates it so much but I remind him once his body turns on itself & changes in every way possible with a hormone revenge, then he can complain & have a say in it.... until then, we freeze at night.  Pile on the blankets dude.

So how was the start of your year?

Are you getting hit with this cold weather?

What have you been watching or reading lately?

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