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One Sentence a Day - December 2023

So I meant to post this on the first but I'm always a blog slacker - & life has been so busy, at work, at home, with my dogs... its just been a lot - so that its up on the 3rd, I'm patting myself on the back.

Also - I wanted to remind people - my sweet friend Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness is going to continue a link up for Thankful Thursday so if you enjoy doing those posts - be sure to go check her out every Thursday - & all the other days - she does some other fun link ups! 

So here's what December looked like to me:

1. Fri / I havent worked from home in weeks with a busy work schedule & covering for people, so on a rainy, cold Friday, I was more than excited to be back in my home office for the day. #dogslovedittoo

2. Sat /  Finished my first book of December #NeedstobeaHallmarkMovie

3. Sun / Woke up to a lake in our kitchen floor where Ricky was trying to give Zoe at bath at 5:30am #WetDog

4. Mon / When that alarm went off at 5am, I honestly wanted to cry. #WantToSleepIn

5. Tues /  We tried out the diapers for Zoe for the first time & it was a SUCCESS! #savedadogbed

6. Wed / All I could think about was 9pm where the conclusion of The Squid Games Challenge came on Netflix! #happyaboutthewinner

7. Thurs / My poor brother has been feeling awful this week. #Tisthecold/flu/covidseason

8. Fri / I got the most shocking phone call to hear one of my dear friends passed away after surgery complications #RIPKelly 

9. Sat /  Spent most of the evening the ER with Ricky & the pain he was in with kidney stones #atleasttheERwasempty

10. Sun / Just relaxing & letting Ricky try & pass these stones #lazyday

11. Mon /  Had my yearly appointment to get my prescriptions for the year. #lifeofanoldwoman

Yes, I have 2 pairs of glasses LOL

12. Tues / Love everyone is decorating for Christmas in our office #makeitcheery

13. Wed / Love getting my old girl out of her bed & holding her & loving on her. #keephergoing

14. Thurs / Went to the funeral home for my friend & it hit me all over again that she's really gone #unbelievable #loveyourlovedoneseveryday

15. Fri / I needed a work from home day so badly #staycomfy

16. Sat /  It was such a nice day to go shopping & we even sat outside for lunch #Tistheseason

17. Sun /  I love keeping this burning in my house during Christmas to make my home smell like real trees are inside #yankeecandlesaresogood

18. Mon /  one of my work family got me the best surprise for Christmas!!! #hadthisinmycart #LOVELOVELOVE

19. Tues /  We got to reveal our Secret Santa's at work & it was a fun year of elf-ery #sneakygifts

20. Wed / Finished another book for 2023 #bestreadingyear

21. Thurs /  I love me some Kroger Fuel points!!! #onedollaroff

22. Fri /  Finished the work week with over 10 hours overtime #thebusiesttime

23. Sat / Got to spend Christmas with my Vincent Family - minus a few who Covid got ahold of #itseverywhere

24. Sun /  Happy Birthday to my Hubby & my side Christmas celebration #abusyday

25. Mon / I love we enjoy relaxed & easy Christmas days #finallyarelaxingday

26. Tues / Going back to work the day after Christmas is just THE WORST!!! #trafficislightthough

27. Wed / 2 years since I had my TIA & I still remember every little thing about it #onemoreyeartillclear

28. Thurs / My reading life has taken a hit with how busy I am at work. #comehomeanddonothing

29. Fri / The office was so empty today & I loved it #getalltheworkdone

30. Sat / My birthday falls on a weekend but still had to work #oldlife #howdidIgetto52sofast?

31. Sun /  Spending the day loving & taking care of Zoe #gladshesmadeitanotheryear 

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