Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 11

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Sunday - March 6 - Garden eating already? .... I had this yellow squash laying around & needed to cook it before it went bad.  It was so yummy - & made me excited about the idea of summer gardens growing soon (not my garden mind you - but all the extras that others give away so generously) ;)

Monday - March 7 - Office/Physical Therapy .... I took a ice pack to work to get these ole knees healing up for the race on Saturday.  Luckily I have a box under my desk where I could prop it up & leave the ice on it throughout the day.  It really is helpful.

Tuesday - March 8 - Getting the mind PUMPED ... I wear these bracelets as reminders about my running - that I can DO IT!  Anything I put my mind to.  Dont you love these bracelets?  They are made by "Mudlove Potttery"!  I'll be doing another post on them later... with a bracelet giveaway too!  Stay tuned...

Wednesday - March 9 - Rain, Rain, go away... the rain is just non stop lately... geez...

Thursday - March 10 - See?  Lots of rain = FLOOD .... see where the arrow is?  That's where the edge of the water should be.  Its really flooded around the downtown Louisville area.  The peak isnt even until the weekend so the water is probably even higher then this a few days after I took this picture... Its been some pretty rough weather for people this year...

Friday - March 11 - Race Prep ... I tell you what - it takes lots of work to get ready for a race day.  I lay things out the night before so when I have to get up for a race (like at 6:00 AM- UGH) its a lot easier to get my stuff together.

1. Gloves (temp is 40 degrees)   2. KT Tape (my new Lovah)   3. My iPod Holder (which means my Ipod is charging)   4. My bib number + safety pins   5. My head wrap to keep my ears warm on the run   6. My awesome running watch with a GPS on it    7. My iFitness bag (a MUST)   8. My heart rate monitor band   9. NEW SOCKS   10. My clothes .. so this doesnt even show my shoes waiting too... see?  Lots of stuff...It takes time to get ready!

Saturday - March 12 - 10K Race Day... I did it.  My knee held together.  It was all help to KT Tape.  I'll be doing a post about that later as well.  It made the difference to my knee like night & day.  And I knocked off 8 minutes 45 seconds off my 10k race time from last year (same course)... I was amazed at that for myself.  Now back to training...

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  1. Oh girlfriend, I have been wondering how you did. I almost texted you yesterday.

    You look SO cute!! What is KT tape? Do tell. Do you think it would help my knees?

    We had hail and lots of rain today.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed week,

  2. Totally impressed! I wish I could just walk a half marathon! It's on my to-do list when the 3rd one graduates from H.S. - Just 3 more years! LOL Congratulations!

  3. Yay! Congratulations on the knee doing well and cutting several minutes from your race time! That is so awesome.

    Be careful around those flood waters. They are absolutely no fun to be around when they get too high.

  4. YAY! You did it! Way to go Rebecca!
    I'm so happy for you because I know how much this means to you! :D
    Happy Monday!

  5. WOW! Running! Impressive!

    Great week!


  6. I am so inspired by your running.
    I've never attempted a 10K.
    BTW, how young are you?!
    Love the bracelets. Will be looking for the giveaway. I've been to MudLove in Winona Lake. Great place!

  7. Awesome pictures this week. Loved the one of the water out of its has been that way around here too. congrats on the running.

  8. I so want that “Believe” bracelet. That’s my montra!!!! :)

  9. WOO HOO...girl, you did awesome in that proud of you! I love how you looked on race day...raring to GO! I really love those bracelets, too...Brittany could use some of those!

  10. AWESOME job on the race time! So glad your knee held up! :) You look so cute!

    And I love those bracelets!

  11. Love the bracelets, too! We got a lot of rain as well; the creeks were way out of their banks.

  12. That last picture gave me such a smile, you look great!

    I'm so in awe of your determination.

    Hugs & love,

  13. Great pictures. Glad you had a nice run. Hope your knee is better. Have a great day!

  14. OMgosh...I hate running so I am proud of anyone that gets out there and runs those races. Great job. Glad the knee held up. Love the bracelets and I can't wait to do our garden again this summer. YUM

  15. Rebecca, I must say that it looks like you shaved more than miles off of your time! You are looking tres fabulous, my sweet friend!!!! I am so proud of you for this running hobby you have undertaken. You are an inspiration to me.

  16. Wow - way to go on the run!

    Cincinnati is having flooding too - and on our way through West Virginia while we were traveling it was really bad. Scary time of year!


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