Monday, July 20, 2015

The weekend that had me sitting in front of a heater on a 100 degree day....

Another weekend in the books... another couple of days that flew by in a blink... another Saturday & Sunday that were action packed....

Friday, I got home from work & literally did this move...

I never even took off my shoes.

Something about Friday's. They exhaust me.

I think the whole week just piles up on me for Friday. 

Poor Harvey was excited about me being home & wanted to play.  I just ignored him jumping all around me & it was like I was hit on the head... I immediately fell asleep.

Ricky got home & was like, "I know you're not sleeping"... well, by that point, I had a good 20 minute nap.  I was good to go.

Friday evening I spend the rest of my night organizing all my baby photo stuff for my session in the morning... & then Ricky & I watched Saint Vincent.

... all the emotions...

Saturday... for the 2nd weekend in a row - I got to sleep in!  THANK YOU JESUS!

But the relaxing didn't last long. It was time to load up my car to head to my photo session.

I always say baby sessions ain't no joke.  It's like I'm moving out of my house. 

This doesn't even show the back seat that has a tote so big, I'm always thankful for the guys that ask if they can help carry anything in.

I don't normally do baby sessions because it is such a difficult job, but when I have a couple that I've been through all the seasons of life - engagement & weddings - I just have to see their next phase start as parents & I'll gladly come hold their baby for awhile.

Luckily - this baby wins the award for Best Baby EVER!  She cried I think for 5 minutes the entire time & that was AFTER we were done with the pictures.  I couldn't have asked for a better baby... & so beautiful too...

The one bad thing about doing a photo session with a newborn when its 100 degrees outside... I take a heater with me to keep babies warm. (you can see it on top of the pile in the car picture above)   I know. It's 100 degrees outside... but AC is pumping in the house & babies don't like being naked - so no matter the temp, I take a space heater & blare that thing right on the baby.  It's the secret of content babies in pictures.  & it worked like a charm this time.  New mommy said she may have to get one of those things herself :)

Sound machines - another good way to keep babies calm during photos... just a handy tip...

I got home, unloaded my cameras & had just enough time to change & then Ricky & I were heading out to my mother in laws to celebrate her birthday!!!


It's always so good seeing my Vincent family.  I like those people :)

I had to make sure to call my parents too because Saturday was their 51st wedding anniversary!!!!!

51 YEARS!  That is just mind blowing. 

I asked my dad what they were doing for the day... & he said that he just cleaned the barn stalls.  Romance at its finest.

We got home Saturday night just in time for me to get in a quick run before it was time to take a shower & hit the bed again....

Another day gone...

Sunday - back at church. 

I loved getting to get our little Grandbuddy... her little personality is just shining through anymore.  She's got the best laugh there is in the entire world.  The kind that just is sort of a screaming high pitched giggle... I can't get enough of it.

Ricky & I actually headed home after church to just eat lunch at the house... something we never do...

& then we were both so tired, we debated just doing nothing for the day...

but I knew I have a loaded week ahead & wanted to not start it behind, so we headed down to Target to pick up some things I needed. I had missed going to Target the weekend before - GASP!!!... I know.... so I had to get there this weekend.

My checkbook was not happy.  Let's just leave it at that.

& then off to the grocery where Ricky & I had a race to see how fast we could get in & out. I need him there to challenge me to that every week because I was in & out in 20 minutes.  Now granted, I'll probably realize at least 20 things I forgot as the week goes along... but at least I got some of my things marked off of my list.

Sunday evening just had me starting editing baby pictures & getting stuff together to kick off Monday as easily as possible...

So how was your weekend?

Was it as hot & miserable as it was here?

Did you have anything to celebrate?


  1. What a weekend!! I think any weekend that involves new born photos is the best!! We watched St. vincent a few months ago and I'm totally with you a really great movie - which was unexpected!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I slept in on Saturday too and it was glorious! I can't remember the last time I slept until 9am. And then I had an afternoon nap on top of it :) That baby photo is adorable. I always marvel when people are able to get such perfect photos of babies. I love the behind the scenes peak into what goes into getting such great shots and making it look effortless. Clearly, there is a lot of effort!

  3. That first image is HILARIOUS! ha. Totally made me laugh!

    The baby pic is SO cute, but I can see why you don't do those sessions often - that looks like a ton of work! Cute pic and cute baby though!

  4. Your grandbuddy and the baby from the newborn adorable!!! I did your Friday move last night. I was exhausted, even though we didn't do much this weekend!

  5. It was hot and humid here, but I got to celebrate T#1 and T#3's day at the swim meet - well worth sweating like a fiend! Sounds like you had such a BUSY weekend. Wow, I passed up watching St. Vincent because I thought it would be too lame, too full of sophomoric humor. Guess I need to rent it after all.

  6. I really enjoyed St. Vincent at the show and bought it recently. Cute baby and we use a sound machine at night and I love it. Happy Birthday to your mother in law and Happy Anniversary to your parents! We went to have lunch out on Sunday and it turned out to be a brunch which was fun and then we saw a movie. We are hopefully on our third day of rain here in Southern CA and yesterday it felt humid like Florida!

  7. You on Friday = me on Thursdays haha. Something about it just wears me out!!

  8. Awwwww newborn pictures are just so precious!!! Fridays always wear me out too. I think it is knowing that the week is finally over or something, I dont know?!?!

  9. Love those sweet baby adorable!

    I just made a post about our weekend. We had several things, but I don't think we were near as busy as you. Thank goodness! :)

    We did our grocery shopping online last night after church and then hubby will pick them up this afternoon just before I get off work. Absolutely love getting groceries this way.

    Have a great day!

  10. So many fun celebrations this weekend! Happy birthday to your MIL and happy 51st anniversary to your parents!!! :)

  11. Babies are the hardest to photograph but you got a great shot. Great tips! Wow, 51 years is a huge accomplishment. Sounds like a busy but great weekend!


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