Monday, January 23, 2017

The weekend that I saw proof the sun still exists.....

It happened... it actually happened!!!


Y'all... I was starting to worry about that being a truth. Over 12 days of gloom & gray.

Even Friday, it was gloomy.  No inauguration puns there either. It was just blah....

I ended up going to the grocery after work & heading home & sat up waiting to see Melania's dress for the inauguration balls.

& she didn't disappoint.

Image result for melania trump inaugural gown

Say what you want about our new President, but our First Lady is just gorgeous.

I thought she looked beautiful at the inauguration as well in that baby blue outfit.  Very classic.

But after I saw her dress, & I finished knitting up a hat, I called it a day.

& then woke up on Saturday to a glimpse of a bright yellow thing in the sky. I was actually shocked because they said the sun wasn't going to come out.  We were expecting another cloudy day, but I think God did it especially for me.  Gave some breaks in the clouds.  THANK YOU LORD!!!

Can you see it - the sun shining on my computer from the morning?  Isn't it glorious?

I ended up getting caught up in watching Enchanted... totally in my top five favorite Disney movies ... & then knew I had to get out & enjoy the weather.

It was a long run day & I love when I can actually do my long runs outside & not on the treadmill.  & it was a perfect day to hit the pavement.  The park was full of people enjoying the weather - lots of families out - lots of dog walking happening.  The sun kept popping out.  & it was a perfectly warm day.  A day in the 60's. In January. THANK YOU AGAIN LORD

Thank you Lord for a sunny warm day in January ❤ #pressonandrun #irunthisbody #runner #halfmarathontraining #fightingforties #werunsocial #sub30club:

One bad thing.... I drove home from the park & my car has started doing something really weird.  It's doing a quick JERK thing -mainly when I'm going up a hill or up any kind of incline. I was scared to death I wasn't even going to make it home.

Ricky drove it around to see what was happening & he wasn't sure - just told me to keep my AAA card near when I drive.  GRREEAAAATTTT... so I'm just waiting to break down now.  That's always fun stuff. Sigh.

I did get home though just in time to clean up & head to a friend's college graduation party.  COLLEGE.  GRADUATION.  I just can't y'all. I just can't.  When you know kids since they were itty bitty - & she was in my Jr. High class & I've watched her grow up through high school... & now graduate college. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!??!?!? ... & yes, I'm full of screams today.

She has always just been the most amazing artist.  I am a proud owner of some things she has drawn for me over the years.  Yes, mostly Beauty & the Beast art - is there any other kind to have?  Me thinks not.

It was just so nice to see some of her artwork hanging around the house.  Drawing talent just amazes me.  I do good to do a stick figure... that remotely resembles a stick figure & not a scribble jumble mess.


We drove my car around some more to see if it was still having problems... & yep, still doing it.

Good to know.

I got home in time to wash my hair & snuggle in for the night watching Titanic.   I honestly dont know the pull over that movie on me - I just HAVE to watch it.  & I have to get emotional every time I watch it. It just blows my mind how many people died on that boat.  So sad.  Real life stories are always the most emotional to me.

Sunday, we got up & had to drive separately since I had bible study after church... so fingers crossed the whole drive. Made it. Success.

It was so cool in our youth lesson because we were supposed to let our small group come up with rules - sort of a 'challenge' for our group to follow for the rest of the year.

This picture below is all the rules the other groups came up with as well.. I loved reading what everyone else came up with for their own groups. It's so obvious the girls rules compared to the boys rules.  Most of the girls papers had flowers & hearts & pretty pictures drawn on theirs.  #girlsvsboys

My girls came up with 3 rules.
1. Think of others over yourself.  I love that is something they suggested in a world where it seems that SELF is the biggest thing going anymore.
2. Be Honest.  They wanted to know they could share anything they wanted & not put on any false faces there.  I totally agree.
3.  Talk to each other outside of class. They really have a heart to really want to connect with each other outside of the few minutes we get in church every week. I love that about this group of girls. I love they want to hang out together, they want fun things to do, they want to have friendships that span just Sunday.

I just love these girls so much.

& then I got to leave that group of girls I love so much & then go see my other groups of girls I love. Time for the Joy Sisters Bible Study.

We finally - FINALLLLYYYYYYY - finished our book we were reading. We just took our time getting through it & with schedules & dates needing to be rescheduled, it just happened that it nearly took a year to get through one book.  Totally OK - but kinda comical it took so long.   I'm excited to start a new study with them & we've actually bumped up the meeting to every other week instead of every 3 weeks. I'll always be happy to spend more time with these amazing women.

Stopped for some Topp't on the way home for Ricky & I... cant go  a weekend without Starbucks and/or Topp't... its just a weekend tradition now apparently.

& then time to make out bills - blah - & then get ready for another week ahead.  A week that is supposed to be cloudy & gloomy & gray again. Oh well... at least I got a glimpse of the sun & soaked in as much Vitamin D as I could. Hopefully it will be enough to last me until I see it again. Fingers crossed its not another 12 days.

How was your weekend?

Did you enjoy warm sunny weather?


  1. Your pics you uploaded didn't show on my Chrome on my Mac, but the ones you linked did! Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. It was stormy weather around here.

  2. I can't see most of your photos either, but enjoyed catching up on your weekend! I love the way you mentor the young girls. They are so lucky to have you in their lives!! Wishing you a blessed week ahead!

  3. Hoping your car doesn't break down on you today...monday's are not meant for that!! I loved Ivanka's outfits - fashion is fashion!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Looks like it's not just me - but can't see most of the pics in the post. :/ I'm using Firefox - in case that's relevant info.

    Random, wild guess. But, when you go up hill do your RPMs keep going higher, but you keep slowing down & then you'll randomly jerk & things will be fine? If so, check your transmission fluid levels. It's been happening to a friends car, essentially when going uphill all the fluid shifts to one side & then things don't work like they should & you slip out of gear. And then the jerk is the car going back in to gear. Fingers crossed that's it - and tossing a little extra fluid in will fix it?!

    THAT SUNSHINE!? RIGHT? I did my long run outside too - in SHORTS! Before spending the rest of the day outside. So tired from walking around - but so worth it!

  5. No pics for me either, boo! Great job on your run! Fingers crossed for your car! Happy Monday. :)

  6. Sounds like a semi-relaxing/semi-productive weekend!
    I always have such high hopes that my weekend will be productive. Then it's not. Ha.
    Have a wonderful week!!
    (No pics for me either :( Hmm...)

  7. I was so happy to see the sun on Saturday and could not believe how warm it got. I was so tired of gray skies but unfortunately this week we're back to them. Titanic is such an amazing movie and I always have to watch it when it's on too. Have a great start to your week pretty lady!

  8. It was definitely nice to see the sun come out over the weekend! I know we need rain, but sometimes the gloominess can be so depressing! Love all that artwork, it's beautiful!!

  9. I love seeing the sun, and I love being able to run outside again! Now if it would just stay this way. :)
    Wow, your friend is an excellent artist! I would love to be able to draw, but my skills sound the same as yours!

  10. it's a rainy day here and i can't remember if it was sunny over the weekend! I was at work anyway so not like i would've been able to enjoy it. love the artworks. interesting how artwork can change the room up.
    Trish - tales from trish

  11. Yay for getting some sun. I didn't get much of it this weekend, but we have some in our future. Thank goodness. Love those pieces of artwork. So beautiful! Have a great week!

  12. YAY SUN! Life is just so much better when it's out! Your college graduate friend is an incredible artist-I'm always amazed by artistic ability too!

  13. Well, your grey and gloomy has made it to the east coast! Yesterday and today were grey skies all the way but at least it was warm so no complaints here!

  14. It sounds like you have a really good group of girls. And don't you just live a group of Bible Studying ladies. I know I love our group and depend on their prayers and encouragement.

  15. It rained for four straight days and then the sun came out on Friday for my birthday! I was so excited to see it, too! Melania is just beautiful and I feel like her style is taking us back to Camelot!

  16. How sweet are the girls and the rules? Precious friend!!

    Girl, the car stuff. it's the worst, right? Ugh!!

    I loved her dresses, so classy!

    YAY for the sun!!! It really does make SUCH a difference!

  17. Car trouble is the worst! I hope it just magically fixes itself and you don't break down! I'm so jealous of your nice weather. We are still in the neverending dreary gray cycle here. I'm losing my mind! Come on, spring!

  18. You are so right, I couldn't wait to see what dress she would wear either! I also loved Ivanka's dress!

  19. I hate it when we have days go by with no sun. Glad the sun finally came out a bit! And i loved Melania's dress and coat as well. She looked great.

  20. I watched Enchanted recently too! It's so stinkin' cute I forget!! What are your other tops. Obviously B&tB... :) XO - Alexandra

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