Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The weekend we rang in a new year & I got a year older

My birthday kisses from my boy

That's it... it's all over.  The holidays are now officially over. (Except my holidays really aren't over - I have one more Christmas to go)

Hello 2017.  Good riddance 2016.

It all started off on Friday for my birthday.  & thank you so much for all the birthday wishes.  That always makes getting older so much brighter.

& yes, I had to work & honestly, I didnt mind it one bit because the office was totally empty & it was so peaceful.

... & I got to leave at 2:00pm which was super nice.

It gave me time to do exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday... spend time in a bookstore all by myself.  I truly am Belle. I keep telling y'all.


My sweet hubs doesn't mind when I go in a bookstore, but its some place I can spend HOURSSSS & he's like done with it in like 15 minutes, so I took advantage of getting off work early & just strolled the aisles & enjoyed every minute of it.

Happy Birthday to me - I treated myself
... how do I see a Beauty & the Beast sort of book & NOT get it?

The time actually got away from me. I didnt realize I had spent as much time in there as I did & when I left, Ricky was calling me telling me he was off work.

I got home just in time for my daddy to call me & tell me he made me some birthday treats.  He made me my Hershey pie (which is AMAZING) & not one, but TWO loaves of Potato Candy.

What is it about my parents that they dont like to smile in pictures?
I gotta give them lessons in this.

The challenge was on because 2017 is the kick off of my clean eating, more vegan lifestyle & all this sugar? I was going to have to inhale it... which really wasn't that big of a problem.

I got settled in for my birthday by pulling out my knitting & turning on some Gilmore Girls.  Ricky was thrilled... just thrilled....


But I kept saying "Its my Birthday" & how can you refuse that?

He ended up bringing home some Topp't pizza for us & this was where I stayed the rest of my 45th night.


Saturday, we had plans to go to our friends for our Christmas with them.

It's always so nice to just to relax & talk & have fun with them every year. It's a Chirstmas we always look forward to.  It's even more fun because of having 2 small people in the family now - our grandbuddies.  It was Caden's first Christmas & Emerson is just the pro at it now.

I had taken over a little headband I had knit from some scrap yarn & she makes me want to start up a kid's line now.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat, child and closeup

She was just the cutest thing opening gifts.  We'd give her one & she'd open it & want it out of the package to play with...

& then you'd ask her if she wanted another gift & she'd look at you & say, "No Thank you" & go on playing with her gift she already opened.

Ricky even handed her another gift to open & she took it, & then nicely laid it back down & said, "No thank you - I dont need any more gifts" .... we practically had to force the kid to open up her gifts.  How funny is that?

But when she saw her new little Disney dresses - it really was no problem to get her to love these.

Ricky was so happy to give her her first little pair of skates.  Get them used to roller skating as early as possible is his theory...

& girlfriend was all about learning.  She wanted the skates on immediately & wanted to get on some slick surfaces.  She kept wanting to do it on her own. Miss Determined. I bet by the middle of summer, she's going to be ready for some Rydell's

We hadn't planned on being there till midnight since we got over at 5pm... but after getting the kids to bed & opening our gifts & talking & having coffee & cupcakes from the Homemade Pie Kitchen, we looked & it was 11:51... WHAT????

So we turned on the TV & rang in the new year.  HAPPY 2017!!!!

Ricky & I ended up getting home at nearly 1:30am & it was the SCARIEST DRIVE OF MY LIFE. It was just creepy.  It was so foggy, I literally couldnt see 10 feet in front of me. Ricky had fallen asleep on the drive & at one point, I just had to stop & wake him up & tell him, "I dont know what we're supposed to do?".... He told me, in a sleep haze, "You got this sweetie" ... & went back to snoring. I dont think I drove over 15 mph. It was terrifying.

This was the fog outside our house window... it was AWFUL
I think with the tension & the coffee we had late, we got home & Ricky went straight to bed & I just couldnt sleep. I ended up watching all the time zones ring in the new year & finally had to force myself to go to sleep around 3am

... needless to say, it wasn't till 10:30 on Sunday when I woke up.  Totally missing church. Drats.

But my day was just all off kilter after that late sleep in.  I just am not made to do late nights anymore.  It messed me up.

Ricky ran out to the store to check out some clearance sales & I just said I'm not getting out of my PJ's - & stuck to that.

I stayed on the couch & just had a movie marathon....


... my buddy stayed near me all day long.

But I got in Zootopia (LOVED IT), The Minions (got on my nerves), Captain America: Civil War (for the 3rd time), Central Intelligence (I thought it was stupid & the Rock got on my nerves)... & even got in a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls finally pushing me into a few episodes of Season 3.   Getting there slowly but surely.

& I thought my sleep would be off - nope, I was in bed by 11pm.  #officiallyold

After being so lazy the day before, my day off work had me doing some grocery shopping & trying to straighten up a bit around the house.

Time to get back in the game of life.  Work, working out, healthy dinners... celebrating is over.  Even thought I still have my tree lit up every night.  I am picking up some of the decorations around the house but as long as I have presents to give out, I'm keeping them under my tree.  I can do what I want - I'm a 45 year old now ;)

How was your New Years Weekend?  Do anything fun?

Did you sleep in on Sunday?

Is your Christmas all packed away?


  1. I use the "but it's my birthday!" card ALL DAY on Dec 30 as well, LOL. it's the best. it IS our birthday and people must abide by our wishes, amirite?

    i loooove going into bookstores. i can spend hours just smelling the books (am i the only one who takes extra deep breaths while in a book store just for the smell?) and looking through every.single.aisle.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time ringing in 2017 and celebrating your birthday! I loved Zootopia! Our Christmas is 90% put away, the tree is still up and there are Christmas cards still displayed but other than that everything else has been taken down.

  3. I had such a fun New Years weekend, especially when Mr. Sass ended up having Monday off & we got to have the whole day together & just drive & hike & eat dinner at our favorite place.

    I mean, I got to run, hike, go out with my love on a date, and we totally just left the laundry sit in the dryer for 3 days without folding it, so, pretty much my ideal weekend. :)

    All along I'm reading this post, I finish, & I think to myself, no Starbucks? Glad you all made it home safely on NYE. Having plans that got me home early was one of the things I was so excited about. I hate being out driving when I'm sure there are people on the roads who shouldn't be. :/

  4. I have a longing to take down Xmas and I've very slowly started, but I turn the tree on as soon as I get home from work or errands and I'm still lighting my festive pine candles :)
    I'm glad you had a happy birthday! We ended up missing church on Sunday, too :( Still, maybe the late mornings and nights with friends just means we did the weekend/holiday right!

  5. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday and that's what matters most! I love book stores, too, but I find myself not enjoying them as much because I read mostly on my kindle.

  6. I also wanted to say that Alise and I just finished Season 5 of Gilmore Girls yesterday! It was the never ending season! Ha!

  7. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend! Happy belated!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  8. Happy, Happy belated birthday! How fun to be able to get lost in that book store. I still have all of my Christmas decorations up. We decided to organize the house instead...makes total sense...said no one. But it works for us, maybe I'll take it down this weekend?

  9. Sounds like a great birthday/holiday weekend with the exception of that scary drive! I'm with you on being able to spend hours at the book store. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday afternoon :)

  10. I had all my trees and holiday decor down by noon on Sunday! To me, putting that stuff away is like tearing off a band-aid. If you do it quickly it doesn't hurt so bad! I'm excited for a fresh start and a clean house!
    I'm glad you had a relaxing birthday and that you got yourself some new books!

  11. Happy Birthday! I am so glad that you had a great day and a happy new year! There is nothing wrong with pizza, GG, knitting, books, etc. etc. It sounds fabulous! :) I love that you got to do what you wanted to! :) Those kiddos are so stinkin cute! Happy New Year! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. Happy Birthday!! Spending time in bookstore on your birthday is definitely a treat!! There is just something magical about all those rows and rows of books or treasures. :D I need to rent Zootopia - it looks so good. I love minions but didn't love The Minions. They are much, much better as sidekicks. You should start a kid's line because that little cap is adorable!

  13. Oh my goodness - roller skating in that princess dress is the cutest ever. Happy belated birthday - what a fantastic weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. You need to start a kid's line. Seriously.

    I love spending time alone in bookstores, too. There's just something about it.

    Zootopia was great and I have no interest in seeing The Minions (and neither does my daughter so it's a double win).

  15. That sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Love the picture with Harvey Dent waiting to get a bite of pizza. So cute.

    We got up for Church so we didn't get to sleep in. However, I fell asleep watching Harry Potter about 9pm, so I really got plenty of sleep. Although, I was up around midnight for a short time with the dog barking at area fireworks.

    Hope your first day back at work is going well today.

  16. Well look at you ringing in the New Year!! I'm so glad you had a nice birthday & were able to enjoy some of your favorite things!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  17. How cute are you with your own pizza box! Yay to a birthday full of the things you love! Let's bring on 2017, it's gonna be awesome!!

  18. Happy belated birthday! Few things are better than treating yourself to endless time in a bookstore and picking up a few new books :) That fog looks SO scary-- it's the worst when stuff like that happens, because you kind of have to keep going once you're too far to turn back! We stayed out really late on NYE, and now are both sick, which I'm blaming on the lack of sleep, so I definitely know what you mean on getting off kilter! I keep hearing how good Zootopia is- need to watch it soon.

  19. Glad you had such a great birthday and holiday weekend! Her smile when she's wearing her Disney dress--priceless! I meant to mention about the vegan cookbooks you got that I was a recipe tester for them. If you look at the back in the acknowledgements, my name is there--ha, my 15 minutes of fame! Here's to an awesome 2017!

  20. You can keep your tree up all year long if you want to! 45 allows that! LOL Love the photos, and I do think you should start that children's line!!

  21. Wow you guys did a lot for your birthday weekend. Love that your dad brought you over all those goodies. So nice of him. And that fog is crazy thick. I would have been nervous too. Here's to 2017!!!

  22. We're almost to season 6 of GG. It makes it a lot easier when the husband is as into as I am...

    Of course, now I've gotten so into the series that I think I'm going to be a little bit sad when it's all over. Sigh. So it goes.


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