Wednesday, October 18, 2017


What would my life would like without Amazon?
.... shudder...
I dont want to think about it.
I need to get caught up with these posts & all my purchases because I know the holidays are coming - Me & Amazon are going to be even closer in the next few months.
So here's some more purchases I've made in the past few months....

I havent used this as much as I want to - but what I have made out of it so far, I've loved & it has some simple recipes - I'm not a fan of huge fan of recipes that have 20 ingredients in it.
Posting this makes me want to open this back up & use it this week.

That's it Super Sampler, Pack of 12, (4 Apple+MANGO, 2 Apple+Blueberry, 2 Apple+Apricot, 2 Apple+Strawberry, 2 Apple Pineapple)

I actually got these when we tried one at Starbucks & just one cost like $2.99 ... & I got this whole box of 12 for under $20.00.... but this was also before all these pressed fruit bars were out everywhere. Now, you see those KIND Pressed fruit bars even at Target so I dont need to repurchase these.... but they are yummy. & I love things that have like 2 or 3 ingredents & THATS IT! ... such smart marketing with that name.

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Sheer Tinted Eye Roller, Light/Medium, 0.5 fl. oz.

This is a product I HAVE to have on stand by in my make up bag because I cant go a day without.  So when I feel like I'm getting low, I'll order & have one ready to cover up these dark circles.  & I can get this at Target or Walgreens or wherever - but sometimes, I just want things to come to me at my door.

I needed a tripod for my phone so I could do some videos that I was posting in my Bible Study group private FB page & this has just come in handy ever since for photos for Instagram or just hands free pics with me & the hubs.  It's flimsy & cheap - I mean, its only $10.99 - but it gets the job done & I really like it.

The Honest Company Calcium & Vitamin D3 Gummy, 60 Count
Still my favorite gummy for vitamins... 
they are so tasty & delicious ... I've reordered this for the 3rd time.
We go through these like candy.

If you are wanting a good notebook - GET THIS!  
I ADORE this one.  It's sturdy & THICK & the paper is really nice & thick - & I use some pretty mighty pens & it doesnt bleed through.
The cover is really nice & suede-like... the book lays flat when open... it has a little pocket in the back & something I really love about it, on the side, it has a pen loop that really does keep your pen with your journal.  I will completely order this again... & it would look great on a shelf stacked together as well.

Always on the hunt for something to ease Bruno's itchy skin & this really does seem to be the best that we've tried.  I'm almost out & actually need to reorder.

So... excited to get this.
Andddd.... embarassed that we still havent set it up. 
I have it sitting in its box on my counter.
I've got some time next week to take care of some loose ends.
This is going to be top on the list to get it hooked up & ready to go.
I jokingly say all the time, "Alexa..." & ask a random question - just to remind Ricky that we need to get it set up.  I'm at least practiced up on how to use it once its ready to go.

What's your best buy at Amazon lately?


  1. You will love your Alexa dot! I do not know what I ever did to you before Amazon, and prime, well that really change my life, ha ha!

  2. I haven't bought anything from Amazon lately but i'm in search of a scarf with Anchors on it for a friend. (her son just enlisted in the Navy and she is all about the Anchors). I'm hoping to find a nice one for her birthday in December. Please keep your eye out!

    At first I thought that cookbook was going to be for Bruno..haha. Please let us know what you make out of it.

    We have Google Home and I usually just use it to play music!

  3. I love this post! I may need to do something similar because I shop on Amazon pretty much daily. LOL. I want an echo dot so bad!

  4. Yes!!! Keep sharing those amazing amazon finds. I love my tripod!

  5. I thought the recipe book was for Bruno too! :) There are so many virtual assistants out there ... I've had bad experiences with Siri (she's a little snooty and passive/aggressive) so I'm not sure I'd want to try another one.

  6. I have that tripod and LOVE it!! I love Amazon LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. We have an Echo and a Dot. They can act like an intercom in the house. Amazing technology. We ask about the weather every day. We use the Echo as an alarm clock. The Dot in the kitchen finds recipes for me. How do you spell a word...she can tell you! We like the KIND bars and keep them all the time for a quick snack. I use that same cover-up for eye circles, but I've only put make-up on twice since I retired. I'm really loving going 'naked'!! LOL

  8. We have the Echo and I love it! She turns our lights and tv on every evening when we get home. Chris likes to ask her inappropriate questions all the time and do Simon says with her. I need to check out that under eye stuff!

  9. I love That's It bars! They taste so good too. The only problem is I could eat like 10, I don't find that they do anything more than satisfy a sweet craving for me.

    I just got a big box from Amazon yesterday. More meal prep containers. Small round, and medium rectangle sizes, Silicone wedding bands for each of us, & some batteries for our scale - 'cause that's dangerous.

  10. We have a dot but I rarely use it... I think K wants to link it up to our heat and a/c and lights someday, though.
    That anti-itch pet stuff might be helpful for Enzo. He's not as bad as Bruno but he's got some irritable skin.
    That cookbook sounds awesome!

  11. I absolutely love our Alexa! We have the echo in the living room and a dot in the garage, so when we walk into the house, I can ask Alexa to turn on my lights. Those fruit bars look soooo good, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. I love that notebook!

    I won an Echo dot months ago and have yet to set it up. It's on my list of things to do.

  13. My latest was a phone cover for my sister's phone and underwear for me. Exciting isn't it! lol

  14. I've been wanting a tri-pod for my phone because we're considering putting my hubbies sermons live on FB. No way I could hold it still that long. Thanks for the info. I also like that notebook, but it will be awhile on that because I don't need a journal right now. I have several I need to use first.

  15. I could really get some use out of the tripod for my phone! Taking pictures for my workouts & things are nearly impossible because I have nothing to prop my phone on! Putting it on my list :)

  16. thank the lord that and international shipping rates are outrageous otherwise i'd be broke.

  17. I'm overdue for a post like this. I love my phone tripod but I don't use it enough.

  18. ooh i need to get vitamins. I'm super interested in anti inflammatory diets..but am also pretty sure I'd fail miserably. : / I love my tripod attachment for my iphone! that's how I film! & OMG LADY, I have drafted a post I just haven't stinkin' posted it!! I'm sorry! Xo - Alexandra

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