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Fake roses, hoarding coffee & the best wedding day {Thankful Thursday #147}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

680 / New things to learn.
Someone commissioned this hat for their grandbaby & they wanted a flower on it. I know how to make a few flowers but wanted to try something new & found a way to crochet roses. I really like how they turned out. (The pic is kind of hard to see the detail of them) I'm ready to make more of these babies now.

681 / Longer lunch.
I love when Ricky gets a little extra time for lunch so we can venture to new places further from his work place.

682 / Holiday Coffee!!!
We love when the Starbucks Holiday coffee comes out. We typically hoard it too so we can have it a few months after the holidays are over.  So time to start stocking up!!!!!  Ricky called me when he saw it out for the first time (I was at Bible Study) & I made a special trip to pick some up at lunch the next day.  Thanks Sam's Club for offering it in bulk.

683 / Friday the 13th sale.
OHHHH man. I loaded up on some yarn when I saw Michael's was having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale - even sale items.  & I needed some more circular needles (WHERE have all my circular needles gone??!?!?!?) - so it was the perfect time to get in a big order.  I was actually really happy with my total at the end.

685 / Military coffee
Funny story - so I went into Starbucks before my wedding this past weekend & there were these 2 military people in front of me. I literally pulled up my app to see how much money I had on my card & if I needed to refill it so I could buy their order, when this lady came RUNNING to the register saying, "THIS IS ON ME"... she was adorable. She had to be in her 60's or 70's - a beautiful lady who was just sitting in the shop with a book & her drink... when she looked up & saw them, she literally did a mad dash to the counter.  She went on to hug them & tell them that her dad was in the Army & she grew up a military kid so she appreciated anyone in uniform... she was precious. & these two were so thankful. Everyone was patting these two on the back & shaking hands before they were able to get their drinks & leave. It was a great thing to see & be a part of.

It had been raining like 4 days before the wedding & it was going to be miserable the day after ... so I was so excited to walk out my garage & see this beautiful & glorious sunshine on the perfect day!

687 / Photographer duties are an honor.
It really is an honor to have people entrust me with capturing their wedding day & keeping things on schedule & in line & getting the job done.  It's tough work... but so worth it to spend such beautiful & magical days with people I really care for.

688 / This lady that holds me all together
Honestly, she does it all.  She did the Bride's hair this time around, which worked out better for us so she could do it at the church instead of having me travel to a salon & then get to the church (Note to brides - the less travel that has to happen on a wedding day, the easier & smoother a day can go).... but Chasity did double duty by being the hair dresser & as soon as she was done, put down the curling iron & picked up the camera to assist me through the rest of the day. I guess I could say she's a triple threat too because she was taking babies & changing diapers too during the day.  Seriously. Believe me when I say the girl does it all.  Not to mention, keeping me sane & keeping track of all the things I forget (my keys, my tripod - she knows the routine questions to ask me) - its not a job many could tolerate.

689 / Seeing so many familiar faces.
It was so much fun for me at the wedding because I got to see so many friendly faces that I hadn't seen in awhile.  I got to catch up with a few during the reception & even just getting in quick hugs, it was just so fun & calming to me to be surrounded by people I know & miss.

691 / Upload complete.
Let me tell you - its a job in itself to get all the disks uploaded from a wedding day. 

& 3028 is the amount of pictures I'll now go through to edit down... originally, there's even more than that on the first upload
692 / Redeemed.
I can't believe we are in the last 2 weeks of our bible study - this 40 days of straight study & prayer. It's been so wonderful.  & our conversation was just so good & insightful this past weekend. I'm excited to see how this study all wraps up for us.

693 / Time to slow down.
When I got home on Monday, my garage door wouldnt open. I had gotten notifications on my phone that our security cameras were down too.... our electricity was out.  I couldnt do laundry, I couldnt start dinner, I couldnt work out with my videos, so I just took the opportunity that was handed to me to slow down for an hour or two.... I pulled out my Kindle & sat in the beautiful sunshine & just breathed... for the first time in awhile. It was wonderful. .... & the electricity came back on just as it was getting dusky & I couldnt read outside anymore. Thank you Lord for perfect timing.

694 / Outside for the blind guy.
Even the little blind guy sat outside with me. He's not a fan of sitting otuside since he's lost his vision. I dont know if the sounds are too overwhelming & he feels a little small in a big world out there not knowing his surroundings as much. Like inside, he likes to stay close to the walls, walks the perimeters of everything.... but he sat outside for a few hours with me. I loved watching him raise his face & literally soak in the sun. Oh my boy....

You can see his arms where the allergies & infection has taken his hair off - my poor guy has just had the hardest time lately

695 / Sweet girl.
So when we had our JOY group Sunday, Emerson was all about her Pappy & wondering where he was since I was there... & then she made sure to color something for me to take home to him.... here it is....

So Ricky said it has to go on the fridge... & I sent it to Chasity to show Emerson... to which she said Miss Emerson was blowing kisses to her Pappy....

This girl... I love how she loves so big - all her family.  She's just too much - in the best possible way. Makes us smile every time!

So what good things happened in your world this week?


  1. It's so wonderful to work a wedding with a friend and partner that you trust so completely! It makes the whole day run so well!!
    Yay for Bruno enjoying a little outside time. Poor little guy deserves it! (And you are doing a great job being his caretaker!!)

  2. Oh, little Bruno ... I'm glad he was able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Looks like Harvey is wondering why you aren't throwing a frisbee for him. :)

  3. That hat is so cute!!!! And I love the holiday blend from Starbucks too! I will have to go stock up as well. Carribu has a Reindeer blend that I really love also. I wonder when it will be out. It sounds like you get some really amazing couples for your weddings!

  4. The baby hat is adorable and I love the rose you knitted. I never thought about how long it would take to download that many photos. Or sort through! I've seen a lot of Pumpkin Spice coffee in the stores but no holiday blends yet. It's so sweet that Bruno wanted to spend some time with his Mama in the sun.

  5. That rose is so dang cute, I can totally see it. And LOL to the starbucks hoarding. And that military story almost made me burst into tears, so wonder to know that people are still kind out there. I always tell them thank you and have been trying to teach the kids to the same. happy Thursday lady!

  6. Such wonderful things to be thankful for. Hoping Bruno gets better soon. Poor little guy

  7. I love the pink and dark gray combo on that hat - great job with the rose! What a fun wedding you had, too. What a beautiful black and white photo!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. I love the military coffee story. How sweet is that woman! It sounds like you have a great assistant that is definitely multi talented! over 3000 pictures, I get exhausted editing a few for a blog post that I couldn't imagine doing that many lol. Speaking of which, what program do you use? I'm considering asking for Lightroom for Christmas.

  9. I kind of hate how fabulous Chastity is - AND she has dimples. Ha! Just kidding - but I am very envious of the dimples :)

  10. Great Starbucks story. Cute hat with the rose! Chastity is a keeper!! I think all those you are thankful for are just as thankful for you!

  11. That wedding looked indescribably wonderful in every way, and I love that you have such a sweet friend in Chastity. I'm also glad that you got an unexpected slow day. It's amazing how the Lord provides those when we least expect them.

  12. ooh I love the new hat with the flower!! How cute. Also, the puppy pictures! <3 Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. I really enjoyed reading this blog! I need to come back more often.


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