Friday, June 22, 2018

I seriously need your opinions here.... especially by Monday!

OK y'all... I need some thoughts.  Serious thoughts here!  I think I need outsiders views & opinions on this.

My brain is basically mush after the past 2 months & I just dont know what to do... & guess what we're talking about.

My stupid perianal abscess that just doesn't want to leave me & continue to make my life miserable.


1st surgery on April 29 ....

2nd surgery on June 8th

... & it STILL hurts & feels like another abscess is forming.

To be honest - here's what's happening - & if this is too much for you - just skip this part - but come back at the end, because I want your thoughts .................
The incision is still open - the area that I had a tube in for a week is now closing with nothing in it. So what was originally the size of a quarter, its about the size of a dime now - but its still open - its still draining.
Here's the gross part..... it's still yucky stuff coming out. Some light color blood & looks like pus or some sort of infection.
Which all scares me because if that keeps coming out & the hole closes up - guess what? Back in for yet ANOTHER surgery.

Plus, it just still hurts. & granted, its been 2 weeks since my surgery & I have a gapping hole in my butt. But it hurts INSIDE. & I can feel a little knot where the incision is as well.  AND it hurts outside too - hurts to sit (STILL) & just feels like pressure when I sit down.  MISERABLE.

SOOOO - here's where I need your opinion at.

My family is suggesting for me to go to another doctor.  & I got an appointment with a doctor that has done my dad's & my brother's colonoscopies every year.  He even did my dad's colon reconstruction surgery when dad had colon cancer 13 years ago.  So we trust this guy - & he has a lot of experience under his belt.  Like over 20 years.

& then, the surgeon that I've been going to - he's a baby face. Like, literally, a baby face. He's only been a surgeon for 6 years.  & while he's been pleasant enough, I question his experience in this.  BUT ... & that's not a pun, (or is it?) ..... he knows my story & my situation & has been with me since day 1.  He knows I dont want packing - I'd rather have a tube stick out of me for a week than packed.... he knows TRULY what my insides looks like & I think there's something there for someone who can go back inside of your body & see if there have been any changes from the previous surgery.

& I soooo understand that this is just something that once you get it, the odds are SUPER HIGH of re-occurrence so I also understand that while this baby-doctor may be inexperienced, some things aren't in his control.  

Or is it? I dont know.... would a more experienced doctor know what to look for to prevent it from coming back? 


So - obviously - I dont know what to do here.

Ironic thing?  My original surgeon called to do a follow up after I called him about the pain - & guess what - he scheduled the SAME TIME as the doctor my family thinks I should go to.

I now have to make a choice - & I hate choices... & I dont know what to do.

What I WANT to do - is to have all this go away & not need either surgeon. Lord, let it be!

But, do I stick with who knows me & that has minimum experience?

Or do I go with the experienced doctor & start fresh with him?


What would you do?

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