Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wheelchairs, quarter medicine & anyone know a jeweler? (Thankful Thursday #178)

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This week I am Thankful For:

Got my ring back!
After my first surgery, they nearly broke my finger off trying to get my wedding ring off of me, rushing me into surgery.  My ring has been too small for awhile. I actually dont think its been OFF of my finger in over 20 years.  So I couldnt get it back on after I got home.  We took it to get resized - & it was kinda a mess on getting it done.  It ended up costing $365!!!! & then they called & said they needed to fix another diamond in it & it would cost another $250.00 ... at this point, Ricky said, Forget it, we'll just buy you a new anniversary ring in October.  But ends up, the jeweler said he could not NOT fix it because he said when he shipped it back to the jewelry store, the diamond would have come out & it would have been his responsibility - so they ended up fixing my diamond without us having to pay.  Thank goodness. $365.00 I still think is crazy high. ... all that to say, I'm thrilled I have my wedding ring back on my finger. ................... side note - its too big now. LOL ... anyone know a good jeweler that wont charge us another $365 to fix it again?

Still love it after all these years

Belle lanyard
I have to wear one at work for my badge that I need access to the building & office floors - so when Ricky came home with this Belle one, I was so stupid happy.  It's the little things.

Prescription costs
So on this blog, there has been a LOT of ranting & raving about my insurance when I had to purchase my own personal policy. It was a mess & a nightmare.  Insurance was the reason I left my job of 25 years - I had to have decent insurance at a cost where I could still live.  So my new amazing job - the insurance here has been an incredible blessing with everything falling apart on me this year. I mean, 2 surgeries? I can't even imagine what it would have cost on my other insurance.  & every time I have had to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription, I am floored when they're like, "That's 35 cents"... WHAT??? ... I even had one prescription where the nurse told me to ask for the cost before I got it filled because it was an expensive one.... it cost me just a little over $5.00.  WHAT????  Thank you Lord!  Thank you Jesus!!!

Wheelchair for momma
A coworker is cleaning out her mother's home where she passed away a few years ago & she has been so generous to give my mom things she thinks she needs. This was a HUGE one for my momma when she brought in a wheelchair for mom. This is going to make life a lot easier to take mom to certain places where its a long walk.  & its BLUE. It was meant to be.  ... I'm telling you - I work with the most amazing people!

Time with family
So glad to get to spend time with family & my uncle this past weekend as he's resting & reflecting on all the life he has lived.  We got to talk about what he wants his funeral to look like & how none of us are made for this world.  Reunions will be had by all when we all get to Heaven together. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

HSM kiddos safe
I am so sad I didnt get to go to Bible & Beach with my HSM girls... no long MSM. Big stuff now - HIGH school girls. WOW!  It's so funny that I didn't make the plans to go because I wouldnt be able to take the time from my new job - little did I know that my world would slowly be crumbling around me with dad passing away & 2 surgeries around the same time.  But so many of my girls got on a bus for a 17 hour drive (OH MERCY) & made it with hundreds of other kiddos from our church for a week on the beach in Florida, with fun & friends & worship & bible study classes. I am soooooo bummed out I'm not with them... but soooo thankful they made it there safely! & the pictures I'm seeing, I know they are being filled up with the Spirit. We're planning on a dinner so they can fill me in when they get back!
*Pray for the safe journey back for all these kiddos this weekend too!!!!!

... Made it a week with no surgery!
I'm totally going to add this one on every week I can!!! Hopefully for the rest of the year!?!?!? (Fingers crossed - hands raised in prayer!!)

What are you thankful for this week?

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