Tuesday, November 05, 2019

One Sentence a Day {October 2019}

I've seen all the stores move out that Halloween stuff & usher in the Holidays - because apparently the holidays all start now November 1st... m'kay .... 
But we made it through the change to Fall. FINALLY!
We had so much heat, I didnt think Fall would actually get here... 
October is so super busy for us on Birthdays & anniversaries & vacation.  
But here it is - one sentence a day!

1 - Tues /  Celebrated my momma's 72nd birthday!  #shejustmissesherhusband

2 - Wed / It takes 2 of us to hold our little itty bitty Zoe to groom her & cut her nails. #thestruggleisreal

3 - Thurs / Happy 12th Birthday to our first grandson!!! #growinguptooquick

Image may contain: 2 people, including Julie Bohannon, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

4 - Fri / So excited to go to a Chris Tomlin concert after a LOUD day at work of listening to fans all day after a water leak. #crazydayendinginworship

5 - Sat / Took advantage of the nice fall weather to get our enclosed porch all cleaned up & ready for winter reading. #mygotospot

6 - Sun / Not having any small group in HSM left it open for a lovely date day for the hubs & I. #breakfastdatesarethebest

7 - Mon /  Ernie got to celebrate his 2nd birthday the best way possible. #allthejumping #agilitytraining

8 - Tues /  Bye Bye gray!!! #freshandnew

9 - Wed /  Happy 15th birthday to the most awesome twin nieces an aunt could have. #cangetdriverspermitnow

10 - Thur /  Just found out that this weekend is Ironman Sunday here in town. #missedthevolunteerinfo

11 - Fri /  I rock a Friday night by sitting on my porch, listening to it rain & finishing up a book. #Imgoodwiththat

12 - Sat /  Stopped to pick up my momma some apple donuts for a Saturday Fall surprise #donutsmakesanydaybetter

13 - Sun /  Spent the entire day outside reading. #thebestkindofdays

14 - Mon /  The first Columbus Day in my life that I was off work & it couldnt have been a more gorgeous day to enjoy! #hubstookofftoo

15 - Tues / Fall Thunderstorms are just soothing to my soul. #lightningandthethunder #imaginedragonsvibes

16 - Wed /  Cold days call for hot Starbucks drinks #tistheseason

17 - Thurs / Moved some things around in my mom's kitchen to discover the perfect kitchen nook desk. #iwantone #dadhaditcoveredincowboystuff

18 - Fri /  The hubs went to a UK game so I did my own thing by spending over an hour in Hobby Lobby. #didntrush

19 - Sat /  Hello 5k distance! #itsbeenawhile

20 - Sun /  My new car has finally arrived to its home in my garage after taking 2 loads of stuff to Goodwill!!!!  #allthejunkgone #noyardsaleforus #justgetridofitall

21 - Mon /  A big happy birthday to the baby of the family #31yearsold #yesthebaby

22 - Tues /  Loved having a surprise lunch date with my awesome church sister. #chatthehouraway

23 - Wed /  Glad to be back to see my Make Me A Blessing Sisters #encourageoneanother

24 - Thurs /  Supposed to go to Ernie's last agility class but had to take a detour when my momma was in the ER & later admitted to the hospital. #planschangeonadime

25 - Fri /  My mom's hospital room is the strangest hospital room ever. #wasntoriginallyahospitalroom

26 - Sat /  Tackled cleaning my momma's house with my sister in law after leaving the hospital to sit with her for awhile. #shesgonnabeinthereawhile

27 - Sun /  Trying to find a rehab place for mom to go to from the hospital #happywithourpick

28 - Mon /  Happy 24 years being Mrs. Vincent #itgoessofast

29 - Tues /  Did our anniversary breakfast date a day late due to the plumbers messing up our traditions. #betterlatethannever #uselessplumbers

30 - Wed / So that didnt last long for mom to be in rehab #noteven24hours

31 - Thurs /  Halloween felt like Christmas with the temperature drop all day long & it being in the 30's by the time trick or treating started. #dresslikeaneskimo

Tell me something good about your month!!!

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  1. SUPER fun post! Happy birthday to your mom & grandson! {How are you a grandma... you look far too young, Rebecca Jo.)

  2. Wait, there is no way you have a 12 year old Grandson! How did I not know that? Happy birthday to him! How was Chris Tomlin? So awesome! I want to take Mason to see Toby Mac sometime. He’s so fun and Mason loves him! I hope your mama is doing well!

    PS - I made a "sentence a day" page in my bullet journal so I would remember to do this! Let's hope it works!

  3. October is such a busy month! So many birthdays and celebrations for you. I bet Christ Tomlin was amazing!

  4. Another fun little link-up you have. I will try to take part in it next month. AT this point, I wouldn't be able to remember every day in October.

    It was definitely a celebration-filled month for your family. How fun! Now to get ready for Thanksgiving, huh?

    Chris Tomlin's music is amazing. I bet experiencing it in person is beyond awesome.

    Yay, for getting the gray covered!

    Have a blessed day,

  5. Busy, busy! I love that you keep track of your days. Something we all should do, I think! Have a good week!

  6. Looks like a busy month! Sorry your mum ended up in hospital, so soon after her birthday too! I hope she gets better soon!

    Hope that your week is going well :) It's a very hot one here! More like summer than spring!

    Away From Blue

  7. You weren't kidding; that is a lot of birthdays to celebrate in one month! Sounds like a fun month for sure.

  8. Aw...God bless your momma. This had to be a tough birthday for her. <3

  9. Glad that your mom did not need to stay in rehab long. Is she home now? Is she okay?

  10. Congratulations on that 5km!!!! Also, happy anniversary!


  11. Very impressed by that 5k - well done! Hope your mum feels better very soon x

  12. I feel like there's a huge amount of dedication put into recording one sentence a day...I tried this month with a calendar and already gave up.

    Happy birthday to SO many people in your family!

  13. Don't you feel like these posts really help us get to know one another better? I get a much better feeling for who you are and what's important to you by reading your SaD posts. Breakfast dates are fun. Wish we had a Panera. Love their soup in a bread bowl.
    Yay for fresh color. I am still holding out trying to grow my highlights. Slow going.
    Proud of you to be back to running. I am getting back at it in preparation for a Turkey Trot 5K coming up. Your complexion looks so beautiful in the running pic.
    I know your mama misses your daddy. So hard. Hope she has more good days and finds some joy in every day this year.


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