Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Faith Planning - Keep it Together

That time again!  Time to check out some planning & do our link up with the  awesome Alexandra Lauren who also host this link up... be sure to visit them as well!!!

So I had some pretty designs in my planner for last month... & then this happened.

Two fold here - When Bruno passed away, my planner was laying near by & things went into a frantic chaos around here.  & some water was spilled right on my planner. 
I didnt even notice it for a few days.  
It ran through a few of the pages too.  Dang it.

It didnt get the first week of the month...

Know what's weird... I looked back & it got random pages throughout the first of the year. Like part of January is soaked & smeared. UGH. Oh well. These things DO happen!
(if anyone know where that's from - you went up a few notches in my book)

But you know what - this gives me time to focus on my Faith Planner!!!

My friend tagged me in a Instagram page showing a Faith journal & it just turned a notch on in me. I was excited to dive in with another planner... one focused on connecting with God.

So here's how I've been basically doing it.

So yes, I do still add some color & design to it....

I use it to write down scripture daily  & then use the space below to write some thoughts from a devotional I read that day or part of my Bible Study that stood out.

The way I have it sectioned off, I have 6 days to do the devotional thought... I'll show you in a sec what the 7th day looks like.....

I'll use it to draw in & letter as well
Like this is the day Bruno passed away.  I just didnt feel like sitting down & digging into the Word
so I just focused on a verse the gives comfort.
... & of course, I still draw & color

Stickers are still a big key for my Faith planner
... because how boring would it be without color and stickers and drawings?

I get to write down a lot in one week.
& I love looking back on it on Sunday.....

The anniversary of dad's passing... our family life verse
So back to that 7th day.... that's the day that is dedicated to church
... which needs a LOT more space than a little square.

This is why I love Happy Planner - I insert some blank pages & use it to write down my sermon notes

& then I look back also at the week's devotionals & thoughts & scriptures I wrote down throughout the week.

I just am really loving my Faith Planner!!! Excited to see where it goes for the rest of the year - because I'm hooked on it!!!

I've looked on Instagram & Pinterest & found that there is really NO right or wrong way to do a Faith Planner... you just find a way that speaks to your heart, makes you excited to document things & this is what works for me. I really encourage you to find what makes you happy in journaling - it will assure you'll do it every day. 

Do you have a Faith Planner?

What's the worst thing you've spilled water on?

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