Monday, May 04, 2020

The weekend I didnt let COVID team up with my gray to defeat me

Hello Covid World!!!!

We're still trucking along in the world of Healthy At Home.... & I'm not minding one single bit of it.  Week 7 for me. I'm going to be really upset when I have to put on make up, actually style my hair & put on clothes that dont have holes in the tee shirt or elastic around the waist, & I have to put on real shoes. It'll take some adjustment.

I did do myself a favor this weekend & turn off the news. I just needed a break. I even stayed away from social media on Saturday & most of Sunday just because it makes my blood pressure soar.  I can't handle the idiocy anymore.  & I get so frustrated & overwhelmed.

I just have one question... HAS ANYTHING CHANGED?
Seriously - has anything changed?
Since everything shut down 7-8 weeks ago - what is different?

We still know this virus is super contagious.
We know that it still is hard to handle for some - causing a lonely death for way too many
Shows no symptoms for others.
We still have NO VACCINE.
Numbers are still increasing in places.

We actually know LESS I think - confused how the virus now causes blood clots & COVID Toes - which, WHAT? Have you seen those pics of people's feet from having COVID!
One day one pill is good for it, the next, it actually causes the symptoms to be worse or even cause death.  So much that's still so unknown.  But the big things?  The important things?  Nothing has really changed.

The one other thing we know is people need to go back to work & people are just tired of staying at home.  That's what we do know.

We also know that people in this world have lost their minds....
carry guns while standing on government buildings steps - WHAT???
People DEMANDING our officials open things up.
People wanting normalcy so badly that they just chose to ignore the facts of the situation.

& we also know this virus is still around.  Still infecting people.  Things ... are still the same.
With a dash of ridiculous.

I'll just leave it at that....

Can you imagine what I'd be like if I didnt take the weekend to be away from the news ;) LOL


I did enjoy my Saturday for a bit with no news on.  It was such a beautiful day too.  I ended up sitting outside most of the day & reading a new book that I'm totally into & loving.

Around the early evening, I payed for sitting outside though. I saw all the pollen flying through the air & thought, this may not work out well for me.  Well, I should have known better & came in & shut the windows & turned on the air because by the end of the night, I was feeling awful.  Sore throat, dizzy, just fuzzy headed.  Move Over Covid World - Hello Allergy World.

I laid down for a bit & then remembered I needed to color my hair.

My appointment was supposed to be this past week & my hair dresser got in touch with me & told me she could make me up a package with all the color that she uses in the shop, with the gloves, brush, hair clips & everything - did I want to do that. Absolutely - this hair was out of control!!!

It doesnt help that I basically haven't done anything with it in 7 weeks too but keep it in a bun.  Talk about a tangled mess.

So, I gave it a go.... thought I could do it on my own, but my sweet hubby offered to help me on the back part & he got all the places that I couldnt see nor reach.

In the end, it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

The rest of Saturday, I finished up Season 2 of Big Little Lies & didnt really mind it. I hope I have a way to see Season 3 whenever it comes out.

I had also finished up this weekend (back track to Friday night) that show on Prime called Upload.
I was really into this the first 6 episodes & then a little MEH by the last 2... but I'll totally be waiting for Season 2 to come out because it ended totally on a good ole cliffhanger.

Upload Amazon release date: When does Upload start? How many ...

Sunday, I was glad to get some good sleep - I didnt sleep well Friday night at all - & I got up & made some breakfast & then it was church time.

I actually had to run down to the grocery because I was NOT about to do Click List again after that nightmare 2 weeks ago.  They had a line at the grocery to be let in one at a time & everyone was really good at obeying. About 60% of people I saw had on masks & everyone was keeping their distance this go around. Much different from the last time I went to the grocery.

Chuck Norris started wearing a mask I think we can start to PANIC ...

Then I had to run to Target to pick up a few things (Yes I need my coffee creamer & they're the only ones who carry the big bottles of it).... Target people? yeah - they didnt care as much. About 30% of people there were wearing masks.  ... & I'm sorry - I judge everyone that doesnt have one on. I cant help it.  It just feels very selfish of people to not do this ONE thing to help others around you stay safe.


Masks4All - Wear a homemade mask to slow the spread of COVID-19 ...


But I came home with some snacks & sparkling water & coffee creamer - I'm good for another 2 weeks at home.  I also picked up some lunch at Burger King - love me the Impossible Burger!

Ricky & I ate lunch outside on our back porch & enjoyed the cloudy & cool day.

We are still doing our HSM on Zoom on Sunday nights - which I'm still thankful I get to see & chat with our kiddos every week.  I love our church is staying so active on staying connected & come up with cool unique ways to to do so.

So it wasn't an exciting weekend....
Beside allergies kicking me in the face, we're still obviously upset about Bruno - I even walked in Saturday night to check on him before I fell asleep & got half way through the house when I was like, "What am I doing?"... its still feeling so wrong to not have him with us.
I went through a bunch of my pictures of him this weekend too & will be writing something up - if only for memory sake - I've done a little blog post for all my dogs when they've left us - & Bruno will get the same treatment... it's good for me to give it a few days too because I want to do it with a smile on my face & not with tears streaming down my cheeks - which I'm sure that's how it will end up anyways- but I want to have MORE smiles writing about him than tears..  I'm sure a post will be up next week.

& I got to talk to my mom a few times this weekend getting the latest updates with her being in the hospital.  This is the 2nd time she's been in during all this COVID stuff where we havent been able to visit. I'm sure the nurses are so overwhelmed with just the health aspect of their jobs, but to call family & give updates & information - God bless all our health care workers.

So tell me what did you do this weekend?

Reading or watching anything good?

How are you handling the COVID-Hair situation?

... one last laugh...

The best Tiger King memes

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