Thursday, May 14, 2020

All the masks, tails wagging & welcome to our Clubhouse {Thankful Thursday #272}

Knit By God's Hand: Thankful Thursday

This week I'm Thankful for:

Working from Home
Phase 1 has started at work bringing people back. But I am so thankful that I didnt have to come back this go around. 

Yep - through all this, I know how blessed I am to STILL be working & not have any disruptions in my paydays.

I'm glad to be back to reading & enjoying books again.

Masks Selling!!!
I am just loving using my machine.  I feel like I've really learned a lot lately - even changing a broken needle - & I can thread this baby super simple now. Remember those days when I talked about how it took me like an HOUR to learn to thread my machine. Now, I can change out my thread, no problem!... Even more exciting is that I'm actually SELLING some masks now!!! A lot of people have contacted me via messaging / DM & just paying through Vinemo.  I was going to put some on Etsy too when I get some more fabric.... but if you're interested in them, just let me know!  I'm selling them for $7.00 (that includes shipping) & $5.00 for any additional masks.  I'm hoping to get more fabric this weekend with more neutral colors & more "adult / mature" looking masks ... though you'll always find me in my Beauty & the Beast ones #alwaysyoungatheart

Bruno Painting
If you didnt see it on my Monday's post - check out that gorgeous pic that my PRECIOUS friend Kelly had made for me.

The dogs have been getting more back to normal after losing Bruno. Especially Zoe.  She's been perking up & acting more like herself.  I'm glad to see that tail wagging more.

Mother's Day Love
So grateful for little gifts left in my mail box & phone calls & messages from our girls & our framily.  It made me smile some big smiles Sunday.

Quarantine Project
This is what The Hubs has been working on being home on quarantine.  This clubhouse has always been here but its been falling apart lately - I mean, its like 25 years old.... & we were talking about tearing it down.  But when Ricky went to start taking it down, he said it looked better than he thought - & he decided to put new life in it & make it better. I mean, we have a lot of grands & there's still plenty of years of play in our back yard.  So Pappy went to it & spruced it all up - even building a lower deck to it - which I said I wouldnt mind sitting in & reading on some days.  He even wanted to cut a hole from the top to the bottom & put a rope down it for the boys to go down... I drew the line at that. I dont want any kids falling through a hole on the floor.  I know - I'm a kill joy.  I think there will still be plenty of fun in it.

I'm wanting to create a little fire pit & nice chairs around it near this so we can all sit out together on nice nights & have some smores & let the kids play.

I love our back yard - especially when we're asked to stay home.  We have more property that is wooded behind the buildings - I love it all. We get the beautiful comfort of a covered front porch with rockers in the front - we get this lovely big space for the dogs to run & play & hang out & then we have woods to walk around in the back part for some discovery of nature. It really does make me happy to stay at home when I have the most beautiful areas to 'get away too' by stepping outside my door.

The "dogs area"

Tell me something good in your week!!!

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