Monday, October 18, 2021

The weekend its cool out but my face is on fire


Fall has arrived! Whooo - hooo!!! 

Storms rolled through here on Friday evening & left us with some crisp, fall, cool weather. Making me so happy.  I know it'll really make our leaves start to change really soon.

I'm anxious to get through this week because we have a coworker on vacation & I'll be covering for part of her job which will make my week zoom by faster... plus, we're on vacation next week so I really WANT this week to zoom right on by.

Here's just a little look back over the weekend....


I cooked... on a Friday. That never really happens. By the end of the week, I jsut want to get some take out & do nothing but relax.  I dont know what made me want to just cook.

I cut up some zuchhini & yellow squash & onions.  Mixed in some taco seasoning, black beans & let it simmer in enchilada sauce.  It turned out DELICIOUS.  It got thicker the longer it simmered. I put it in some tortilla's with some shredded cheese on it - look at me! I was super proud of myself.

I ended up taking my leftover to mom's & hung out with her for awhile.

Came  home & finished watching the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.

What a weird show. It's corny & strange but it was just one of those shows I could put on & just zone out.  There's a weird back story to the episodes with some cheesy "monsters" that Christine houses - but she makes the most incredible cakes & desserts & even little crafts.  Some of them -my goodness - they ae so detailed & ambitious - but they are gorgeous.  I want to do the Halloween candle she made!


I woke up around 6am... sigh.... But I just stayed in bed & relaxed catching up on some Real Housewives.  I got some hot coffee & broke out my Pumpkin creamer. I'm weird about my pumpkin coffee.  I dont want it to be too much.  This is my favorite brand of creamer anyways & their pumpkin is delicious - not too much - just perfect. 

I also grabbed an Apple Fritter & had the most Fall breakfast you could have.

I then started watching Season 3 of YOU. I am so excited about this. It's so warped... but I cant wait to see how Love & Joe settle into the married life as parents.

I didnt get too deep into it - just one episode - because I was heading out to meet a friend for lunch.

We went to my favorite Chicken place - which shocked my friend Kelly because chicken place? Yep - they have some vegan chicken that I love.  They have this kale salad with the vegan chicken on it & it is so good. Its so big too - I can make 2 meals out of this!  Plus, they have outside seating & you know me - I'm still not going into restaurants.

But it was just so lovely to see my sweet friend & catch up on all the latest.  We try to get together every few months to just chat away & get all the latest.  She always makes me smile & brings me so much joy.

I ended up stopping at Starbucks & picked up a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew because I had on the shirt & was feeling all the fall vibes... plus, I was picking up some food for Hubby & I knew the line would be long at Culvers.  I'll sip in pumpkin peace thankyouverymuch.

I spent the rest of Saturday sitting outside & reading & playing with the dogs & then went in to watch a few more YOU episodes. I'm trying to not binge it all at once. 

I was trying to soothe my face the whole night too.  I had tried a new Neutrogena face cream because I gotta do something for this aging skin... & I have not been great at using moisturizer. I go for the best - I got some with retinol. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now & my skin has gotten so smooth & I feel like I can see a difference. Except starting a few days previously, I could feel some burning in spots on my face.  By Saturday, my face was on FIRE. It was blotchy & hurt so bad all over.  Total Retinol burn! I didnt even know that was a thing because I dont ever use face cream.  OHHHH - I know about it now.  I wont be using this any longer & tossing what I have remaining.  


We woke up & it was so chilly in the house.  We checked the temp & it was in the 30's!  Break out those cardigans & comfy sweaters.

I made some breakfast & then did s ome work on my planners.  I am really enjoying working in my Passion Journal where I have been using it as a Faith Journal.  I've been doing the She Reads Truth studies & it works so nice for me.... (Side note - you can get these journals today for 40% - my affiliate link is at the top of the blog)

I put on my sweater & headed out in the sunshine & finished reading the book I was into. I just really enjoyed this so much.  

I went out into the woods with Hubby to see more of his hard work he's been doing clearing out the trees & making some paths for us to walk.

I started a new challenge I'm doing for myself.  I found this cookbook while I've been clearing out my book shelves.  I love a cookbook that doesnt have a ton of ingredients. & I probably got this a long time ago because there's not a lot of vegetarian recipes in it. What I do like about this cookbook is its broken out into seasons (Fall/winter/summer/spring) - I looked through the desserts & some of them sound delicious & with only 5 ingredients - not hard to do.  So what's the challenge? I'm going to try & make a new dessert every weekend.  Why not?  Try to see what I can learn - & the Hubby loves him some sugar so I know he'll try everything I make.

I tried the Peanut Butter Bars for the first challenge......

mmmm.... welllllll.......

I dont think it turned out very well. I'm not sure what I've done wrong.  I dont think it set up like it should. Its not like a "bar" at all.  It's still sweet & yummy - I mean, its got 2 sticks of butter in it & 2 cups of powdered sugar & a cup & a half of peanut butter - how can it NOT taste good?  It  just doesnt hold good - & then the butterscotch topping is strange. You put it  in the fridge to set up & maybe you dont LEAVE it in the fridge after? I dont know.... at least I tried.

I went over to take my mom to the store & then just started relaxing to get ready for the big week ahead.

A weekend well done.

Do you like pumpkin flavoring for coffee?

Have you ever had a retinol burn on your skin?

Do you like trying new baking recipes?

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