Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Halloween Project

I love some crafty project & Gingerbread houses are always fun!
& not just for Christmas!!!
They are cheap enough too that you can have some for a Halloween party - or get for the kids/grandkids to do Halloween morning & eat at the end of the night!

Favorite Halloween Sweater

OHHHHH - giving me some preppy Halloween vibes!

Favorite Halloween Baking Pans

A mini cake pan! SO FUN!
Can you imagine pouring WHITE CHOCOLATE over these skulls & give it a real bone look!

Favorite Fall Decoration


You get 3 little Wooden signs. They are small enough where I think they would fit on some tiered trays too.  Cute sitting on tables anywhere too.  

Favorite Rug


This would be great for Fall in the living room.
Just the change of a rug makes a room look so different.
This is so beautiful for all of Fall through Thanksgiving!

Favorite Halloween Dress


This is a perfect dress for Halloween
An instant Wednesday Adams dress - or the triplet susters from Sabrina
Throw on a witches hat & some stripped leggings & a cute witch!

Favorite Holiday Mood Setter


I always love these candles for the holidays. I always use them for Christmas but they'd be so cool out for Halloween too.  The Hubby hates candles around the house that are lit so this is a great option to have the feel of candles without the danger. So many in this bundle you can group them together or sepreate them in different counts around the house.

Favorite Funnies

.. when I watch people go into space for a 10 minute ride

... my dogs barking at me when they are trying to let me know its dinner time & its still an hour to go

.... me at 4:00pm today

Have a great weekend!!!!

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