Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Book Bag

The perfect book bag to carry all the scary Halloween, mystery books to read this season


Favorite Tee

I think this is just the cutest. They have it in Orange too which I would want in BOTH colors.


Favorite skirt

I love a long skirt... & this color! Yes please.


Favorite Tea Bags

This is so smart. You should click over just to see all the different shapes of tea bags.
There are some cute ice skates that would be precious during winter.

Favorite  Halloween Tier Tray

I saw this the other day in Target & thoughtit was so darn cute.
That fence around the edges!!!
I know some of you are so cute at using tier trays for the cutest decorations too - not just for sweet treats.  But load that baby up with some candy too - either way, its cute!

Favorite Mug

The most beautiful artwork of Princesses - all around the mug - the other side has Cinderella, Aurora & Rapunzel. So dainty.

Favorite Funnies

... me every time I cant give one of my dogs cheese because it upsets her stomach but I give it to the other dogs

... me trying to figure out all the planners I want to use in 2022

... me at 4:00pm when I realize I am on vacation for a week!!!!

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!

(Side note - I dont know how my blogging will look next week - I may just stay away from a computer totally.... or I may be on 50 times a day... I'm going where the Vacation winds take me)

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