Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I've been thrown out of better places

 Something I forgot to mention yesterday.... 

Remember when I talked about how I was working hard at physical therapy, trying to do all the things right - trying to do it all to avoid surgery.

Do you know - I spent 7 weeks leaving work early to get to the stupid times they had.  I would go in & feel extremely uncomfortable because I was coming from work & had on work clothes & everyone in the PT place looked like athletes who were training for the Olympics.  Leggings, shorts, all the muscles.

& here I came in at the end of a work day looking like a bus had run over me. Felt like it too.

& do you know, over these 7 weeks.... I was doing the SAME stupid exercises from week 1.  Push a ball into a wall - forward - backway - sideways....

I will say, one week, I took a day off (this was before my coworker left for her surgery) & I had a new therapist. It was a woman - & she was amazing! She gave me a deep tissue massage in my shoulder & my bicep tendon. She worked my arm to make it move further than it had for months.  I was like, where have you been my whole life? .... she only works 2 days a week, in the morning. Tears. I want her!

Finally, after all this time - after ALL THIS MONEY (do you know how expensive out of pocket PT is, even with decent insurance???) - I have had no progress.

Worst of all - they made me feel awful. Very demeaning really. Like my pain wasn't real. I mean, they did this same exercise for 7 weeks  over & over & over for beginners - why was I not improving? #sarcastictone

The last day I was there, at the end of my session - Which - GET THIS - they left me in a dark room to do deep breaths... EXCUSE ME? I'm paying to inhale air for therapy on my arm now? 

.... they sat down with me & said, "What do you want to do? This obviously isnt working"... Ya think? 

In the end, they told me its not worth coming back until I had an MRI so they could work with me. 

OK... good with me.

I left in tears because mainly, I'm so frustrated & I had such high hopes. Plus, I left feeling so small. So out of place. So blamed for my issues & no progress.

Now, I'm glad I'm outta there... & looking for a new PT for when I eventually get surgery.  Going to feel like a real Pretty Woman moment in my life when I get my arm fixed & I drive by & give a good ole wave!

Or at least I hope so.

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