Monday, December 11, 2023

The Weekend that was just the worst

 Man, I wish I could just start with something witty & fun & kick off a week with a cheerful little jaunt.  Nope. Not after this weekend... this was just not a good one.

You would think taking Friday off would be an even better excuse to have a good post for a Monday.

& you would even more so think that we're heading into the Holidays - bad things cant happen during the Holidays, right? Sadly.. not true.

Friday, I got the news that one of my dear friends passed away unexpectedly.  It was one of those moments where the air gets knocked out of you & it feels like time stops & the news you just heard cant really be the words that come together to form the sentences that just went into your brain.  

I know you all have seen her sweet face on my blog throughout the years.... my precious friend Kelly left this world to go sing front row in the Heavens for her Jesus.

The timing is just hitting harder to me because we were supposed to meet up for breakfast on Saturday.... but this actually started a week ago where I got a text last Saturday that she had a fall & wouldnt be able to meet up for our breakfast.

Bless her heart... a broken hip. That just sounded so painful & miserable & like some healing is going to be ahead.  We stayed in touch all week with texts & getting updates while her surgery kept getting delayed.  When she finally got her surgery in the wee-hours of the morning a few DAYS later (WHAT?) - I was so glad she would be on the road to healing.

We had chatted about what was next for her - going home? But she said she would need to go into Rehab for the recovery. Understandable. That's what my dad has to do with his knee surgery too.
& this was the last text I got from her....

Wanting prayers to be home for Christmas.  Who doesnt want to be home for Christmas?
& I know Kelly just wanted to be with her family & heal up surrounded by the ones she loved the dearest.

I saw my phone ring Friday evening with her name popping up on my phone & thought, Oh good - she's getting moved to rehab & one more step closer to home!  & then I heard the voice of Kelly's sweet sister. I just knew. My body just sort of tensed as she shared the news of what had happened.

I am so thankful that she called me & gave me the news & even more because this beloved woman just has the most gentle spirit & the words she shared with me was with grief, heartache, but already recognizing the celebration that Kelly did truly make it "home" for Christmas.  

Kelly to me was just JOY wrapped up in a body. I've been reading posts people have been putting on her Facebook page & it doesnt surprise me one bit that every single comment all points back to the same person who I knew & had the privilege of sharing a friendship with.  Just a person who fought to keep friendships alive, love spending time with you, loved listening & helping in any way possible.  Someone who loved her family so much & would love yours as well.  Supportive & encouraging.  .... but she was also real. She had no issues telling you if she didnt agree with you & could have deep, powerful conversations. & in the end, if you still didnt agree - that was ok - didnt change her love for you one bit.

I cant even begin to think how the loss of her is going to impact my life. I so enjoyed my brunches with her & sharing the latest stories in our lives & getting her advice on things, getting her wisdom.  To know I've lost that light in my own world, its just so heavy on my heart.

& all I keep thinking about it the light in everyone's world who knew her - how its going to change for so many. All her friends. Especially her family.  Her wonderful husband - her beautiful 2 children & new daughter in law.  Her siblings & all the nieces & nephews she had.  Her impact will be so greatly missed.  She was someone who was so active in church & singing & musicals.  The impact will be so wide spread.... but the legacy will also be.  

I know anyone that had the privilege of knowing Kelly is also going to take these part of her she shared with us & carry them on.  That's just the best thing we can do for her in these moments.

My last picture with her on our last Brunch we got to have

.... the rest of the weekend was just thumbs down too...

we ended up in the ER on Saturday evening.   Poor Ricky is dealing with kidney stones & he was in some serious pain where we had to get to the hospital. It just hurts to your soul to hear someone you love in so much pain & there's nothing you can really do for them.

I always forget that we live away from things until we have to get to the emergency room.... that is the longest 20 minute drive you'll ever take when you're rushing to get help.  (& 20 is a good fast time too!)

We got really REALLY lucky because Saturday evening - we expected a crowded ER.  We got in fast & we were out in probably 3 hours. The parking lot was empty.  There was no one waiting in the waiting room..... no cots lined against the hall - which we've seen many times in there.  Even the staff, I guess with the slow pace - everyone was so kind & helpful & cheery.  & the best part - they helped Ricky get a little bit of relief.

Now the fun part is for him to wait for these stones to move.... EGADS. Poor guy.

Yeah ... this was a tough weekend.  But really, its these sorts of days, weekends, moments - that remind us to appreciate the good days - to appreciate good health - to appreciate good friendships & loved ones.  You just have to find the lessons in every single day - especially in the heartaches, right?

Hug your loved ones today.... tell them you love them... things can change in your world in one day, one minute, one phone call. 
Especially with the Holidays - enjoy every good & small thing around you.

.....I love you Kelly & will miss you more than you could ever know.

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