Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lead me to the Cross

OK - I've got to tell you about the movement of the Holy Spirit in our kids right now in the Jr. High Ministry. It's so powerful, I dont think words are even going to grasp it a little bit, but I want to share to those who know these kids - or even those who don't - so you can help in praying for this movement to keep going & to see the ripple effect of what these kids are feeling right now.

Let me start by actually backing up. When we were at Believe, I had mentioned this before - these kids there worship like NO OTHER! The atmosphere just feeds into you having to join in! How do you not jump when 5,000 other kids are jumping? (And that's just kids - that's not adults joinging along!) So when we got back, we wanted to worship like that again. We did worship in our church like never before - & we enjoyed it - but the lights, the action - something was missing!

Well, God stepped forward & worked through the other youth coaches, Ryan, Joe, Erica & Christy! I can take no credit for this at all - but these guys all spent the WHOLE evening revamping the trailer. They moved the couches around, they CLEANED the whole place (even the blinds are now clean - Erica, you rock!), we now have a cross that was lying side ways in a corner, standing up right in the front & center of the room with lights shining on it, freshly painted & getting the honor it deserves (Ryan & Joe - you're amazing!). Finally, to top off the whole new idea of what we wanted to do, Christy stepped in with video's of the songs we just worshiped to at Believe. The heart pumping, arm shaking, screaming to the top of your lungs worship songs! (Yes, worship songs come in ALL forms!) (Christy - it would have all been impossible without your help on these videos!)

So, we start off the night & let them know about the new set up & how we're cutting out the games we normally play, & instead, we're going to worship! At first, the reaction was sort of, "Uh....OK" - a little out of the regular element they are use to at our church. The first song, some reaction, the 2nd song - more reaction. By the last song - the kids were jumping, pumping arms, screaming, jumping on couches (praising the Lord while they were doing it!) - it was great! The whole format had changed & you could feel the Holy Spirit moving & joining us in that room.

The message was delivered & we were talking about the elements we learned at Believe - with this week being on "Seeing". Another awesome video was played showing how we see the world. Some more talking - and I have to say, during the talking - these kids have been SOOOO in tune. No snickering, no gabbing - their eye contact is amazing right now - they are soaking in every word!

Then, a video was played. "Lead me to the Cross" - we wrapped it up showing how we should always keep our eyes on the Cross - our eternal perspective. This video has clips from the Passion of the Christ - & man, that's all it takes for me. But add the words to this song - & WOW!

Finally, Joe comes up & prays the most beautiful prayer & we play the song again & then one by one, kids are coming up to the cross, kneeling, giving all they had! It started with a few - the coaches went & put arms around & started praying with these kids. When I looked up - the floor was FULL of these kids on their knees in front of this cross. 22 kids all laying bare in front of Christ - it was truly one of the most powerful, spiritual movements I have ever witnessed! It was a sight to see - a feeling to be felt - it was truly amazing, full of the Holy Spirit!

And the emotion in the room! The sobbing, the laying down of self at this cross was incredible! People that dont show any emotion - were crying so hard they couldn't breath. Guys that are too cool to even say they Love God, were lying on their face, crying out to God! I can't even put into the words the movement in that room!

I share this all with you because I ask you to pray for these kids. I have never seen the movement in an area like this before. These kids are capable of so much & are such warriors of Christ. I'm so excited to see what God does in their lives & what He does through their lives! Pray that this movement continues, that its driven forward & taken to completion.

The funniest thing - aftwards, parents are coming in to get their kids & the whole room is just hugging each other with splotched, tear stained faces. I can only imagine what these parents thought as they came in the room. One thing is for sure - JESUS IS IN THIS TRAILER! (We're wanting to put that sign up on our front door - so if you see it - Its 100% true!)

Here is the video - I hope you enjoy it! I have to say, its up in my top 5 songs now of all time!

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  1. That was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed! To feel God in us all last night was too good for words. Those kids could not stay seated! I am so proud of every single one of them for letting go! I could still just scream, I am so excited. Noone can stop us now!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!


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