Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I learned this week

For the end of February - what did I learn this week:

*That Leap Year gets you an AWESOME discount on yarn! (29% off - how do you not take advantage of that?)

*That my dogs must have some sort of acrobatic skills when we're not home! They got a full plate of cookies & a berry danish from the middle of the kitchen counter while we were at work! How? They'll never tell!

*That its nice seeing a light sky when you have to be at work at 7:00! The day starts much brighter - literally!

*That buying someone else yarn for a surprise is SOOO exciting!

*That seeing kids crying in front of a cross will move you to your very core!

*That "The Passion of the Christ" can still shake you up - no matter how many times you've seen clips & pictures from it!

*The flu is STILL kicking everyone's butt's around this area! UGH! (Open up the windows this weekend - get fresh air in homes while its 60 degrees!!!)

*That I'm so blessed to be able to stand next to the most amazing people in our Youth Group as leaders! They are some pretty neat, Spirit-filled people!

*That I missed celebrating my friend's birthday this year with her. (Steph's birthday was yesterday - the 28th)

*Having my nieces wanting me to comb & dry their hair for them melts my heart to gook!

*Filing State taxes can drive me & Ricky literally out our minds each year!

1 comment:

  1. State taxes are horrible. Jeff had louisville tax and I ifiled. It was filled out correctly but they didn't send us the credit for the out of state tax so I had to go to the revenue office to get it straightened out...AHHHHHH!!!!!


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