Friday, February 08, 2008

Things I learned this week

I follow a fellow blogger that talks about things she learned through the week - some are insightful, some are funny, some are just there - but I thought, that's a good way to look back on the week. So, this will be my first attempt, & hopefully a weekly thing - & it'll really make me look at things during the week to see what I can get out of them. Here we go - the Things I learned this week:

* I can actually make a delicious pot roast with all the trimmings thanks to a crock pot. First time every & Ricky actually said, "That is the best meal you've EVER made" - & we've been together 15 years! Poor guy had to wait that long for a good, homecooked meal from me!

* Playing Guitar Hero can shut out the world, even when a tornado is looming over your house

* Candlelight truly is the most beautiful light there is

* When a friend is suffering, you can truly feel their hurt in your own heart

* A simple act by a youth can make your church grow in numbers

* What the heck a "Bearded Cap" was (who knew they existed?)

* That drooling on yourself because your laughing so hard - only makes you laugh harder!

* That I'm still so blessed to have my parents (my dad offered to drive the van full of kids to Cincinnati next week & come back to pick us up the next day - is that the sweetest thing ever?)

* That a busy mind can cause tons of mistakes during your day job

* The song "I Will Always Love you" by Whitney Houston is haunting me - I swear, its been everywhere this week to me!

* Yarn can brighten my day so much. I even told someone - everyone in the world needs to buy yarn - maybe that's the key to World Peace!

*Bowling really burns the muscles of your right inner thigh!

* Rainy days, dogs feet, & clean kitchen floors do not mesh well together!

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