Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crossed the finish line with a SMILE!!!

Oh, what a difference a year makes!  Last year, I didnt think I would make it... Ricky literally had to convince me to not quit... I was sore for days... it was misery!  And then I signed up again, determined to be prepared & trained...

This year - I crossed the finish line smiling, feeling good, & the only thing sore on me were the arches of my feet.. & today, the ONLY thing sore is my big toe (what's up with that?)  I feel like my toe nail could fall off - but that's the only ache I have!  I thought for sure I'd wake up & my body would kick in & yell at me for doing 13. miles... nope - woke up feeling GREAT!

So, lets back my number on Thursday, got some socks that arent made of cotton, got my gel packs ready (no blood sugar drop for me this year!), had my iFitness pack (which I am in LOVE with - I seriously panicked because I forgot I had it on & I thought I lost my phone! You dont even know its on!)... I went & got some actual running shorts that arent cotton - I was ready to go!

Woke up at 5:30 (oh man, this is an early race!) & got ready, seeing that it was still raining outside...I heard the runner's tip of wearing a garbage bag so you're dry before the race & can rip it off once you get started.  I asked Ricky to get me a bag & he handed to me, as is... I just put it on & said, "Honey, ummm... I think I need a hole here"... he instead ran & grabbed the camera of me showing him how I'd run in it... My husband turning into a blogger?

But I was ready to go - here I am pre-race, with nerves on edge, anxious to get this show on the road...

Got there & got at the start line & had a little conversation with God... praying for strength & safety & some "c'mon God, you can get me through this" sorta thing & next thing I know, the cannon is off!

Last year, I was texting, snapping pictures & taking time in areas... this time, I was on a mission.  My goal was to do 15 minute miles.  Yes, I know some runners are like, "That's HORRIBLE" - for me, that's a good goal to do 15 minute miles for that long of a distance of 13.1 miles...

And I did it!  Even on the 3 miles of nothing but hills, I kept with 15 minute miles pace...all until the end...

There was a young lady who I had seen throughout the race.  She had on a shirt with scripture on the back & I saw her running & jumping in puddles & just having the best time - running like a kid playing.  On mile 11, I saw her on the side of the road, leaning over.  I went over & asked if she was OK... she said, "No - I dont think I'm going to make it"... with the most worn look on her face.  I told her, "I've watched you have fun all this way, you're going to make it & I'm going to stick with you & make sure we do this together!"... And we did!  So those last 2 miles, I lost my 15 minute mile paces, but it was so worth it....

This young lady I found out was from a Christian College in Illinois - she was awesome!!!  Such a sweet soul... I just kept her talking, getting her mind off the pain.  Asking her about her school, what she wants to do when she graduates, about her friends - & then, next thing I know, we are at the 13 mile mark & we have the 0.1 to go... we said, "Lets finish this strong" & we ran to that finish line... (& let me tell you - that 0.1 at this point seemed way way longer then it sounds like it would be)  It was so awesome watching HER get across the line with a smile on her face...she ended up taking MY mind off the last part & she helped me more then she probably realizes too....

I met so many others along the way... I'm a talker - its in my blood...

I met a young lady from Michigan who was telling me about marathons they run up there that take you into Canada.  You will see people literally pulling down their pants behind a tree & going to the bathroom - she was telling me how they tell you not to do that when you go into Canada - dont want to show disrespect!  Go USA - that's how we roll!

I talked to a man who was 65 yrs old - who has been running it every 5 years since he was 35.  He said he was going to do it on every 5th birthday until he couldnt anymore... he said he cant wait to do it on his 70th birthday!  I told him I expect to see him out there on his 100th & 105th birthday... He said he think's he'll be there!  What a positive attitude he had - he had me smiling just talking to him.  A photographer was around that area so I'm anxious to see if there is a picture of us together... he was a joy to talk too!

I talked to a man who was in a wheelchair - not the racing kind - but a normal kinda chair... & dude was rocking it!  He was in the 3 miles stretch where its nothing but hills... & he was pushing it to get up the hills!  I was beside him & started cheering him on... I kept saying "You can do it - get to the top - come on, you're almost there!"... He told me he was so thankful I was there pushing him on... I told him, just watching him was inpsiring to me - pushing me!  Then we got to the top of the hill & he just sailed down - with a shout of "good luck"... he was truly inspiring to watch an example of someone who wouldnt' quit...

So many faces you see & talk to on a race day... & all of it is what made me crossed that finish line with a huge ole smile on my face...

Here I am when I got home, with my 2nd - yes SECOND - metal from a half marathon...

I ended up cutting 28 minutes off my time from last year... seeing what preparing & practice does... & I cant wait for next year now... I want to get ANOTHER 28 minutes off that time... & now, I really think I can do it!

Out of all of this whole training, running, half marathon thing - I've learned... have faith in yourself - especially in things you think you could never do!  I have said for the first 37 years of my life I could never run... now, I actually ENJOY it, & am planning runs & races through most of the year - ready to keep training NOW for next years race... you never know what you can do until you push yourself! 

Push yourself!!!


  1. You are AWESOME girl & you rock! So proud of you & congrats on the new time. Sounds like you received many blessings from this experience too. Way to go girl!!!! :)

  2. Wooo-hoooo - you kicked but -- quite an accomplishment!!!

  3. You are AWESOME!!! Congratulations on such an accomplishment!!

  4. WOW - you are my hero!! Great job, seriously. Awesome.

  5. You rock right on my little Louisville runner!!! WOW 28 mins off your time from last year ~~ that is incredible ~~ stinkin' incredible!!!!! I am so proud of you right now. I just told Dak and from one runner to another he said that was AMAZING to knock that much time off. Kudos to you my sweet friend!!

    Love you friend,

  6. Good on you!! And how cool you finished with a new friend!
    Have a great week.

  7. WooHoo! Good for you! What an awesome accomplishment! :)

  8. I shuddered at the thought of 3 miles of hills...this Kansan-at-heart can't take that (and this lazy-person-at-heart can't take the thought of running that much!).

    Way to go...that's no small achievement!

  9. I am so proud of you.. Way to go....

    Yes I really liked the movie. It was amazing..

  10. I'm so proud of you! That is incredible! So glad the weather held up and didn't storm; what's a little rain, anyway?

    Great pictures! I love the bag one :) Way to go, Ricky!

  11. WOW WOW so impressed and LOVE the picture of you smiling! I bet you feel so proud of yourself too! What a sweet thing to do at the end - I had a lady do that to me at the end of the last 5K I did. I had stopped running, and she came over and helped me run the rest of the way. People like her and you are God's angels. SO proud of you. Like I always are my hero!

  12. That was awesome! Loved reading about all the people you met during the race! :)

  13. Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you!!!!


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