Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365-13

It was a beautiful week... full of lots to snap - with Easter, & Spring & prom... let's get to looking.

April 4 - Easter with TWINS!!!... Got to spend a wonderful Easter Holiday loving on two beautiful girls.  And I didnt get a picture of them together, and gotta show them BOTH off, so for Easter, we get two pictures...Sophia with her doggie, Charlie... & Madi being active - its what she does!  And I love when she smiles for the camera.  That's actually rare, so that's why I chose this picture of her.  Love both of their "Aunt-melting" smiles! (BTW, Sophia isnt pulling Charlie's lip up... its normally like that... no calls to PETA for too hard pet-hugging needed)

April 5 - Look foward to it all year long... Yep, I love Tulips - they are probably one of my favorite flowers & I thank the people who lived here before us & planted the bulbs.  When they come up in Spring, I wait in anticipation for the bloom... they made my day when I came home & saw them all bloomed out, stretching for the sky... Like my Rock Man?  I love his little spectacles.... 

April 6 - Stuck on a bridge.... This is Downtown Louisville.  I'll go to Indiana for lunch because its not as hectic... but so does half of Downtown Louisville & then, if there is a wreck, you're stuck on the bridge for awhile... hence, my Tuesday picture.  You can see that yellow/blue building - its our new ARENA going up for the University of Louisville Cardinals.  I'm just hoping this new, huge arena pulls in Women of Faith back to our area!

April 7 - That's some knots right there... as you can tell from last week, with pictures of toes, I'm not afraid to embarass myself... & that's why you get THIS picture.  I was driving with the windows down & it was ONE WINDY DAY!!!  And this is what happens on those windy days... it seriously takes awhile to comb out my hair... seeing this picture myself, I can see why... I tihnk my hair would put any sailor's knots to shame.

April 8 - Tree all a'bloom.... our trees are making us see its Spring time too... what this doesnt show is it was 38 degrees in the morning... brr... but we'll just keep looking at new blooms & hang onto Springtime!

April 9 - THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!....Came home & take the dogs out to play.  Bruno just made himself at home in the front yard & didnt want to go back in... I cant say I blame him... I ended up sitting outside with him for just a little bit longer myself.

April 10 - What a busy, beautiful, fun day... This deserves two pictures today too!  Started off the day supporting our friend, Debbie in her battle with MS.... there was a local walk & it was a perfect day for it.  Cool, sunny, & not a cloud in the sky.  I love to see people come out in support of a good cause...

...& I couldnt not put up a picture of one of my Youth buddy's prom.  Carly is just awesome... not only because she's my sister friend, Lynn's daughter - she has the best heart & has her head screwed on straight.  Loved seeing her all dolled up.  Her little 3 yr old niece saw her & said "Carly is a princess"... yes, she is!

Hope you all have had many snap worthy moments this week!
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  1. love the hair picture the most.. It made me smile...

    Have a great weekend..

  2. It looks like a great week! My hair does the same thing in my van, but my AC is broken so I'm like that all summer. (The AC needs way to much money to fix it)

  3. great week!!

    fun to see everyone's flowers coming out and spring getting started!!

    love the hair!! LOL!! I am assuming the fresh hair was worth the knots!!!

  4. LOL - your hair in the wind photo is awesome! You never fail to crack me up!

    Carly & her date look fab too! Glad to see prom dresses at a reasonable length & not way up the ...ummm.. way ups!

  5. Love all the pics! Your wild hair picture made me laugh out loud! That's what mine looks like and the knots are something fierce!!

    So enjoy your blog. You always make me smile.

  6. your hair! so funny!! loved this post!! :)

  7. Beautiful involvement in the lives of others--twin nieces, MS friend, youth buddy.
    Have another love-filled week!

  8. Fun week! I love Sophia's polka dot nails!
    I'm glad you explained the blue and yellow building was an arena, because I instantly thought, IKEA.
    Your hair picture is awesome!!
    Have a super week!

  9. Look at that beautiful green grass in your Friday picture... I want that grass!

  10. I keep thinking I should just wear a scarf like all the fashionable ladies wore when they were in convertables - Cincinnati is pretty windy too!

    The last time we were in Louisville (history conference) we went across the river to eat too. We have a historian friend from New Albany who always knows the best holes in the wall. He's a brew pub kind of guy so we ate at the New Albanian - which has locally brewed beer (I skipped that) & FRENCH food. And is in an old garage. Heh. It was great!


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