Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What feels natural....

The Mini Marathon is coming up in 2 weeks from Saturday.  I'm getting a tad nervous.  I think because I feel like the past few runs have been going down hill instead of improving.  But trying not to focus on the bad, just the positive & just visualize that finish line... that's all that matters - crossing it.

I have noticed something though with every run I've been doing though lately.  When you start off, you'd think that's when you feel the strongest - right?  Well, not so much.  Every time, I notice that first mile is HARD - & by hard, I mean in breathing. 

You get going & your body knows its not the same rate of speed you normally take in air.  Its more like you are gasping like a dead fish on land - trying to get more air then you needed just a few minutes before. 

The heart rate shoots up to a much higher rate then it normally is (mine will get up to around 150-160) & the body just feels the changes....

...& the body RESISTS...

Everything in you wants to scream - STOP!  Just walk!  Just stop & take a few deep breaths & get back to the way your body normally feels.

But then a weird thing happens... you get over it... for me, its about mile 3 & then next thing I know, I'm breathing at a normal pace, my heart rate is still at 150-160 but it doesnt bother me, it all just feels normal.  My legs will be moving & I am actually not even paying any attention to them... I'm more focused on the scenery or what's going on around all just feels natural....

I thought about that the other day & how when we start in our Christian walk, our bodies & minds & hearts almost start to panic, like the air isnt there to breath.  "You mean I have to follow this rule?" ..... "You mean I have to give THAT up?"... "You mean I SHOULDNT do this anymore?".....& our instinct is to jump ship... go back to the life we lived before...

But you know what... the more you do it, the more you hang in with it - it all just feels natural.  Afterall, God created us to worship Him.  Its in our blood - its in our breath... its just finding that pace & then sitting back & enjoying the scenery & what's going on around us...

This Christian Lifestyle is one race I'm excited about being in... how about you?

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second.
-William James


  1. Great post.... and so true! And you know, I couldn't help but think about the part where you said the middle of the run begins to feel "normal"... and in our Christian life, that is when we just stop growing... we have to learn to push ourselves harder again. That is where I really fail the most, I think!

    And the mini??? You will do fine!

  2. I'm so proud of you with your running efforts! You will do great at the mini-marathon! Where is it? Local to you?

    Isabel and I are running in a 5K in three weeks...I'm excited. I love running with that girl!

    Great analogy to our spiritual walk, Rebecca.

  3. Jeff and I were just talking about this last night...not the running part...but once you get in the habit of making the right choices it gets easier and just becomes natural.

  4. I love your William James quote - and your message! It's also nice to learn that if I were to start running (ugh!) that the first 3 miles will feel awful - LOL! I started jazzercize - and the first few weeks killed me, the entire routine, keeping up. Now, if I don't get the moves, I have enough skill to improvise and not look totally uncoordinated!NEVER GIVE UP! What a great middle of the week post!

    Good luck on your mini-marathon!

  5. Good luck! I'll eat a donut for you. :)

  6. Really good comparison. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  7. I am so proud of you.. I know you can do it..


  8. Very good! I like this a lot. Good analogy and yes, I'm glad to be in the Christian Race. By the way, that's the only race I intend to be in though. ;-)

  9. This is brilliant. Wish I could say that I can relate to the running part!


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