Monday, April 26, 2010

dancing is not helping with the headache tonight....

OK - you have no idea how high my stress level is today - beyond normal - & I am sitting here with a killer headache that is ready to make me run to the bathroom to throw up... I need some dancing in my life tonight to make it all better! Let's get this thing started so I'll feel better... shall we?

But wait, as a fan, & to hear we have the Samba tonight, I will once again repeat myself & say my favorite Samba EVER was Julianne & Apollo... can still watch that & cheer for them!  And the best Argentine Tango - just last year with Donnie Osmond & Kim... NOW, let's see how these people compare!

Jake & Chelsie - No Apollo - that's for sure!  I knew the Samba would be hard for this guy who stumbles on his feet all the time - & which he did trip again.  (Why is he always tripping on his feet, or stages, or just the floor?) And this isnt his fault, but what the HECK kind of music was that for a Samba?  It was like music from an old detective movie.... I was waiting for the Pink Panther to come out of the audience.  Word that represents the dance to me - UNCOMFORTABLE...

Evan & Anna - DO WHAT Anna!?  She dropped my guy on his head... stood there for a second & then said, "Sorry"... act a little upset lady.  Poor guy has a concusion & looks pitiful with a bandage around his head.  But he's a trooper & is all about shaking that booty of his for the Samba....& shake his booty he did!!! Is he comparable to Apollo? Oh wow - I think it was close!  I think that bump on the head made him hotter too!  It was such a fun dance & he seemed so in control of it... I loved everything about it... & of course, the judges dont. DO WHAT???   I want to drop the judges on their heads....they said it was the worst dance???!?!?!?!  I seriously sat with my mouth dropped, hanging open... are they INSANE? 

Niecy & Louis - a "comedy tango"?  Oh, this isnt sounding like it will be good....I dont know how "comical" it was - but I really thought it had some good dancing in it.  Niecy is just such a joy...has some good legs too!  Girlfriend even had her leg on Louis' shoulder.  And there was a lift (which is allowed) - "Can you believe he picked all this up girl?" - the best comment ever!  Again, I sat with my mouth open when Len said "I liked the comedy" - did someone do a brain wash on these judges tonight?  I never thought those words would come out of his mouth....

Erin & Maks - Samba time... & Erin looks beautiful... but they have her in the longest skirt imaginable for a Samba... & I'm convinced the skirt will be ripped off somewhere along the way to show her legs....Boy oh boy, I was wrong... because by the end of the dance, Maks had his jacket, sleeves & then shirt ripped off & he was standing there with nothing on from the waist up.  They fooled me... It was a great dance, though Len was all in Maks' face ... & Maks got all cocky with Len... meeooowwww!!! 

***Commercial for Modern Family... I never get tired of seeing that kid run into the door!*****

Chad & Cheryl - you know Chad is going to love this dance when he is nothing but smiles talking about hips & chests together through the dance... He always looks so much better in practice then on the stage. He looks like he gets nerves right when the music starts... but tonight, he changed my mind.  He did an amazing job in this dance... and AHHHH - there is Donnie right there!  Rest assured Donnie, Chad did well, but still didnt steal your place as #1 in my heart...

Nicole & Derek - OK... we have no doubts she's gonna rock this... so let's add to the drama by doing a piece in practice that shows her nervous & wanting to do the Samba & feeling like she's turning into Michael Jackson from BAD, beating her chest & screaming "C'mon"... weird... & nope - I've been fooled by Len's comments & Maks underdressing tonight- but not about Nicole being able to shake her hips for the Samba!  She totally shook it...

Pam & Damian - I love how Pam is saying "Let's not play the audience - be who we are" & then she has on the worst wig in the history of wigs...cant this show afford something better then a wig that looks like dog hair? No, my dog has prettier hair then that... (& there's that stupid WHITE CHAIR!!!!!!).... I didnt like it... but saying that, Ricky was in the room when she danced & said "Wow, that was great"...I think she could stand there & every man would think she did great... I just thought her legs looked weird & off - bent...Carrie Ann just said the same thing....Ricky just said we're jealous...

SWING DANCE MARATHON... Ummm... I thought it was a train wreck.... how in the world did Pam stay in till 3rd place when Evan was knocked out way earlier?  That was ridiculous... Evan & Anna just did the most amazing spin & they get knocked out - while Pam is walking around with bent legs kicking & doing the same kick lift?  Seriously?  That was just a mess.... all rigged... stupid...

So who do you think will go?  Jake or Pam?  I gotta go place some calls for Evan tonight because the judges just werent on his side tonight!  ... & mainly because Ricky is literally on the phone calling for Pam right now.  I keep hanging the phone up on him...

Nope, the dancing didnt make me feel any better... I think I actually have a WORSE headache & I didnt think that was possible...


  1. Too funny. I agree, men love that Pam. The show really fell flat for me tonight too. That last number was redonkulous....they better pick it up next year.

  2. Oh I'm so glad for your update. We just got home about 8:30 so I missed it, but I did go and vote for Evan. WOW they didn't like him?!! He better be safe!!!!!!!!

    Hope your head feels better ~~ love you girl,

  3. You know I have MAJOR headache sympathy--feel better soon, friend!

  4. Oh friend...repeat after me...Excedrin Migraine is my friend...Excedrin Migraine is my friend. comments...'s kind of sad that your comments are getting shorter. Means the show will be over in a few weeks, eh? Ugh!

    Second off...what is UP with the judges? They're more inconsistent in their judging than Chad is in his dancing! Oy!

    Ok...Jake and Chelsie - I was actually surprised that he pulled off the moves that he did. I missed the trip on the stairs until they replayed it. Must have been looking down or something. I actually preferred this week's dance to last week's. At least he kept his pants on! The judges were hard on him.

    Evan and Anna - I must say that he looked dashing...played the leading man role very well! I kind of "got" what the judges were saying about being too ballet-like, but he's a very tall, lean ice skater. What do you expect?

    Niecy and Louis - Boy, did she look amazing! I thought the dance had some hysterical moments and applaud Louis for risking his spinal disks in lifting her! She's got such a positive attitude that you can't help but root for her!

    Erin and Maks - Sex sells, apparently, hence the removal of half of his clothes. Ugh! Her dress was the total opposite...way covered up, but hey, it's a family show, right? Yeah, right. She's got such beautiful lines. I think Maks did a great job choreographing. The judges are always so mean to him!

    Chad and Cheryl - He looked AMAZING and danced well tonight! Cheryl was even attitude this week! Woo Hoo!

    Pam and Damian - Girl, I hear you on the wig. Pam looks better as a blonde. Ugh. This dance was not her best...some parts were very awkward. And she resorted, once again, to her blonde bimbo persona in the red room or whatever that place is called. Ugh. She needs her mouth washed out with soap.

    Swing Dance - This had SO much potential. I loved the outfits and could totally see myself doing this dance, but it went on for, like, FOREVER. People were barely moving by the end. Totally agree with you on Pam. She did the same four moves the entire time. Chad should have gone first. His footwork was horrible. Evan should have been in the top two. Sigh.

    Final thoughts: DWTS should let us come up with ideas for each week!

    My guess on who's going home? Jake or Pam. Preferably Jake, IMHO. Boy needs to do what he does best and use a plane's wings to carry him around. His feet aren't doing the best job these days!

  5. Im praying your headache goes away quickly. I love your recaps...keep them coming. w

  6. Sorry you're stressed and have a headache! I know all to well how awful headaches can be. I think this is the first season of DWTS that I have actually stayed with it!!

    Thanks for helping me celebrate my SITS day!!


  7. I hope your headache is gone by now! I missed the show last night dangit! Or maybe that's a good thing because I'd rather not get a headache!

  8. I do not watch DWTS regularly...but now that Kate is gone, I may start!

    Thanks for coming by on SITS Day last week!
    504 Main


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