Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 34

Sunday - April 14 - Pretty Pictures... I finished up the Senior Session with this beautiful young lady!  It was great seeing her again & just great spending time with her & her aunt.  We even got stuck in a downpour & ended up sitting in a house & waiting it out for 30 minutes.  I love adding in "chatting" into a photo shoot... let it rain every time if it'll give me good time to talk more :)

Monday - August 15 - Editing.... taking pictures of me working on a computer, working on pictures?  Well, it just didnt work out... but that's what I was doing....

Tuesday - August 16 - Same as Monday....

Wednesday - August 17 - Surprise on my porch ... I came home from work to find a bag of yarn on my front porch.  I'm thinking it came from my neighbor who told me she had a bag she didnt know what to do with.  I THINK its from her... its a mystery... If I get surprise bags of yarn everyday, it would be a good world.

Thursday - August 18 - KT Tape to the rescue again... but this time, not my knee.  My shoulder & bicep & whole arm has been aching for a while - just getting worse.  So I am trying the tape to see if it helps...

Friday - August 19 - First Chiropractor Visit ... I was a nervous wreck.  He poked & touched & said I definitely have "Bicep Tenonditis" & some inflammation in my neck.  He said that its probably from the repetitive motion of running & swinging my arms, plus add in the computer work I do all day & the editing on the pictures in the evening - constant moving my arm & using that bicep. Greeaaatttttt!!!!  I go back on Monday for a treatment plan. They put electrodes on my shoulder & a massage table for 15 minutes & it felt like HEAVEN!  I'll go back every day for that!

Saturday - August 20 - SHAVED to the bone!!!... we took our dogs to the groomers & we got Bruno back & I feel HORRIBLE for him!  I dont know if someone new was trying out a new thing on him or what - but someone SHAVED him to the SKIN!  I mean, it was red & raw & the fur that was left, you could get the "choppy" of the razor... he was miserable too.  I just kept taking cold wash clothes & rubbing him down with it.  I need to find a new groomer...

(Can you see on his back side, the black showing through?  That's his SKIN!)

Hope you all have had picture perfect moments this week!!!


  1. Poor Bruno! Lucky that he has a great mom like you to take care of him.

    Sorry about your arm - hope the chiropractor can help you out!

  2. I love that first picture of the 'senior'.
    sorry Bruno had a bad day! poor guy. :-(

  3. Love the senior picture....and poor Bruno. He looks so miserable. I agree...time for a new groomer.

  4. Poor puppy. I would have asked for my money back. You could have shaved him for free!!! Sheesh.

  5. I would have complained about that cut too. NO WAY should you have to pay for such a bad cut. Esp. if your baby is hurting as a result. Poor baby!

  6. Love the senior pic! Great Job! Beautiful!

  7. RJ, RJ, RJ ~~ I am still here!!! I know you've been wondering =)

    WOW it is true that getting kids to college takes over YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! I'm sure somebody has said that right?!!

    Anyway it is so good to "see" you for a few mins on your blog and SO SORRY about your bicep and neck. I hope the doc helps you feel better quick.

    Poor Bruno =( But he will be so beautiful when all that hair comes back in.

    You take AMAZING pictures!!!

    Love you friend and hoping I am back to regular blogging in the next couple of weeks =)

    Have a Blessed evening ~~ Dawn

  8. oh my word, what did the groomer have to say?!!! I would be so mad!!!

    praying for relief from your shoulder fun!!

  9. oh your poor pup! i'm sorry to hear that. hopefully he gets better soon!

    what is going on with your arm? i'm sorry you are in pain!

    and that girl is gorgeous. you do an amazing job capturing peoples emotions and beauty. love it!

    xoxo - missy.

  10. I'm cringing for the poor little dog.
    Sorry for your ailments and the nuisance of daily visits to the chiropracter.
    Now feel sorry for me. I am sitting here sipping the horrible prep drink for colonoscopy tomorrow. Yuuuuuuck!
    May our week improve daily!

  11. Oh, but that surprise yarn would make my day!


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