Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My boyfriend's new CD....

Oh yeah baby... my boyfriend, Steven Curtis Chapman in case you didnt know who I'm talking about, released his new CD yesterday!

This is probably CD #132 ... its gotta be close... the reason I think its that many is because I have every CD he's made.  Even most of the CD's that have him just singing a song on - like "The Navitity Story" soundtrack.  I'll take my Steven wherever I can get him.

So I was counting down till lunch time.  Afterall, stores aren't open when I come into work at 7 am... & I wasnt about to wait till AFTER work.  Are you crazy?  That's FOR-EV-ER! (I feel like such a teenager saying that). 

Noon came & I picked up my purse & was all giddy getting in my car.

I practically am running into Family Christian bookstore... pass the front sales table, pass up all the picture, pass up the books.... oops - hold up... I backtracked.  Found a great book from Billy Graham on clearance for $4.98 that I couldnt pass up & THEN am trotting back to the CD's., OK - there's Jackie Evancho's CD... weird... didnt expect her CD to be in Family Christian

...there's Mandisa, looking might FIERCE...

... I'm scanning & scanning.... NOTHING...

I expect to see a lifesize cardboard cut out of Steven Curtis Chapman somewhere!  Its his new CD release people!... nothing...

The sales lady must have seen my panic because she asked if she could help me.  I felt like grabbing her shoulders & shaking her like the end of the world was coming & screaming, "WHERE IS IT?" Instead I calmly said, "Isnt today the release of my boyfriend's Steven Curtis Chapman's CD?"

To which she said, 'Oh yeah... it is.  We havent even pulled the CD's out of the box yet"

... people, let me tell you - I GASPED!  How could it be near 12:30 & you havent even pulled it out yet? 

I called Ricky & told him I couldnt believe Family Christian Bookstore was shunning my dear Steven like that.  To which Ricky said, "Did you really think there would be a rush on the thing?" ...

Ummm..... of course I did... its Steven Curtis Chapman!  What a dumb question Ricky!

Alas... I now have my CD... am singing along... loving the new songs... digging the "recreated" songs.  I'm in Steven-Curtis-Chapman-Heaven once again!  All is well in the world....


  1. I just think it's so "cool" that your husband's okay with you having a boyfriend on the side. And such a famous one too! He must know that you'll always come back to him. How very modern of you both.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I don't own one C.D. But I do have O.C.D. if that counts? m.

  2. Just happy to know I didn't seen your name on the news for having thoroughly kicked the fire out of the sales lady. If she only knew how close she came!

  3. My "boyfriend" is Dave Barnes, so I know I would have done the SAME THING. He's not a huge superstar, but he should be {but I kinda like that he's not} :)

  4. I laughed like a crazy lunatic the entire time I read this post. The funny thing is as soon as I read the title I knew it would be about SCC! LOVED IT and SO NEEDED THIS LAUGH!

    I'll leave you alone for a little 1 on 1 time with your boyfriend now. Wink Wink

  5. thanks for sharing something new...

    have an amazing day...

  6. For shame. I am surprised that Steven didn't send his best girl the first copy of his new CD.

    I think this is a sign of the end times.



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