Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

This has been the SLOOWWWWEEESSSTTTTTTT week EVVVEEERRRRRR!!! I hate when that happens.  Hopefully taking the time to frag will make today just make up for Monday - Thursday... let's give it a try & frag away...
Today I'm doing something new.  I'm going to a chiropractor for the first time.  I'm a tad on the nervous side too!  I keep having problems with my shoulder & neck & its bothering my arm.  Everyone is telling me praises of a chiropractor so I'm going to check it out.  I had to go to physical therapy a few years back for my shoulder & the therapist would 'adjust' my neck & every time he did it, I would literally scream like he was stabbing me.  I could never get used to it.  So I'm kind of nervous about it - but everyone says that a good chiropractor wont do anything I'm not comfortable with.  I told Ricky this morning where my insurance papers were in case the guy snapped my neck & killed me... Ricky just shook his head &said, "think you're a little over-dramatic?" ... nooooo wayyyyyyy!!!!


Isnt it crazy how you try to get healthy only to make things hard on your body.  Running has made my knees hurt, my hips ache, my quads quiver (that's fun to say together), & now is probably causing my neck/shoulder pain... being healthy is DANGEROUS! ... gotta love it!

Speaking of healthy - someone was asking me questions about exercise & food & then they said, "You're the healthiest person that I know" ... I almost spit my Diet Coke in their face from laughing....

And still going with the 'healthy' theme - let's talk McDonald's Happy Meals :)  I have to say, I love that you can get a chicken nugget meal & the whole thing is under 300 calories.  Those little fries are the cutest thing ever! I have an obsession with things that are minature versions of bigger things - so I almost didnt eat them - just wanted to hold them & say, "Ahhh - how cute".. .but I was hungry... Love they put the apple dippers in them instead of the cookies too!  Good for McDonalds for trying to make kids a tad bit healthier!

The coolest thing about the Happy Meal too was you could go online & enter a code & they would plant an apple tree... I LOVE stuff like that - help the environment any way you can!

... & I got a Clumsy Smurf toy... dang it, I wanted Smurfette...


I think at my parents house in the basement, my Smurf Mead Binder is still on the shelf.  I need to get it out & take with me on my photo shoots to hold the paperwork.  I'd be the coolest photographer ever!

....I'll never look at chopsticks the same....

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The Lint Trap... Ricky doesnt fold the clothes in the dryer.  That's not the spat - that's actually what I prefer.  He can't ever fold anything to my liking anyways.  That's not to be mean or snooty....Come on everyone - you know the way you fold towels is the ONLY right way to do it... the spat comes with the little lint thing you clean out everytime before the next load.  I've noticed lately that it's empty when I pull it out... & the lint?  Its laying on the floor in front of the dryer. HUH?  Is it somehow falling off of the netting & falling under the dryer onto the floor?  ... um... no.... I asked the Hubs yesterday, "Are you cleaning the lint thing?" - to which he said, "Yeah" - with a beam of pride on his face.  To which I replied, "Are you just throwing it on the floor?"... to which the pride kinda feel off his face & he said, "yeah... I didnt see a garbage can anywhere" ... so the floor is the best option?  And for the record, the garbage can is literally hitting your butt if you bend over to pull the lint trap out of the dryer.  The laundry room is like the size of a walk in closet... not like the garbage can is hiding somewhere & you could miss it..... and really? the biggest question for me is that he just wants to walk in & empty the lint thingie without even pulling the clothes out of the dryer? (please, no folding though)... I'm married to one weird fella! ... (& yes, I do love all his weirdness... sometimes)

FYI - No, I never did find an answer about the "mystery picture" ... Someone sent me a picture that was VERY similar (Thanks Bug) but this was a nighttime photo that we had.  The search is still on!  ... & who knew there was so much "Rapture art" out there! ... I may need to create a new Pinterest file for that category! :)

... OK - no... the day is still laying long ahead... what are ya gonna do?  Hope everyone's Friday is FABULOUS!


  1. Happy Meals and Healthy in one post? Amazing!

    Have a great weekend. I will keep my eye out for a Smurfette...

  2. You're Fraggin' Hilarious!
    I think you may be the first blogger I've come across that was in support of McDonalds. I am too! Obviously people shouldn't go there everday but it's such a nice treat everynow and then.
    Last night, I was unloading the dishwasher and the dishes were filthy. I told Fred that he needs to rinse down the dishes before loading them. He said, "Maybe you should just do the dishes all the time from now on". I think he left the dishes dirty on purpose. m.

  3. I love getting Happy Meals. Just the perfect size unless I'm really hungry! Your little spat cracked me up. Sounds like something my girls would do.

  4. not a slow week a lot going on.. I love the Happy Meals and love that the Smurf's are there.. Belle our dog is just trying to figure out what the baby is.. She always wants to smell him..

  5. I've had shoulder and neck pain for awhile on my left side. I thought it was from inactivity now you tell me it's from too much? What's a girl to believe anyway?! LOL

    I totally love the fight of the week. My husband wipes the crumbs from the table or counte onto the floor. He had the nerve to do it once just after I'd finished sweeping. I ABOUT LOST IT! Here's the kicker though. He stood there looking at me like I was the strange one. COME ON PEOPLE!

  6. The "Ricky and the lint" made me laugh!
    How did you like the chiropractor? I LOVE mine. He may even be able to help some of your aches and pains you have from running.

  7. my kids have broken me, i can't eat MCD food anymore. i beg for them to choose anything else.

    yes, being a runner can seriously strain the body and i am so glad you are enjoying it!!

  8. Oh my stars ~~ that cartoon CRACKS.ME.UP. Seriously!! I should have had Dak knit me a noodle scarf as he ate with his chop sticks yesterday =) So funny!!!

    The SotW again Tell Ricky thank you for being so stinkin' funny. He makes a certain chica in MO LOL!!!

    Love you friend ~~ Have a Blessed evening ~~ Dawn


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