Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 33

Sunday - August 7 - End of the day.... today was a busy day.  I went to church & had a great time with the youth gang.  Then I went out to lunch with some friends.  Then I just 'piddled' around the house cleaning & reading & laundry.  But I forgot to take pictures of any of the day.  So I grabbed my camera & this was the last thing I saw before I crawled into bed.  NO - not my vacuum still sitting out - but the cutest little puppy wishing me sweet dreams :)

Monday - August 8 - Still learning - Still am loving trying new stuff.  Do you know this was my first time using Bisquik?  Told you I dont normally cook.  But this is a biscuit bottom with roasted chicken on it & cheese with Turkey-bacon on top.  Ricky was like, "Um no...." but then he tried it & ate half of it.  It was really good.

Tuesday - August 9 - Mother/Daughter Shoot... I had this young lady in my MIDDLE SCHOOL class in youth group.  And she leaves for college on Sunday!  WHAT?  We were going out to dinner to chat before she left but her mom asked if I could take some photos of them before she left.  Well, of course I can! :) I cant believe the time has flown & she's off to spread her wings....

Wednesday - August 10 - Hello Boyfriend... Yes, I'm loving the new CD of Steven Curtis Chapman's... did you doubt I would?  Look at that face... more handsome with every year of age.  How unfair is that with women, it doesnt work the same way?

Thursday - August 11 - Back OUTSIDE!!! ... the weather broke &  I was able to take my training out on the road again.  Felt so good to breath actual fresh air while panting for my life :) While my lungs likes it, my butt & legs didnt... Hello again Mr. Hill.

Friday - August 12 - There's a new one.... I had to get some wrapping paper & a card for a bridal shower for Saturday when my eyes immediately scanned this section of Hallmark :)  I guess there's a card for everything anymore.... I have to say, I know everyone came over to see what I was taking a picture of in a card aisle after I walked away.

Saturday - August 13 - Bridal Shower ... I cant believe my friends wedding date is a month away now.  Wow!  But we got to celebrate the beautiful bride with a bridal shower.  Such a fun time.  Keep an eye out as I'm going to post a picture of what I made for them. :)  I love this picture though as the bride's mom just is smiling so contently behind her.  What a fun time....

And here's a bonus picture from the shower... why I love my friends :)

Hope you've all had picture perfect moments in your life this past week!


  1. go out and getting that CD are at the top of my list this week!! I didn't have time last week...even my son is bugging me to!!!

  2. Gotta love that SCC!!!

    I am not believing the Hallmark card you found! Seriously.

    And...very, very, very cute puppy. Makes me wish I had one. Sort of. One day. ;)

  3. Out training, trying new recipes--good for you!
    the Mother/Daughter pic is beautiful!
    I'm curious, waiting to see what you made for the new bride.

  4. the puppy picture!! She's like, Mama, aren't you forgetting something? So sweet!!

  5. Love the pictures this week. I noticed in your sidebar that you have the Women of Faith banner posted. Are you going? I went this weekend in Atlanta and let me tell was awesome. I took my daughter was her first time and we had so much fun.

  6. What the H.E. double hockey sticks is wrong with Ricky??? Seriously, you could pour cheese and bacon on a dungheap and I'd eat.

  7. lol @ Mark. Hilarious, but....ew. lol

    My comment is about Ricky too. He seriously cracks me up. "Um, no...wait, this is pretty good." Sounds like my hubs.

  8. Ooh, I have to go out & find that CD. Your mother daughter pic turned out so great.

    Hugs & love,

  9. Your bisquick creation looks really yummy to me! Love Mark's comment :)

    What a CUTE puppy! He probably can get you to do anything he wants, can't he?

    I'm curious about the gift too!

  10. There's a card now for menopause, huh? Interesting....

    Bisquick creations aren't too bad usually. Just wait if you get hooked you'll have to purchase the giant sized box from Sam's Club or Costco.

    I hadn't realized SCC came out with a new CD. I'll have to check it out!

  11. What a sweet thing to see right before bed!! I cooked with bisquick for the first time the other day too. It was a taco pie with bisquick on top. Um um good!!!

    And yes you are right...SCC makes getting older look fun.


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