Saturday, August 06, 2011

Cyber stuff is crazy....

Geez... what a crazy few days....

Its been like Cyber-Hell for me....

Someone hacked into my Twitter account... & plus, our router went down at home so I've had no internet access.

The one good thing, I knitted 2 hats while I had no internet :) Hello some Christmas gifts!

But I'm up & going again.  Just wanted to let you know in case you got some weird Tweet from me or something.  I'm afraid to even know what the hacker sent out...

... how do people find that fun to mess up people's stuff?  I just dont get it...

Now off to check my Google Reader. 


  1. Sorry you got hacked!

    Are you not doing P365 any longer? I miss your pics!

  2. a twitter hacker? that is not good. I hope you got it all fixed back up.

    Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish when not on the internet - that is my goal - to spend less time off line so I don't fail out of school :-O)


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